Zagreb Airport in French hands

Construction of Zagreb’s new terminal to begin in 2013
The concession contract to build and manage Zagreb Airport was signed this week between Aéroports de Paris and the Croatian government, paving way for the construction of the long announced new terminal, which is set to transform Croatia’s busiest airport. The concession will see the French run Zagreb for the next thirty years and requires them to build a new terminal with the capacity to handle five million passengers within the next three years. The price tag of the project’s first phase will amount to 236 million euros, while the thirty year concession fee adds up to 1.9 billion euros.

The head of Zagreb Airport, Tonči Peović, says, “The new Croatian Government evaluated the offer as exceptional and the decision on its adoption was unanimous. Our French partners have properly assessed the current situation in the Croatian construction sector, so the offer is significantly better than what was required. Money will be saved in the long run, for when the airport reaches five million passengers, or in 20 years at the latest, the second phase must begin, which will expand capacity to eight million passengers”.

However, the first shovels and cranes will not to be seen this year at Pleso. Construction is expected to begin in early 2013. This year, project and construction plans will be finalised while construction will take a total of two years. However, the Union of Zagreb Airport Employees is less than happy with the concession. They are in fear for their jobs and note that employees did not receive a promised 10% stake in the airport ownership structure. Last week the union sued the government and is requesting for the courts to eradicate the concession agreement.


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  2. any pictures of the new desighn?

  3. Anonymous15:48

    Can we get an construction update of Pristina airport anytime soon?

  4. Anonymous22:02

    1,9 billion euro for concession fee, or 80.000.000,00 EUR per year. Hahahahahaha! That is not true, not even near to that sum is written in contract! Nother one of Peovic lies.

    1. Well, maybie Dubrovnik Airport, the only decent airport in Croatia today, which has become what it is while Mr.Peovic was it's CEO, is one of his lies, too.

      And the source of this information is not Mr.Peovic. It's official information published on Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Traffic and Infrastructure of Croatia. You can check it on :

    2. Anonymous15:12

      My understanding of this figure is, as expected overall revenue, not concession fee. Concession fee overall, is 89 MM EUR.
      Unfortunately, incompetence of our business (not only) reporters is incomparable.
      Those who really know, do not want to correct it or clarify, since it sounds excellent (2 Billion)and lately, we all need good news only.

  5. Anonymous14:39

    Pozdrav iz rijeke:
    The main problem is that Peovic still works for interest of Dubrovnik as general manager of Zagreb airport. You have million examples of that, not just to contract companies from Dubrovnik to work for Zagreb airport. One have to ask himself how comes that someone can be general manager of Zagreb airport and in same time repeat statement "the only airport that should be hub in Croatia is Dubrovnik airport".

    1. If what you say is true, it's just another proof that "foreigners" need to run ZAG. If what you say is true, those "foreigners" are going to fire Mr. Peovic ASAP, and give chance to another, more competent, more professional and more honest CEO. After all, they can do it even without any reason and explanation, and no matter who is ZAG CEO at the moment. Therefore I really don't see where is the connection between concession being given to "foreigners" and current CEO of ZAG.


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