Summer 2012
Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways

Summer changes for Croatia Airlines and Jat
On March 25 the 2012 summer season begins. Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways will both introduce new routes and increase frequencies.

Croatia Airlines has kept its summer frequencies out of Zagreb similar to last year, however, there will be some small cuts to flights in the EX-YU region. The Croatian national carrier will cut one flight each to Priština, Sarajevo and Skopje. Istanbul will see an addition of three weekly flights compared to last summer season. The airline will introduce a new service from Split to Belgrade, Rijeka to Barcelona and new flights from Zadar to Frankfurt and Paris.

Jat Airways will be increasing frequencies to most key destinations. Services to Moscow and Zuirch will see a boost of three flights with the two cities to be served ten times per week. Flights to Brussels have now been separated from the Amsterdam service and passengers will be offered a total of five weekly flights. The airline introduces new destinations this summer to London Gatwick, Malta, Pula and Split.

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2012 summer season changes in more detail. Note that the tables display the peak weekly frequencies for each destination during the summer (keep this in mind especially for domestic flights within Croatia and flights between Belgrade - Tivat - Podgorica as some services operate only for several weeks). Over the next week the 2012 summer season changes for Adria Airways, B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines will also be published.


  1. Anonymous10:15

    Both are looking good. Nice to see JU finally increasing frequencies to places like Rome, Moscow, Paris and Berlin.

  2. Whatever happened to OUs planned Moscow flights?

  3. Anonymous14:36

    Yeah didn't they also say they are going to fly to WAW? Maybe it wasn't for this summer?

  4. Anonymous15:33

    Nothing new, nothing frsh from ex-yu carriers!Very Dissapointing...It is a shame that JAT didn't manage to introduce a single new aircraft in this 2012-I see chaos this summer with such a tight planned timetable and a shortage of aircraft.


    KonTiki definitely starts the flights out of SKP!They will be operated by romanian (EU) carrier Alfa Air / eqiupment: BAE RJ 85 and BAE ATP aircraft
    Z3-AAM 735 does not operate for now

  5. Anonymous20:51

    Israir is definitely starting TLV-BEG service, twice weekly with 320 ac, from 26 May.

    1. Anonymous22:12

      I went to see it one and there was nothing about Israir flights.Strange...

  6. Anonymous00:30

    well, try again:

    1. Anonymous02:48

      oh ok, thanks!

    2. Anonymous08:19

      Strange, nothing on Israir site about Belgrade...


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