Jat brand to disappear?

Future owners want new name
Yesterday marked 65 years since the introduction of the JAT/Jat brand, however fresh reports suggest that the potential new owners of the Serbian carrier, a group of local businessmen, wants the name retired. Miroslav Mišković, Miodrag Kostić and Miroslav Bogićević are tipped to invest 25 million euros into the new carrier in return for a 50% share in the airline. The new owners also want the next CEO to be an expert in the aviation industry from abroad. As EX-YU aviation understands, Miroslav Mišković, who is set to invest the most into the new carrier, recently hired the Deloitte financial consulting company to provide a review of Jat’s current business.

Despite the Serbian government claiming that Jat will have new owners by May 2012, before general elections are held in the country, reports surfaced yesterday that Jat’s privatisation and subsequent rebranding will be left to a new government. The current administration was to begin tender procedures in search of a new owner for the carrier this month but a deepening feud with Airbus cancelled such plans. Airbus, which is considering on suing the government over a 1998 order for eight A319s is said to have been further angered when it heard the government has been negotiating with Boeing over an aircraft order.

The “JAT” brand was introduced following World War Two. The recognisable “egg” livery was introduced in the 1950s. Following the breakup of Yugoslavia and the easing of international sanctions on Yugoslav air travel, the “flame/wing” livery was introduced, in 1994. Finally, in 2003, as the name Yugoslavia became history and the country was renamed to Serbia and Montenegro the airline changed its name to Jat Airways and introduced the “dot” livery created by a Slovenian design team, seleccted through an international competition.


  1. Anonymous09:25

    Good for JAT. However in terms of brand, keep JAT (without Yugoslav), bring back the egg and get rid of the Slovenian current idea ASAP.

    1. Anonymous13:10

      "JAT" doesn't exist for quite a while in terms of Yugoslav Airtransport.

      Jat Airways is the name.

    2. Anonymous09:23

      I like the idea of returning the "egg" which was a nice colour sheme for JAT.

  2. Anonymous10:58

    Jat je jedan od najjacih lokalnih brendova - samo bi grupa nedozrelih skorojevica zelela da ga se otarasi.

    1. Anonymous13:28

      JAT, as a brand, is known as Joke About Time and that's about all about brand strength.
      Another identically strong brand was Yugo.

    2. Anonymous09:54

      And this hater's comment comes from.....(guess which country, not difficult to recognize)!

  3. Anonymous11:37

    Why are they doing this,:( My heart is breaking apart, while i am reading this..They dont know how much JAT brand is wort.....speechless..:( Long live JAT u didnt deserve this for your 65 annavirsarry..

  4. Anonymous11:40

    Out of Serbia no one remember that there was something called Jat. What brand? In air business only thing that was remembered by "JAT brand" was that JAT stands for "Joke About Time". With some 30 planes Jat was never even middle-size air company, and far away from “big player” as most of nostalgic tries to input. Compare to that time KLM, Swissair, Lufthansa, British, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, SAS, Aeroflot, Pan Am, Delta, United, Qantas... Jat was little local company with few intercontinental routes.

    1. Anonymous13:13

      "In air business only thing that was remembered by "JAT brand" was that JAT stands for "Joke About Time"....

      In air business? I think you absolutely mixed air business with ordinary and common people who joked about Jat.

    2. Anonymous15:43

      FEW intercontinental routes were: New York, Chicago, Cleveland, L.A., Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Sidney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing, Calcutta, Bombay, Teheran, Baghdad, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi.. etc, etc. To mention 2 f/w to L.A. I think daily to N.Y. etc, etc... Ask now Dusseldorfs airport stuff what they think about JAT. It was strong airliner from Europe. You must be very young, so please, gimme a break..

    3. Anonymous00:39

      3 intercontinental planes. 3 DC10!!! Of course they had to fly to as many destination as they can with those 3 planes because of comunist propaganda (for example flights to Australia with 3 stops, Clivelend-Detroit 1stop flight with just 1 flight per week...). And there is no etc, etc...

    4. Anonymous09:39

      I think 3 DC10s were at JAT's ownership, the rest were on lease, but in spite your malicious comment, JAT's intercontinental network was respectable. Talking about facts, the route to Australia once was :BEG-KHI-SIN-SYD. So, no 3, but 2 stops on the route. It was 30 years ago, have that in mind.

    5. Anonymous09:51

      "Out of Serbia", you probably mean "out of Yugoslavia", which for sure is not true. It was a mid-size respectable company. By the time when JAT's network covered all continents except South America, Austrian and Turkish, for example were small companies. Today we know that the situation is completely different, which doesn't mean that we should neglect the real position of the Yugoslav Airlines by that time.

    6. Anonymous17:41

      JAT never had more than 3 DC10 on lease or ownership. Biggest fleet was 30 planes all together. That made them small company even in 1980’s.

      Flight to Australia JU580 was Belgrade - Dubai - Singapore - Melbourne - Sydney. That is 3 stops!!!

      Last timetable before was (summer 1991) intercontinental flights were (and intercontinental flights are not those to Euromediterranean like Algiers, Tel Aviv etc.):

      JU043 Tripoli-BEG-SJJ -2---6- 722
      JU061 Teheran-BEG -----6- 737
      JU471 Bangkok- Singapore-Dubai-BEG ----5-- D10
      JU525 Chicago-BEG-ZAG 1------ D10
      JU531 New York-BEG-ZAG 1-3-56- D10
      JU543 Chicago-BEG-DBV ---4--- D10
      JU561 Toronto-Montreal-ZAG-BEG ---4-6- D10
      JU581 Sydney-Melbourne-Singapore-Dubai-BEG --3---7 D10

      That is just 14 flights weekly.

      Before that they did not have much more, basically:

      JU073 Kuwait-Damascus-BEG ----5-- 722
      JU475 Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Dubai-BEG --3---- D10
      JU521 Los Angeles-Chicago-ZAG-BEG --3--6- D10
      JU571 Cleveland-Detroit-ZAG-BEG --3---- D10

      They changed stops very often, and even had some stupid combinations like Chicago-New York-Zagreb-Belgrade

      But they never had more than 18 intercontinental flights out of which some 12 by D10, and others by 727.

    7. Anonymous09:25

      Yes, at one period JAT had 4 DC10s (lease from Sabena, Martin Air, Air Afrique). Also, regarding terminology what the "stop" is: I count that a stop means a number of landings before reaching final destination. So, if a plane lands in Dubai and Singapore before reaching Sydney/Melbourne, it's 2 stops from Belgrade to Australia.
      So, if a company with 30 planes is a small one, what would you say for a company with 12 a/c in a fleet: micro? Then, O.K. I agree with you.

    8. Anonymous01:12

      up to 9 planes - extremly small company
      10-49 planes - small company
      50-99 planes - midle size company
      100-199 - big company
      200-299 - huge company
      more than 300 - global player

    9. Anonymous09:27


  5. “dot” livery created by a Slovenian design team, seleccted through an international competition..

    A 3 years old kid can make 3 dot's :/

    1. praguc14:11

      Best one was by this croatian designer few years ago, he was inspired by JATs egg, but the new logo never appeared. I remember there was a contest.

  6. Anonymous12:31

    obviously our 3 year old children couldn´t..

    1. Are you really so naive!? It is so obvious that the main driver in selecting that pointless livery was filling somebody's pocket.

      Egg should be returned ASAP...

  7. frequentflyer13:58

    Does the name really matter if the same old people are running the show, and the same government interference continues?? This is an airline which could do *so* much more if it was given more of a free hand in terms of operations, and updated its antiquated fleet...

  8. Anonymous16:16

    Which JU aircraft was involved in the 21.12.2009 incident over Istanbul and what is the destiny of YU-ANH? Will it ever fly again?

  9. Anonymous17:43

    For Koko and others, i think these lists tell everything:



    And i'll repeat again, it doesn't mean anything the number of passengers at the airport but actually to WHERE you can fly in the cheapest and most convenient way from a given airport. You can take an airport like AMM, that has less passengers that say Lyon in France, but just look where to you can directly fly from AMM:


    I think you're all using very wrong measures and quantity mentality here.

  10. Belgrade Airport 2011 Net Income Fell 18.4% to $17.9 Million
    By Misha Savic - Apr 2, 2012 3:42 PM GMT+0200

    Aerodrom Nikola Tesla AD (AERO), Serbia’s main airport near capital Belgrade, said net income fell 18.4 percent last year on delay in payment by top client, flag carrier JAT Airways.

    The single-strip, state-controlled airport reported a 1.58 billion dinar ($17.95 million) net earning, compared with almost 1.94 billion dinar in the previous year. The bottom line may be revised later to 2.24 billion dinars after an expected “protocol on payment” with also state-owned JAT to collect the 660 million dinars owed by the carrier, the operator said in e- mailed comments. Pretax profit was 1.67 billion dinars, below its March 2011 full-year forecast of 2.48 billion dinars.

    Apart from the difficulties with JAT, which the government has been trying to sell, “Nikola Tesla’s business result is in line with expectations,” the company said. Sales rose 9.6 percent to 5.54 billion dinars and the number of flights rose 2 percent to almost 45,000.

    The operator cut fees twice last year to attract airlines and increased the number of carrier clients to 36 from 34. The number of passengers rose 16 percent to 3.12 million, the most since the 1990’s Balkan wars that almost halted air traffic in Serbia.

    Aerodrom Nikola Tesla’s shares, which debuted on the Belgrade Stock Exchange in February 2011, fell 0.98 percent today to 506 dinars a piece.


    1. Anonymous06:50

      This was not common before, that is that Jat doesn't pay to BEG, so I guess that the ruling mafia from Demokratska Stranka are using Jat to finance their own campaign before the elections.

    2. Anonymous19:01

      Oh seriously, using Jat to finance election campaign... How old are you, anyway?

  11. Anonymous21:56

    Did any of you guys notice that Lufthansa is sending airbus 320 to BEG most of the time, sometimes even 321. Also, it downgraded Munich to CRJ 900. Before they used airbus 319 to munich then embraer 195 and now CRJ!!!!!

    1. Anonymous01:57

      embraer 195's are still used on the route but not on all 3 daily flights.

    2. Anonymous02:32

      yes,youtr right, but if you want to book a flight for example July only the CRJ will appear as aircraft type. Its weired that they send smaller ac than during winter, right?

    3. Anonymous06:49

      I flew BEG-MUC-BRU-MUC-BEG and the BEG legs were supposed to be operated by the Crj-900, it ended up being an Embraer.
      Both flights were full to the last seat so I guess if they can fill the planes in winter then they sure as Hell can in summer.
      In winter their afternoon flight was operated by the Crj-900 but the other two were the E-jets.
      The only reason why Munich might be downgraded is because of increased capacity to Frankfurt.

    4. Anonymous12:38

      Yeah! For example I booked Frankfurt - Belgrade for the summer and it shows A320 on each flight just as if I were to book today. but it looks like Lufthansa sends airplanes according to capacity. Someone they send A319 on night flights to BEG, sometimes A321 on early - day ones.. Looks like they like to surprise :)

  12. Anonymous22:01

    What will happen to the JAT airline tickets purchased now for autumn 2012 if so known Jat Airways disappears? Will new company take over these tickets or there will be the case like with Malev that passengers will get some compensation? Is it worth at all buying Jat's tickets now?

    1. Anonymous22:15

      Even if the new airline is created it will continue to operate as normal. It will be just like in 2003 when JAT Yugoslav Airlines changed its name to Jat Airways. The airline isn’t going bankrupt it’s just changing its ownership structure.

    2. Anonymous06:52

      Judging by the posts online it seems to me as the vast majority of people didn't get the memo that JAT doesn't exist anymore :D

  13. Anonymous12:21

    JAT DC-10 flota:

    1. DC10-30 CF6-50C2 4836 280 1979 N107WA Vlasnik: World Airways; iznajmljivan više puta na kraće vreme krajem 80tih
    2. DC10-30 CF6-50C2 47956 181 1975 OH-LHA 16.4.1987 31.10.1988 Iznajmljen Vraćen Vlasnik: Finnair
    3. DC10-30 CF6-50C2 47906 115 1973 OO-SLA 15.6.1986 21.10.1986 i 12.6.1987 23.10.1989Iznajmljen Vraćen Vlasnik: Sabena
    4. DC10-30 CF6-50C 46890 77 1973 TU-TAL 6.2.1985 13.11.1986 Iznajmljen Vraćen Vlasnik: Air Afrique
    5. DC10-30 CF6-50C1 46981 259 1978 YU-AMA 12.12.1978 22.7.1992 Nov Prodat Nikola Tesla Kupac: ICC
    6. DC10-30 CF6-50C1 46988 278 1979 YU-AMB 16.5.1979 24.6.2005 Nov Prodat Beograd Prvobitna imena "Edvard Rusijan", "Mihailo Pupin"; Kupac: ?
    7. DC10-30 CF6-50C 46578 131 1973 YU-AMC 1.5.1988 ??.06.1992 Iznajmljen Vraćen Vlasnik: Electra Aviation
    8. DC10-30 CF6-50C 46554 84 1973 YU-AMD 1.6.1989 27.11.1991 Iznajmljen Vraćen Vlasnik: SAS

  14. Anonymous11:05

    Pored DC10-30 iznajmljivan je bio i dosta sličan Tristar L-1011-500 od Royal Jordanian Airline....

  15. Anonymous13:17

    Why not redesign the logo and re-introduce the original name Aeroput, as Aeroput, Serbian Airlines?!


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