Priština on the up

Numbers surge at Priština Airport
Following a record breaking 2011, numbers at Priština Airport have continued to surge into the new year. In the first quarter the airport welcomed 292.697 passengers through its doors, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year. In March, the airport welcomed 99.540 passengers, up 9.9% on 2011. Its best month so far was January when it welcomed 112.961 passengers. However, in February the airport saw a slide in numbers, which was echoed across Europe. Due to heavy snow fall and freezing weather flights across the continent were disrupted. During that month, Priština saw a decline of 2%.

With passenger growth continuing in 2012, Priština Airport is highly likely to keep its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia, a title it took over last year when it handled 1.422.302 passengers, which was an increase of 9% on 2010. Its closest rival, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, has seen a 3.7% passenger decrease in the first three months of the year, which is less than originally expected.

The only two other capital city airports in the former Yugoslavia recording growth in the first quarter are Belgrade and Skopje. Podgorica has seen a big tumble in passenger numbers, although Tivat Airport has recorded impressive growth so far in the year. Ljubljana and Zagreb have also experienced a modest decline while Sarajevo has been hit hard by bad weather and B&H Airlines’ woes. On the other hand, Mostar Airport in Bosnia has seen record traffic over this weekend thanks to a large number of charter flights.


  1. Anonymous12:28

    How come this year is so bad? If only BEG,PRN and SKP are growing. Why is TGD not doing well?

  2. Anonymous18:50

    It is not a country

  3. Anonymous18:57

    Whats Kosovo. I think its city in Serbia, right???

    1. Anonymous09:27

      you need to get over this, and move on

  4. Anonymous20:25

    Capital in aut.province of Kosovo and that way Capital is ok...Eu and Un does not or fully recognize Pristinas ambition so far....

  5. Anonymous00:08

    The trolls are seriously starting to get annoying.

    Why is it that every time something is written for Pristina Airport trolls start posting political comments about Kosovo?

    If these trolls don't recognize Kosovo than that's fine but that does not change the fact that these comments have absolutely nothing to do with the topic nor with the fact that Pristina Airport is one of the most successful Airports in the entire region and is continuing to surprise us all with it's positive trends even further.

    I really hope the Admins will have the time to identify all political posts made by these half-literate trolls and remove them.

  6. Anonymous02:58


    1. Visiting aviation pages, blogs or forums and posting comment(s) like this definitely indicates that the person doing it, has serious mental problem(s).


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