Morava rising

Morava Airport in Kraljevo to opnen this summer
The newest international airport in the former Yugoslavia, Morava in the central Serbian town of Kraljevo, should open its doors by June. The project is several weeks behind schedule, which officials blame on bad weather throughout February. Most of the exterior work on the 3.000 square meter terminal building has now been completed, with construction moving inside. Necessary equipment, such as x-rays and scanners will be donated by Belgrade Airport.

The Serbian government believes that the new airport will manage to attract airlines. They trust that during this summer season charter flights from Kraljevo to Turkey will be launched. The Turkish government itself has invested ten million euros out of a total of 32 million spent on the airport. Furthermore, the government insists that Morava has a catchment area of two million people, as it is located between three towns, and has the potential to steal some Turkey bound passengers away from Priština Airport.

The new airport shares a runway with the Ladjevci military air base. Construction work began in the summer of 2011.Later on in the year the airport’s new control tower was opened and the first promotional flight was operated from Belgrade with Jat Airways’ ATR72. However, there is still scepticism whether the money has been well spent since Niš Constantine the Great Airport, in eastern Serbia, has not experienced major success since it reopened for commercial use in 2004.


  1. Anonymous09:33

    we are poor nation and we do not have that money to travel for leasure or to go to some business trips from kraljevo to munich or london so often.. in serbia we dont have production. we do produce nothing, so in close future we will still be economicaly poor. here, people with university degrees work for 250 euros... that is the answer y nis cannot attract more airliners or more passengers. the same will b with morava.

  2. Anonymous11:55

    funny, but from Kraljevo Belgrade can be reached within 2 or 3 hours and people can make their travel from there. I do not see a critical mass to make this airport some kind of success. If the state is ready to give subsides it is ok, but nothing much. We have some of the examples in the region (Niš, Osijek, Banja Luka, Mostar etc). Other regional airports live on tourism so only in summer time.

    1. Anonymous15:01

      That means that Belgrade should close the door, cos there is much more and cheaper flights from BUD. It's only 4 hours driving from Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous01:49

      That used to be the case but not anymore, especially since the collapse of Malev (which was a partial collapse of BUD as well). Except to S. America many flights are now actually cheaper from BEG, look to the Middle-East for example.

    3. Anonymous02:29

      LOL..Dream about it mate. Ryanair and Wizz will make BUD now much more atractive to SRB customers then ever before. Last time I get my flight to AGP, there was at least 10 more ppl with me taking the flights to London, Frankfurt etc.. flying with Ryan or Wizz. So.. will see soon...

    4. Anonymous16:14

      I am watching your comment now and I am dying from laughing...

  3. Anonymous12:03

    Ref. Morava Rising
    Former Yugoslavia doesn't exist. It might be, area of or region of, etc.
    That is Serbia.
    Try to educate yourself a little bit.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      Yugoslavia doesnt exist. when something is former it means that it doesnt exist now, so you should do some education urself ;-)

    2. Anonymous08:33

      Without offense, I would suggest u take more fish in your diet.
      Meaning of "former" is secondary in this case. That is not just translation, which is obviously your concern only.

      I would give you example of FORMER Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. So, try to find out, does it exist or not.

      So, try harder next time and don't forget fish.

  4. Anonymous12:10

    Di Air could operate 2 daily KVO-BEG-KVO with their 19-seater a/c on behalf of Jat.. it would make much more sense.. only if DCV would let them..

  5. Anonymous15:46

    If only someone was there to tell them that the name of the airport in English should be "Morava Airport" not "Airport Morava"

    1. Anonymous01:38

      yes,you are 100% right!How they can make such a stupid mistake after investing so much money in building this beautiful MORAVA AIRPORT.

  6. Anonymous17:08

    These people from Serbia who use Pristina airport
    are from my hometown Novi Pazar(Muslim like me).

    Now with our new Serbian passports its not fun to ride into Kosovo...
    therefore Turkey supports also financially building of an alternative airport which is Kraljevo.

    If Pegasus Air would open Istanbul and Antalya
    we would already be happy!

  7. Anonymous19:17

    It'd be quite appetitive for Ryanair.

  8. I think that airport makes sense. I don't buy the argument that people in Serbia don't have money to fly. For example, R/T Kraljevo-Bec by bus is EUR100. If people can afford the EUR100 bus ride, they can afford the plane. BEG is too far for Morava airport catchment area, particularly with the state of roads in Serbia.
    What worries me is that there is no word of Morava Airport management team, We'll have to wait for the outcome of the upcoming elections, but it may be too late for the summer season.

    1. Anonymous21:23

      im from a town near uzice, srbija, and we use beograd when we fly in from the USA, even though its a 3 hour drive. but ofcourse kraljevo would be an alternative as it is an hour away from our town :)

  9. As far as transport links, Morava's location is great as frequent local buses between Kraljevo and Cacak can be easily routed via the airport (2 km detour). Similarly, coaches Kraljevo/Novi Pazar to/from Belgrade and Cacak -Krusevac can do the same, picking passengers along Ibarska magistrala. No 'new' bus links needed. If you want to reach BEG from central Serbia the only reasonable option is to drive. This is expensive (EUR20-40 per one-way depending on where you are coming from) and time consuming (both for the person flying and the person driving who will effectively lose 2 days for drop off and pick up).

  10. As we all know, having a good and fast communication in 21 century it is a normal civilization standard, so it is a ridicule speaking about needed or not an airport.

    Airport is a generator of development , and it will be as well for this Morava /Sumadija /Zlatibor/Raska region with 1.6 million habitants, 4o towns and their economy.

    Religious, mountain and spa tourism already exist and manifestation GUCHA is know worldwide, so people need a fast way to come here.

    Speaking about not having a money there is not a sense, because one has to explain how it is happening that N.T have a grow of passangers every month and why it can not do Morava. Having in mind that most of passangers are not from Belgrade, actually most of them are our workers from different part of Serbia, as well from this Morava /Sumadija /Zlatibor/
    Raska region, who working abroad

    Actually, problem is on other side, and it is simple explained by one anonymous some time ago, quote:

    “aerodrom ladjevci
    Anonymous said...
    Congrats Kraljevo! Well done guys, and do not pay atention to those from Belgrade which only like to hear how many thousand BEG has last month and which is the new route from their airport. Dont you remember that ¨Pristina¨was also non profitable before, now has almost half of what BEG have.. so go ahead and congratulation for the new airport!
    July 6, 2011 3:45 PM”


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