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Scam master running Kon Tiki Sky
Kon Tiki Sky, also known as MAT Airways, which recently announced the launch of fourteen new destinations from Skopje, says it has not obtained a license for any of its advertised flights. It has emerged that Kon Tiki Sky is no longer owned or run by the Serbian tour operator Kon Tiki, rather, it has been taken over by Harry van Achteren, who has been involved in several scandals and bankruptcies. The airline has advertised low cost flights from Skopje to Antwerp, Ancona, Bologna, Bratislava, Basel, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Rome, Milan, Trieste, Stuttgart, Istanbul and Malmo.

However, on its website the airline states, “Kon Tiki Sky was not yet able to negotiate commercial terms, with Skopje Airport and/or local authorities, justifying the start of its scheduled routes out of an “emerging market” like Macedonia. Under the chapter “Coming Soon” on our website we mentioned all of the routes Kon Tiki Sky would like to operate out of Skopje”.

In 2004, Harry van Achteren set up jetsSky.com in his native Netherlands. The airline never took off the ground but sold “ghost” flights via its website, meaning it sold tickets for nonexistent flights. Last year van Achteren was arrested on fraud charges in connection to the collapse of the Antwerp Container Repair & Trading Company. Skopje Airport, which has already seen strong growth at the start of 2012, could have significantly profited from the above mentioned flights which were advertised to begin from May 1.


  1. Anonymous10:03

    There you the perfect SCAM.... which was obvious from the start

  2. Anonymous10:04

    If I remember correctly the old MAT also used to sell these ghost flights when they were grounded a few years ago. They continued selling tickets for at least a month and I don’t think the people who booked and paid for their tickets during that time ever got compensated.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX10:55

    nothing else than a blow of hot air.....

  4. Skymaster KLIA Malaysia11:30

    It always is a balkan story! A lot of announcements, news of new flights, new companies and new airports but all remains like an empty box.
    Till the way of mentality is this way to mind I see a real poor future for most of ex-Yu airlines and countries.
    Oh God, Oh Allah save them...

    1. Anonymous11:36

      It's obviously not just a Balkan story when the same thing happened in a Western European country?

    2. Anonymous16:29

      This guy is from the Netherlands.
      What has this guy to do with the Balkans?
      Is the Netherlands in the Balkans?

      And dont come up with this religious nonsense!

      People have brains.
      If they would use them everything would be OK !

  5. Thanks for exposing the facts. Would you allow us to post a quick summary (with a link back to this site, of course) on www.whichbudget.com/blog ?

  6. JU520 BEGLAX13:34

    ADRIA Boosts Copenhagen Service in S12

    ADRIA Airways in Summer 2012 season (effective 25MAR12) is offering 6 weekly operation on Ljubljana – Copenhagen service, on board CRJ200 and CRJ900 aircraft. The Star Alliance member is Summer 2011 season operated 5 times a week. During peak season from 25JUN12 to 27AUG12, ADRIA offers Daily flight on this route.

    JP510 LJU0655 – 0850CPH CR2 6
    JP510 LJU0655 – 0850CPH CR9 345
    JP510 LJU1845 – 2040CPH CR9 17
    JP510 LJU1845 – 2040CPH CR2 2
    JP511 CPH0950 – 1140LJU CR2 6
    JP511 CPH0950 – 1140LJU CR9 345
    JP511 CPH2110 – 2300LJU CR9 17
    JP511 CPH2110 – 2300LJU CR2 2
    Note above schedule is effective for July and August 2012 only. Schedule variation occurs outside this period. Day 1 operation begins from 25JUN12 to 27AUG12.
    In a press release issued by Copenhagen Airport on 05MAR12, figures presented in the statement is based on Summer 2012 vs Winter 2011, which quotes the airline is tripling its service to CPH. It operates 2 weekly flights in W11.

  7. Anonymous14:02

    If this airline ends up flying again it will be a total embarrassment to the Macedonian Aviation Industry (that's if any such industry exists in MKD)!

    1. Anonymous16:34

      It all starts with the Macedonian CAA, which needs to do a better job in giving out AOC to Airlines which you can clearly see that they will only last for a year.

  8. Anonymous17:35

    It would have been a fraud, scam or whatever if they continued to sell tickets-but they didnt!
    Let's see what happens in 2 months!
    Btw. obtaining a flight permission or AOC now is very easy and fast in Macedonia since the former corrupt chef of macedonian CAA Mr. Z.K. is gone!
    And the main topic of the discussions will be the possible subventions which the government should give if it is serious about tourism and aviation industry in the country..

  9. Anonymous20:50


    i wonder how many people from BEG will use Croatia Airlines from BEG for transit, i dont know about other destinations but from BEG to ZAG with a stop in SPLIT is possible..

    1. Anonymous21:24

      lol, useless comment,sorry but really who is going to travel from belgrade to zagreb via split??

    2. Anonymous23:23

      There are some business people who travel from Zagreb to Belgrade by plane (via Munich or Vienna). Now maybe they will use Zagreb-Split-Belgrade route because there is perfect connection (just 30 to 35 min stop in Split, I think they use the same airplane on ZAG-SPU-BEG-SPU-ZAG route). So why not :D

  10. Anonymous21:44

    Thats what i meant .... Lol :)

  11. Anonymous02:26

    2nd last anonymous, exactly my point.. some people refuse to take a bus, plain, or train between the 2 countries... and some people have a lot of money :)

  12. Anonymous13:03

    Who currently owns the 737-500 and where is it at the moment? Is it parked at SKP?

    1. Anonymous15:55

      dont know who owns it now, i think kontiki still owns it, but it sits on the tarmac next to skywings 737-300


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