Ohrid, Macedonia
To all celebrating the holiday today

Happy Easter!

Hristos voskrese! Vaistinu voskrese!
Христос вoскрeсе! Ваистину вoскрeсе!
Христос воскресе! Навистина воскресе!

Belgrade, Serbia

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Herceg Novi, Montenegro


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:12

    Sretan Uskrs iz Ciriha

  2. Anonymous10:05

    Христос воскресе, мир Божији.

  3. Anonymous13:07

    Srecan Uskrs svima koji danas slave, mir i dobro medju svima nama. Pozdrav iz Londona

    As always, beautiful photos, stunning views :-)

  4. Anonymous13:16

    Srećan Uskrs :)

    Looking at these photos and the ones from last week, I gotta say I'm proud to have grown up in such a beautiful country :)

  5. JU520 BEGLAX16:59

    JU520 BEGLAX i really think we should adapt our nickname to our reality cause we're neither from BEG, LAX or Serbia... What do you think about JP800 LJUBEG or JU333 ZRHBEG?
    Срећан ускрс, Христос воскресе!

  6. Anonymous21:28

    Srecan uskrs! :) Hristos voskrese! Poz from thousands of ex - Yugoslav's from Cleveland, Ohio , USA!


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