Government planning Jat sale

Government promises brisk Jat privatisation
The Serbian government is planning to privatise Jat Airways yet again, this time within the next two months before its four year term runs out. Parliamentary elections are to take place on May 6. Local media report that the government has agreed to sell a 50% stake in the airline to Serbia’s three most successful businessmen who are also the country’s richest. Local media report an equal share will be divided between Miroslav Mišković (owner of the Delta Group), Miodrag Kostić (owner of the MK Group) and Miroslav Bogićević (owner of Farmakom).

According to sources inside the government, the trio is prepared to invest 25 million euros into the airline while the government, which would continue to own a 50% stake in the carrier, would invest a further 25 million euros. Seven aircraft from Jat’s current fleet would be used, while a further three would be bought or leased. The new owners would also be prepared to put an end to Jat’s Airbus woes. Through this new arrangement the government plans for Jat to become profitable by 2015. It has also said a new professional management would take over. However, if the privatisation plan materialises many can expect to lose their jobs. It is projected that as many as 1.000 people would have to leave the airline, with the government preparing redundancy packages.

So far, there have been two attempts to privatise Jat, both ending in failure. The first attempt was made in the summer of 2008 just as the global economic crisis was gathering pace, while the aviation industry was already in trouble. Last year, the government tried to sell Jat again, this time trying to find a partner to set up a successor national carrier. Only Baltic Aviation Systems, which runs airBaltic, purchased the tender documents but shortly announced it had no interest in pursuing the purchase. Will it be third time lucky for Jat in the year it celebrates its 85th birthday?


  1. SuisseOuest11:34

    Let's hope this is true, for a change. It would be good if they sign with Airbus and get a couple of new A319/A320s so that they can fly to CDG.
    BTW, does anyone know how many 733s are flying? JU seems to have more delays/cancellations than usual...

  2. Anonymous11:43

    I dont see any issues on They would be nine of them flying.

  3. Anonymous12:49

    FMA - Farmakom Maxi Airlines!?
    same old same old..

  4. Anonymous14:14

    It this goes through, it will be the end of the Serbian national carrier which at its 85th birthday will actually celebrate its death. What's the rush of selling it before the elections? To steal some more money? And then just imagine an airline run in the same way as Maxi is... No way. It'll go under and the BUD scenario might happen at BEG.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX14:30

    someone was asking yesterday about CSA Freighter to BEG: here we go:

    Dear business partners,

    We would like to inform you about our available capacities to SKP, SOF, BEG, MSQ and ZRH!
    Flight Schedule
    30APR12 1,4 MSQ-PRG-MSQ 12:30 15:30 08:00 11:00 OK9404/05 4500 kg/28 cbm AN 26
    24APR12 2 PRG-BEG-SKP 09:00 10:45 11:45 12:30 OK9044 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    27MAR12-24APR12 2 SKP-PRG N/A N/A 13:30 16:00 OK9045 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    25APR12 3 PRG-ZRH-SOF 07:00 08:30 09:30 12:00 OK9038 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    25APR12 3 SOF-PRG N/A N/A 13:00 15:20 OK9039 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    26APR12 4 PRG-SKP-PRG 11:30 14:00 15:00 17:30 OK9046/47 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    27APR12 4 PRG-SOF-BEG 08:00 10:20 11:20 12:05 OK9036 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    27APR12 4 BEG-PRG N/A N/A 13:05 14:50 OK9037 7500 kg/65 cbm ATR 72F
    * UTC.
    Flights are operated by AN 26 and ATR-72F under the following conditions:

  6. Pozdrav iz Rijeke14:35

    By the end of the year LDZA will have more passengers than LYBE thanks to QR flights, just watch and see...

    1. Anonymous14:37

      QR will also be flying to BEG and as I see Zagreb's numbers have continued to decline since December...

    2. Anonymous18:48

      Of course it will, and the 1 million pax difference will vanish because QR is going to send their new A380 four times daily to ZAG... oh wait, that's actually not enough.

    3. Purger19:38

      Don't underestimate the power of Zagreb and Croatia. ZAG will be getting brand new 20millon pax capacity terminal, OU has been getting 4 A330 on order with 2 777F + building air cargo city. Things are changing and Belgrade is nowhere. CSA flies to Zag but not to BEG. Same with IB, QR, Tap Portugal and others. Zagreb is becoming a world-aviation center under your nose with 5 million pax forecast for this year alone which is 100% increase, the highest in the world. You might laugh about A380 but LH plans on sending it to ZAG this summer.

    4. Anonymous22:51

      And what happened after you woke up?

    5. Anonymous23:54

      19-26 april (flexi)

      Zagreb Vienna - 206euros, Belgrade Vienna - 99euros.
      Zagreb Zurich - 280euros, Belgrade Zurich - 200e
      Zagreb Frankfurt - 245euros, Belgrade Frankfurt - 200e
      Zagreb London Heathrow - 310euros , Belgrade - London Heathrow 230euros
      Zagreb Stockholm (No direct flight with CA) - 324euros, Belgrade - Stockholm 210euros

      Hmmmmm... Damn, guess prices are cheaper from Belgrade, but why is that since Zagreb is getting a new multi milion euro terminal, and becoming the central hub for the world, even Tap flies to Zagreb...

      Oh and btw ČSA's line to Zagreb is SOOOOO profitable that they are letting it to Central Connect Airlines (with SAAB 340)... Oh that ČSA, it doesnt want to send their nice planes to Zagreb, instead they are sending some other airline with airline capacity of 30 passengers..

      So please get your act together, and stop dreaming of becoming something none of us will never become, and let alone Zagreb.

    6. Anonymous00:31

      You forgot to mention Dubai...

      Belgrade - Dubai round-trip (same dates) - 373 EUR.
      Zagreb - Dubai 527 EUR.

      Bonus: Belgrade - Colombo (Sri Lanka) OW 283 EUR.

      I guess we're going to see lots of Croats coming to their old capital Belgrade to take their flights to the world...

      "Belgrade - Croatia's window to the world"

    7. I do not think the above post were from the actual Purger and Pozdrav iz Rijeke. Looks like someone is starting to troll on this blog :/.

    8. Q40004:01

      Yeah, too many trolls!

  7. Tupolev16014:56

    Thank you JU520, i did ask the question. Wonder why didn't they simply kept the passenger line in service. Wonder what type of cargo are they transporting suddenly that they opened an all-cargo line.

  8. logicni covek16:38

    Airbus has clearly stated they want the A319 issue resolved by TOMORROW (March 30, or they will sue), not in "two months" like Mrkonjic has been saying for the past half year. What part of this does our government not understand?!

  9. "JAT" je svojevremeno potpisao ugovor
    sa "Airbus"-om o kupovini 8 aviona
    "A319" za 580 miliona dolara (u cenu su
    uracunati rezervni delovi, dodatna
    oprema, tehnicka podrska, obuka pilota i
    slicno). "Airbus" se obavezao da ce obezbediti "JAT"-u kredit pod
    najpovoljnijim uslovima. 90% novca od
    kredita ne bi direktno dobio "Airbus", vec
    bi taj novac dobilo 20 firmi u Srbiji i RS,
    koje bi za "Airbus" izradjivale delove za
    avione. Na taj nacin bi se pokrenula privreda i obezbedili avioni o jednom
    trosku, tako da je taj ugovor bio sjajan.
    Medjutim, ubrzo su nam uvedene
    sankicije i usledilo je bombardovanje. Iako
    su se obavezali da ce "JAT"-u obezbediti
    kredit, predstavnici "Airbus"-a to nisu ucinili. Prema tome, oni su prvi prekrsili
    ugovor. Da je bilo drugacije, videli bismo
    koliko su oni puni razumevanja... Bez
    novca od kredita, firme u Srbiji i RS nisu
    mogle da otpocnu proizvodnju delova i na
    taj nacin da otplate avione. Tokom bombardovanja, Ameri su razorili fabrike
    koje su trebale da izradjuju za "Airbus", a
    mnogi smatraju da je to ucinjeno da bi se
    oslabile pozicije "Airbus"-a. S obzirom na
    to da ugovor nije realizovan, on je vec
    nevazeci. Na temeljima starog ugovora, predstavnici "Airbus"-a pokusavaju da se
    izbore za novi, ali sada ne nude
    mogucnost otplate aviona putem robne
    razmene. Sa druge strane, "Boeing" to
    pokusava da iskoristi i verovatno su
    politicarima ponudili dobru proviziju da otkazu ugovor sa "Airbus"-om.

  10. Anonymous17:12

    JAT will probably loose market share in BEG if they plan keeping 7 airplanes and purchasing 3 new ones, they would have 10 opposed to the current 14 !!! but if they plan on keeping a lot of profitable flights and charging higher prices, maybe it will help turn a profit..

  11. BEG2IAH17:14

    If Miskovic and Kostic own one dime in JU, I will never fly JU aircraft again. They will "invest" EUR 25 m, as will Serbia from its budget, and the fact that no one expects that a streamlined airline cannot make profit in 3 years means only one thing. They will leach all the cash from JU for three years, get extreme returns to their investment and then divest from JU. Just check the patern what they have been doing in other similar cases.

  12. Radnik-Jata17:16

    Pitanje je ko je bio pokretač ovog
    zahteva Erbasa.Možda neko iz izvršne
    vlasti ili njihova pšrodužena ruka iz Jata.
    Ovi napisi mogu biti i lažni, ali imaju svoj
    cilj. Ne bi trebalo izgubiti iz vida da na
    uplaćeni avans su tekle kamate i sada je on mnogo veći, jer avioni ugovor nije biti
    mogao ispoštovan zbog embaraga, ali su
    oni novac imali na raspolaganju. Moramo
    biti svesni, da u ovakvim okolnostima,
    građani ni na šta ne mogu uticati , a to
    znači ni na odluke bahate vlasti. Nikad gore nije bilo u mojih 36 godina rada.
    Javna preduzeća se pljačkaju i uništavaju
    zarad pojedinačne koristi. Lopovluku nikad

  13. Anonymous17:56

    What is the situation with YU-ANH? Can it still be counted as part of the fleet? When did it flew the last time?

  14. Anonymous20:55

    I am completely fed up with "news" about JAT Airways. Next time I wanna heare something is REAL news that some substantial development is going on. I can't listen to this "rekla-kazala" of Mr Mrkonjic. Can't wait to see this incompentent socialist leaving his post.


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