New control tower for Belgrade Airport

More passengers and new control tower for Belgrade
The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency has announced that it will finance the construction of a new control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Construction will begin next year and is set to be completed by 2014. According to the agency, the land on which the tower will be built has been selected and work on the project design is now in progress. The new tower will stand at 52 metres tall. The current air control tower, being used at Serbia’s busiest airport, was built back in 1962. In 2010 the multi million euro Air Control Centre was opened within the airport complex.

Meanwhile, Belgrade Airport continued to report growth in 2012. In February the airport welcomed 173.606 passengers, an increase of 6.6% compared to the same month last year when it handled 162.813 passengers. The airport was served almost by the same amount of flights - 2.988 compared to last year’s 3.010. In the first two months of the year, Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed 388.185 passengers through its doors, an increase of 13.7% compared to the same period last year.

This summer, Belgrade will see new Croatia Airlines flights to Split which replace Dubrovnik from last year, new flights from Copenhagen by Norwegian Air Shuttle, a 23% increase in flights from Jat Airways while Air One and Qatar Airways will also launch flights to the Serbian capital this summer season.


  1. Anonymous12:56

    ahhh please just dont build some stupied construction. give that job to some good architect. dont make just control tower, let it be nice work, let it be art!!!!

  2. Anonymous13:42

    Great news!

  3. JU520 BEGLAX13:52

    so coooooooooooool, at least BEG does not disappoints us.

    Anony 0456AM, fully agree with you !!

  4. Anonymous14:17

    bravo srbijo .... :)

    i think its gonna be a good summer for BEG!

  5. Anonymous14:40

    The information of JAT's 23% increase is absolutely not true. JAT recently changed timetable for next summer season cutting many frequencies previously published, for instance for ZRH,SKP,MXP,BRU,IST... So JAT's increase in flights for April will be some 12% or less. And how many flights will be executed let's see.

    1. Anonymous14:47

      Where did you see this? That JAT is cutting all its planned frequency increases?

    2. 23% increase in peak season starting June 1. Don’t know where you got the cut in frequencies from.

    3. Anonymous15:17

      Well, JAT recently decreased frequencies to aforementioned destinations during April and May. And that happened only two weeks before the starting of the new summer timetable. So I am little bit suspicious. (ZRH 10 to 9, MXP 6 to 5, IST 7 to 5, SKP 11 to 7, BRU 6 to 3 and than to 2, MLA,MIR and DXB cancelled....)

  6. Anonymous14:47


  7. JATBEGMEL15:18

    I just went through BEG yesterday, the construction looks very slow, I saw workers hanging around chatting and smoking, like always. The air bridges between gates A1 and A5 are not operable but I did see a JAT ATR parked at A3, picking up pax by bus.

    I think the best solution is to build a new terminal and leave this one for low cost and charters. This one is small and pathetic and I wonder if the cost involved to renovate it be significantly smaller than building a new terminal. But whats for sure is that the whole airport site looks dillapidated, horrible and disgusting.

    As well, Wizz Air Serbia is expecting another aircraft to join the fleet, bring the fleet to 2 A320's :)

  8. Anonymous15:34

    jatbegmel, where did you hear about another wzz ac?:)

  9. OT:

    Belle Air Europe is launching a new route Brussels - Prishtina beginning on March 23. It is a twice weekly service, going up to thrice weekly service from 19 June to 09 October. Thought you may want to add this service to the "New Routes Launches" section.

    Flight details can be found in as well as where you can book flights.

    Otherwise, a very impressive growth by BEG.

  10. Anonymous16:58

    @ everyone, it is Jat (Airways) not JAT (Jugoslovenski aerotransport)

  11. guineapigpoop12317:10

    My list of "inevitable airlines" that I project eventually coming to BEG:

    -Bulgaria Air
    -Air Berlin

    *I predict they will inevitably return when they get the right equipment; the 734s were too big for a good frequency but now they're getting E-190s
    **In this case flydubai would stop BEG ops to give capacity room

    underserved (and nonexisting but potentially good) routes:
    -BEG-JFK (duh)

    what do you guys think? good predictions maybe?

    1. guineapigpoop12317:55

      Throw in the following:

      -Pegasus Airlines

      @Anonymous 9:13AM March 16: You know, I was thinking TAP too knowing that they fly to Zagreb. But they have no new orders for their short haul fleet, and assuming they're already utilizng their short haul fleet, they won't have enough block hours for a flight to BEG. Heck, they can't even fly to Zagreb nonstop (doesn't it stop somewhere) because of how busy their fleet is!

    2. Anonymous18:01

      Yes but didnt someone in Srbija announce TAP wants to open the routes next year?

  12. Anonymous17:13

    Good predictions ;) but there are already BEG - TLV flights with Jat...

    TAP is also probably coming next year ...:)

  13. Bataja City17:43

    Belgrade airport for now is OK,renovation is necessary
    to avoid chaos.

    But what is most needed :
    a relocation of the airport out of the urban sprawl
    and into the flat plains around the city!

    Best place would be in direct neighbourship to
    the highway westwards maybe 7-9 miles from Novi Beograde!

    There you have space enough to build whatever you want.

    I know there are already plans to increase airport
    in Surcin but those plans are from 1970 and only got updated every ten years but are totally out of place and insufficient.

    Everybody who lives around the airports of Belgrade (Batajnica also)knows that space there is
    from year to year more scarce as building is
    in process(often illegal)and occupying space which should be used for the airport.

    Best example : Ledine-Surcin-Banovci those three suburbs which were far from each other are now connected by urban sprawl and building will go now into breadth into the free spaces adjactent to the airport.

    Also Batajnica airport :
    The suburb with the same name and the suburb Stara Pazova now encirce that airport totally!
    The only free space is towards the highway ...

    If you are not in Belgrade you can easily look in Wikimapia there you get a good impression of the situation of the airports.

    1. Anonymous17:59

      I disagree with you. Do you really think that Beograd or Serbia can afford to build a new airport a few kilometers away from its present location? The current site can serve Beograd/Serbia for the next 50 years. I mean even by 2020 BEG will be serving less that 7-8 million people. They may have to build a new terminal, and potentially add a new runway, and connect BEG with a direct rail link to the city centre.

      If anything the urban sprawl must be stopped.

      BEGs relatively close location to the city is a plus, not a minus.


  14. Anonymous18:19

    to build a new terminal should be not a problem.
    But a new runway?

    And how to stop the construction there?
    Belgrade is the only place in Serbia with a growing population.

    Tear down houses for thousands of people who built illegal the last two decades?

    1. Anonymous21:09

      Runway only if necessary. No need to stop construction, just control it, not near the airport.


  15. Anonymous18:19

    I understand that only 6.6% growth in February is because of severe winter. What are predictions for March ?

  16. Anonymous19:06

    When Serbian government can spend millions of dollars
    for airports nobody is flying to then there should be also money for a new airport in Belgrade !

    The existing airport should not be expanded
    only renovated !

    The new airport has to be built first before it can open in ten years...ten years should not be a problem...
    you have to build a runway of minimum 4000 meters and a new terminal like that in
    Skopje or Pristina !

    So where is the problem ?
    the old airport will be in use while the new one gets built !

    and if they need a second runway there will be space
    enough to build ..the perfect solution !

    1. Anonymous21:18

      Should Serbian aviation only be BEG? Yeah they spent some money at INI, and now a few million for Morava, but that airport is yet to open, so we'll have to wait and see how it does.
      And you are comparing those figures to billions of Euros that would be needed for a new Beograd airport?!?!?!
      I think you are misunderstanding a new terminal at BEG vs. a new airport.
      The existing one will be fine for the next ten years or so, especially after these renos. In about five years time, if pax numbers are still strong and growing, they can start to plan for a new terminal at BEG. No new airport.

    2. Anonymous21:19

      /\ Charlie

  17. Anonymous19:28

    OK, I agree with everyone saying BEG needs new terminal and that Belgrade needs nicer airport. But can anyone really propose where the new terminal should be built, yet to be connected with current apron and terminal building? BEG cannot be expanded in width because of traffic roads on landside and apron on airside. On the other side of the apron there are Jat hangar, TECH and FF base. The only place maybe be in the extension of C gates side or maybe someone think the good solution would be on the other side of the runway, close to highway. Additionally, do you think the hotel should be part of new terminal or should be built separately? Access road to Surchin was foreseen to be the second runway back in 1962 but when Tito rushed everyone to open the airport ASAP the runway so as twice bigger airport plans were abandoned and single terminal and runway airport was opened with bigger terminal and second runway included in future plans. Nowdays, the second runway can only be build parallel with the existing but closer to the highway once when necessary hence BEG in future at least 5-10 yrs would not need second runway. Remember, LTN handles 10 MPPA with single runway.

    1. Anonymous21:38

      New terminal should definitely be beside C gates. Hotel should be built separately, BEG should not be in the business of running a hotel. New cargo building could be built on land behind overflow parking area. Second runway needed only when pax numbers reach 15 mil.

  18. Anonymous19:57

    i think this is what a good expansion of BEG will look like :) pozdrav!

    1. Anonymous11:08

      I ment the realistic ones. In this video, second runway is placed where the current access road to Surchin is. The rest of the buildings are spreaded around which is not covering the idea where new terminal would be connected to the current one. I'm saying this both for the passengers comfort as well as expansion costs. Beside C gates sounds like proper idea.

  19. Anonymous20:52

    What about Kraljevo airport then?

    1. BEG2IAH21:08

      Ovde ima slika i izvestaja o gradnji:

  20. Anonymous22:15

    On wikipedia, it says that Israir will start flight to BEG from 26 May. Is this true? Also Vueling will start 3 weekly flight to Zagreb.

  21. This reminds me about the airport of Munich where a lot of people were against it desperately.

    The new airport in a location described by opponents as "wilderness in nowhere"

    The old one with a single runway was where today is the Munich fair.
    I also used it then .

    Everybody called that existing airport sufficient.

    The new airport actually got build with big delays and is now one of the biggest in Europe...

    ...they even have plans to add a third runway!

    If you would have proposed this to the people more than twenty years ago they would have called you insane...

    1. Anonymous02:30

      Yeah. The difference is this is Serbia, and not Germany, and MUC has your namesake, whereas we have Jat ;)

  22. Anonymous01:32

    yes, ive seen it in wikipedia history of BEG page, but someone deleted the Israir flight.. dont know where somebody got that info. Israir has never flown to BEG before and there is no news about Israir starting it from 26 May anywhere on the internet..
    @jatbegmel, really, where did u get the info about wizz air serbia new aircraft? that would be cool

  23. Anonymous05:45

    Existing BEG airport is ugly "warehouse" style terminal, relic from socialism times. BEG urgently requires new nicer terminal, like for instance, new ZAG terminal, which is going to be one of the nicest world airports in 2015. Time is running out for BEG.

    1. Anonymous11:40

      And yet that warehouse will always have more pax then one of the worlds most beautiful airports (which we currently call The matchbox) ;)

    2. Anonymous12:44

      Calcutta has also more pax than LDZA

    3. Anonymous11:12

      I agree with you mate, if all go as planned ZAG will really have a nice APT. I'm crossing my fingers CDG consortium will do its best on this project. But the look of an airport does not attracts passengers or airlines.

    4. Anonymous13:28

      Mate, ADP owns 38% of TAV, which operates several airports in Turkey and surroundings. ADP operates 16 world airports and has got the best interest to increase number of pax, which is btw one of main requirements in consortium contract. Pax do not need visit Zagreb, at all. For instance, fraction of FRA passengers really visit Frankfurt. ADP can really make a difference. I agree with you, not a nice airport, but in same time appearance and functionality always make a major role in deciding, which airport you are going to take as a transfer airport. My speculation only, is at the moment, that next big battles will be fought in getting rights for construction of the airport hotel and business center.

  24. Anonymous13:14

    smarate vise. kao deca od 5 godina ste. moj je veci nego tvoj. mislim, aerodrom.

  25. GO BEG!! Woohooo :)

  26. JATBEGMEL17:06

    Whoever is saying that a new airport should be built in BEG is stupid and isnt from Belgrade. There is sufficent amount of land around the airport for its expansion. The only thing i would like see happen is to build a new terminal twice the size of the current 2. A new car park facility should be built and connected with the terminal. I dont see a reason for a hotel to be built at the airport, since that Novi Beograd is only a 10 minute drive from the airport and has many nice hotels as it is (Hyatt, Holiday Inn, soon Crowne Plaza, Falkensteiner...). Duty free needs to be bigger and the range of shops needs to increase. Definately a smoking room should be opened.

    As for the reconstruction, as i mentioned earlier it is going very slow and not much has moved in 3 months since it started. The amount of work visible seems to me the work able to be completed in a week!

    @ anonymous

    Wizz Air had an open day for hiring cabin crew in Serbia for its Belgrade base ;)


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