Jat returns to growth

Passenger numbers on the rise at Jat
Jat Airways has seen its passenger numbers rise in March compared to the same month last year. During the month, Jat welcomed 83.369 passengers on board, an increase of 4% compared to March 2011. The average cabin load factor stood at 68% which is up from last year’s 60%. Jat operated 4% less flights than last year but managed to see a passenger increase of 3% on scheduled services, which was within the airline’s planned growth outlook.

Services to Montenegro, which have seen a constant passenger surge over the last year, were hit by a 9% decrease last month, although the number of flights operated to and from Tivat and Podgorica were also down by 4%. Despite a 5% decrease in the number of flights on the all important Euro Mediterranean services, the number of passengers increased by 5%. However, it was charter flights that proved to be the strong point with the number of passengers surging 823%.

In the first quarter of 2012, the Serbian national carrier has handled 220.566 passengers - an increase of 2% compared to the same period last year with an average cabin load factor of 65% and a decrease in operated flights by 7%.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468


  1. Anonymous09:34

    Jat Airways will see really impressive growth in April, some 18-20%. That will assure Belgrade airport's double digit growth once more.

  2. Anonymous13:22

    Jat desperately needs emb 195 aircraft or similar to reach 100 load factor! This way they gonna make their routes profitable.

  3. Anonymous13:47

    I must admit that it is amazing that an airline like Jat with old aircraft and huge competition on most routes manages to see their pax numbers go up. February was bad all over Europe so it’s not only Jat. Anyway, I can only imagine what kind of growth they would have if they had newer aircraft and proper management.

  4. BA88814:44

    I can only carry on banging on about "my" route...

    JAT ends up with my money (not as a first choice at all) on LON-BEG-LON route since W6 is having INSANE take off times (6.00am from BEG???!!!) and is flying via Luton (God frosaken airport of London).

    So to speak...with withdrawal of BA on this route I am almost blackmailed to use JU or unacceptable W6

    Therefore...3 pax more from my side this spring for JU

    1. Anonymous16:55

      Sweetie, no one is forcing you. you can fly connecting.. and you wouldnt be the first one to do so

    2. Anonymous17:02

      dude above, isnt it easier to fly direct to LOndon then to connect?
      JAt has really old planes but the service is not that bad.Air France gives just a cracker or small cookie on their flights to BEG. ALSo on the positive side JAT never cancels their flights. Two weeks ago my friend was stuck in IStanbul for 10 hours beacuse the morning flight with TK was cancelled. JAT is not that bad people chill out.

    3. BA88817:23

      @Anonymous 1: Darling, I've heard about such thing being done by some strange people (see below)

  5. JATBEGMEL15:05

    Nice results, but does all this equal profit?

    Interesting thing to note is that the past week YU-ANI has been flying JU240, JAT's flight to CDG. So the talk on JAT not being able to use most a/c to CDG is untrue, as YU-ANI is amongst the oldest in the fleet.

    @ BA888

    JAT always had better pricing compared to BA. You talk as if BA is the magical airline of love and happiness and that JAT is evil. JAT didnt blackmail u to buy their tickets, they must of been convenient for u to have bought them. As you mentioned W6 is INSANE, but did you look at maybe other airlines like LOT, OS, KLM, AF, AZ, LH, DY, TK and flying via AMS, CDG, MUC, FRA, WAW, ATH, IST, OSL....? soo many options, but you still CHOSE to fly JAT!

    1. BA88815:15

      Actually I did....and often flew LH/LX (adding one hour to the journey and cheaper than JU) on the same route. It just did not work this time so I am using JAT.

      And...about BA pricing on LHR-BEG route...it used to be £10-15 more expensive with BA.

      In my book minimal difference for an airline which used to be decent airline at the time it flew to BEG.

    2. JATBEGMEL15:37

      But still it isnt blackmailing ;) Quick search shows LOT via WAW around 10GBP cheaper and TK via IST 1GBP cheaper for May 15 o/w.

      To be honest id rather fly JAT to OS, anyone who has flown OS will know what im talking about. Their a/c look disgusting, the crew uniforms...OMG how embarrasing.

  6. JATBEGMEL15:26

    AGX has wet leased of its B732 to an airline in Chad according to its facebook page. Its an interesting page btw.


    It seems that now AGX is using Trade Air's F100 for its flights. Today 9A-BTE flew from ZAG as AGX901 which landed in BEG at 0925. After a quick turn around in BEG it went to MAD as AGX667.

    Any info on the B734 they were supposed to be leasing?

  7. Anonymous16:47

    hey guys,
    i am wondering would Emirates would be able to fill airbus 330 200 to BEG during summer four times per week? I also heard that Turks are giving trouble to Qatar about the landing rights...

    1. Tupolev16022:07

      FlyDubai sent a total of 1134 seats last week to Belgrade in its six flights. For the two days when 2 737-800 were sent, even the A332 would have been too small, it would have required the 773 to take all the passengers in a single flight.
      But, speaking of regular service, the A332 EK would send to BEG would have probably 278 seats in configuration 0+27+251. That means that 4 A332 could have done the job last week at BEG and that with a good LF. The EK flights if rightly priced could actually attract even more passengers than FZ given the direct transfer from EK's network + all the business passengers. The ideal solution on the BEG-DXB route would be EK operating A332 4 times per week code-sharing with Jat.
      If this summer proves successful for FZ, that might actually end up happening in near future. The only problem for EK is that now QR saw the opportunity and came in at just the right time...
      Concerning the Turks and QR, well, that's not a surprise given what bast***ds Turks know to be when it comes to money. QR leadership should be very sharp on them to obtain the BEG-ESB commercial rights.

    2. JATBEGMEL03:11

      ummmm...I doubt that EK filling its Y class would produce plenty of profit. The A330's in EK is disgusting and outdated and will be replaced soon, and a couple A330's already have left the fleet. Next option is the A340-500, but i doubt they would use it on BEG rotations. The A340-300's are being phased out which leaves the B777, which definately will not be coming to BEG from EK. The FZ product is working and would like to see it materialise as a daily flight. JAT should grab into this, work a codeshare agreement with EK and properly serve DXB as they would have the a/c suitable for it to work with better frequencies, something that EK is known for. For the near future i dont see an EK presence in BEG.

      QR is coming to BEG because it has small enough a/c to do so, but will be interesting to see how many pax will use the flights. The stop in ESB isnt going to be very attractive, neither is the current state of Doha Airport. QR also lack the connections that are most important from BEG and thats to Australia, something DXB has.

  8. Anonymous18:01

    Let's also not forget that Jat will be offering flights to London Gatwick for those who wish to fly to London but they want to avoid Heathrow and Luton. I think it is pretty good...

    Also, I do not see what the problem with Jat is. Flew them recently and their sandwiches were probably one of the best in teh industry!

    1. BA88818:25

      Every now and than when I end up in their B733 I have mixed emotions.

      From shear horror and fear to feeling sorry and somewhat proud of the past.

      Now...all those emotions can be avoided in alternative airline.

      And...lets not forget...I used to be real excited about flying in new silver 733s somewhere in mid 80s...AND THEY STILL FLY! (Hint!)

    2. Anonymous18:34

      Yes but Jat is not the only airline in that situation. Look at the B733s and B735s of Lufthansa? They are not much younger, or let us not talk about the age of American carriers.

      I guess with Jat it is like with any other airline, either a great flight or an epic fail.

  9. Anonymous18:20

    Did someone else notice that flydubai had two flights today to Belgrade?

    1. Anonymous18:25

      FZ 8741 at 12:45 B737-800 Gate A7
      FZ 741 at 13:05 B737-800 Gate A8

    2. Anonymous18:53

      Happened last week as well. There was demand to fill in two planes. Should not happen again anytime soon, though.

    3. Anonymous19:40

      What makes you so ceratin that it will not happen again? People predicted FZ failing miserably in Belgrade.

    4. Anonymous01:10

      Kongres kardiologa u Dubaiju...zbog toga su isla 2 aviona u utorak i nedelju. Izgleda da je to bio specijalan chartet let za njih!!!

    5. Anonymous06:46

      Добро, има логике, предпостављам да ћемо сачекати и видети. Уосталом, и сама компанија је изјавила да им Београд иде добро као одредиште што објашњава додатни лет током лета.

    6. Anonymous07:28

      It was not a charter as the flights could be booked regularly.

  10. Anonymous19:26

    Wizzair should be our national carrier, r.i.p Jat...

    1. Anonymous19:49

      Everyone knows that will never happen.

    2. Anonymous20:19

      wizzair may be your favourite airline, but certainly won't be Serbian national carrier! R.i.p, stupid a$$hole!

  11. Anonymous20:15

    Does anybody know when Montenegro Airlines will be taking delivery of their Embraer E-175LR due sometime in 2012?? Do people think Ryanair will start flying to Montenegro this summer although most likely it will be next summer if it ever happens at all!!

  12. Anonymous20:51

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous21:07

      Јаој мицо искомплексирана.... <3

    2. BA88821:47


      Anonimuse "from above"...try to be cool and entertain the whole idea in English if you know how to!

      And lets see how far this takes you!


    3. Anonymous22:11

      We have forgotten about Zagreb Airport AutoProgram: :-(((((

    4. Anonymous23:52

      Well, they didn't mention the right word still :) So the program did not activate automatically... I might want to include in the program "idiots detection" with some sophisticated captcha like on the blog, so we might recognize them even if they don't mentionned the "given word"...

  13. Anonymous21:52

    U pravu je anonymous 11.51 AM, ja izbegavam da letim Jatom zbog:
    1.Delimicno staro i polupismeno osoblje!
    2.Nasi gastosi sto neznaju sta je red,rad,disciplina i kultura a zive po 20-40 godina na zapadu!
    3.Stari i prljavi avioni sto kasne a ja nikako da stignem preko Bg do Cg i Makedonije nego me smeste u hotell Slavija sa 2 petokrake.....
    4.Neko su im karte jeftinije nego ranije ali Lufhansa je zakon!!!

    1. Anonymous22:19

      Можеш да причаш шта хоћеш али узастопан раст путника само доказује да су људи као ти мањина. Само се питам како ћеш да летиш Луфтхансом за БЈРМ или Црну Гору када ЛХ тамо и не лети.

    2. Tupolev16023:49

      Нисам знао да је Запад извор дисциплине и културе...

    3. Anonymous00:43

      Па како не схваташ, јесте за оне ископлексиране као наш друг горе.

    4. Anonymous20:47

      Previse neobjektivne kritike.. Ne vidim zasto tebi smeta polupismeno osoblje. Ne znaju se pise odvojeno. Toliko o pismenosti..

  14. Anonymous12:16

    Nisam napisao da letim Lh za BH i Mkd,nego da je zakon letiti sa njima!.
    Letim sa Os i sa Malevom dok nisu otisli u stecaj na zalost. Malev (flota,osoblje,aerodrom,catering)na nivou. Wizzair je mozda spas za BH I MKD,novi avioni i lete na vreme a cene su sasvim ok:)!

    1. Anonymous12:17

      Zaboravio sam i Cg

  15. Anonymous13:32

    Ма ти си будала...

  16. Anonymous15:31

    Nezna se ko je veca...


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