Kon Tiki Sky to fly

From MAT Airways to Kon Tiki Sky to Alfa Air
Kon Tiki Sky (branded as MAT Airways), led by disgraced Dutch businessmen Harry van Achteren, has found a way to operate flights out of Skopje as Serbian tour operator Kon Tiki Travel confirmed it has sold its stake in MAT Airways to Bays Air from the Netherlands and has no connection to Kon Tiki Sky. Last week, Kon Tiki Sky announced it would launch fourteen new destinations out of Skopje but later noted the mentioned destinations were only a list of cities the airline would wish to fly to since it did not receive a license from the Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate.

However, it has now found a solution. Kon Tiki will operate under Alfa Air codes, which is an airline based in Romania. It will use its aircraft as well (pictured above). As a result, the MAT Airways Boeing 737-500 won’t be used. Kon Tiki Sky says it will launch low cost flights from Skopje to Basel (5 times per week), Dusseldorf (3X p/w), Stuttgart (2X p/w), Hamburg (2X p/w), Berlin (2X p/w), Malmo (2X p/w) and Istanbul (2X p/w) from April 30. From May 28 the airline will launch services to Ancona (3X p/w), Milan (3X p/w), Bologna (3X p/w), Rome (4X p/w), Trieste (4X p/w) and Bratislava (4X p/w). All flights will operate with two Alfa Air British Aerospace RJ85 jets.

According to Kon Tiki Sky reservations can already be made. Ticket prices, which start from 45 euros, can already be seen on the airline’s website but are still unavailable for online purchase. If the flights do go ahead they should help boost Skopje Airport and its passenger numbers. Kon Tiki Sky will also be up for a chance to receive government subsidies designated for low cost airlines.


  1. Anonymous09:17

    This would be amazing if it could fly to some cities such as INI

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Because SKP-INI is an amazingly sensible route :)

    2. Anonymous13:54

      I never said SKP-INI. Use common sense.

    3. PRAGuc14:45

      Yeah but u said it in a bad way. not TO Nis but from Nis also ;-).

      OT: Ovo sa ovim Israir, pardon my french, j**o lud zbunjenog?

    4. Anonymous21:45

      Harry van Potter still owner of MAT AIRWAYS.
      KON TIKI Travel is owner of KON TIKI SKY
      so that they are thieves who want to steal from people and wash dirty money

  2. Anonymous09:49

    so the criminal changed his tactics!

  3. Anonymous09:58

    After the story this week, I think its a hoax although it would be great if this was actually real.

  4. Anonymous11:06

    joke like mujo and haso

  5. Anonymous13:26

    I don't understand why is everybody so negative..?!These flights will take place and SKP Airport will be the great winner.Let's see and then talk!

    1. Anonymous15:04

      did you hear about Harry? Feel free to buy a ticket, then you might not feel so positive after!

    2. Anonymous16:05

      Hahahhahah I've heard of him few days ago when a read about his frauds in The Netherlands but I think everyone deserves a second chance:-))
      Btw. these flights can not be paid yet so noone will lose his money.Maybe hope:-)

    3. Anonymous17:51

      Yeh maybe everyone deserves a second chance, but for Harry its not his second chance :)... and if u read some articles about him you can see he has 65-80 bankruptcies under his name.. so i doubt that this is going in the right direction for a good airline

    4. Anonymous18:11

      I will give him a second / third or a milion second cgange after he makes the payment of the 2 million euros this harry is in debit to me

  6. Anonymous18:13

    This doesn't make sense at all. According to their website, Alfa Air has only a single aircraft (in VIP configuration.) http://www.alfa-air.eu/en/index.html

    This is either another scam or they will be refitting their aircraft.

    I hope it's true, but I would have to see them fly for a few months before ever thinking about buying a ticket from them.

  7. Anonymous18:33


  8. NeverRuleThatOut20:26

    MAT Airways is back. Not as MAT Airways but as Kon Tiki Sky. A few months later... Oops!

    MAT Airways is back. Not as MAT Airways but as Kon Tiki Sky. Well, not as Kon Tiki Sky but as Alfa Air Services.

    History repeats itself. Only this time things are even murkier. On top of the crooks that were previously involved with MAT Airways and Kon Tiki Sky we now have Harry van Achteren thrown into the mix. Oh yeah, this is on damn good juicy story. The only missing element is government's involvement and tax-payers money. Never rule that out!

  9. Anonymous20:33


    Belgrade - Prague VIA Skopje with OK airlines

    1 weekly flight!

    and Israir is flying to BEG 2 weekly all year until the end of the season, but then in summer season will have 5 weekly flights.. .:)

    how come Doha isent on BEG's timetable?

    1. Anonymous20:46

      5 weekly if you count in JU's 3 weekly via LCA, Israir flights are operated only on Mondays and Fridays.
      And CSA flights are cargo only, dont know why are they listed as scheduled pax flights: one weekly via SKP outbound and one via SOF inbound.
      QR havent published its timetable for BEG yet..

    2. Anonymous21:57

      It is cargo flight by OK

  10. Anonymous22:12

    @ 2nd last anonymous

    no, Israir will have 5 weekly to BEG by mid July... check beg.aero ...

    1. Anonymous22:22

      no it wont!
      one flight operated only on 26 and 31 May, and then TWO weekly from 4 and 8 June respectively on Mondays and Fridays. There will be slight change on Monday flight from 2 July to 27 August.

  11. Anonymous23:02

    OT: Interesting observation;

    1. go to Qatar Airways booking
    2. Punch in random dates (I put in May 18, return May 25)
    3. Destination: Zagreb - Bangkok = 548 euros (one stop in Doha)
    4. Destination: Belgrade - Bangkok = 912 euros (transfer thu some EU hub)

    Maybe Beg is still delayed in Qatar's booking software?

    1. Anonymous01:19

      Yup, coz they will start flying from BEG in September. BEG is still not in the system.

  12. Anonymous22:37

    Hey guys... what do you think of this?
    Hoax or true? Should I dare to purchase?

    Info in Albanian only, and payments thru paypal? Hmmm... I donk know. Yet... Should I should I not?


    1. Anonymous23:06

      Definitely wait a bit

  13. Anonymous13:40

    I purchased tickets on the 29:th of June, Malmo-Skopje.

    Studip me didn´t do a backroundcheck with the company. I just went on and bought myself a ticket. Now I feel it was the worst spent money in my life.

    Did call Malmo Airport and they said they have info about KontikiSky and that they expect them to operate the route as planned. I also spoke to Skopje Airport and they said that the departures in june 2012 are postponed and KontikiSky will operate the route from July 2012.

    Is there anybody who has been in contact with this company except through their webpage?

    1. According to my sources, the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency granted the Romanian airline Alfa Air a license this week and that airline will operate for Kon Tiki Sky. They have been granted a license to fly from June 18 to September 30.

    2. Anonymous21:41

      They should fly from 18 june, yeah, but they didnt. I would like to know where can we see that thy got licence? I wrote to Macedonian civil aviation agency they did not answer.

    3. Anonymous23:29

      There is a granted licence for Alfa Air at the Macedonian CAA webpage, i've read it.

      But I still think I've lost my money and my vacation just gone by the drain...

    4. Try contacting the people you bought the ticket from. There are rules and regulations that have to be followed and if your flight is cancelled you are entitled to compensation.

  14. Anonymous11:37

    As known who manages this project, Harry van Achteren with 60 bankrupt companies, Sabri A. with a dozen bankrupt firms, Z. Asipi in illegal businesses, the project is doomed to fail.

  15. Anonymous12:30

    I just got confirmed from Malmo Airport that Kontiki Sky won´t operate the route Malmö-Skopje...

  16. Anonymous23:42

    What are your options now?

  17. Anonymous21:56

    None... Wont go to Macedonia.


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