Air Méditerranée to Sarajevo

Soon in Sarajevo
Air Méditerranée will commence seasonal summer flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Sarajevo, connecting the two cities with an air link for the first time in many years. Flights will operate once per week, every Tuesday, and will be inaugurated on July 3. The service will run until September 4. A 217 seat Airbus A321 will be used on the route. A return ticket, with taxes included, will set passengers back some 190 euros.

The new route is aimed at the Bosnian diaspora living in France. “Bosnia will be at hand, because within two hours you will get from Paris to Sarajevo”, Stefan Buljat, the head of the tour operator which has initiated the new service, says. There are also plans to attract French holiday makers to visit the country. Special weeklong tour packages will be offered. However, individual tickets are also on sale and can be purchased through travel agents.

Meanwhile, Sarajevo Airport is seeing a boom in charter and seasonal traffic from Turkey this summer. Flights are being operated by airlines such as Atlasjet and Pegasus. B&H Airlines has now indefinitely cancelled its morning service to Istanbul but will maintain its evening flight, with the aircraft returning to Sarajevo early next morning. Those services will operate on a daily basis. Over the peak summer period, Turkish Airlines will add an additional two weekly flights from Istanbul to the Bosnian capital.


  1. Anonymous10:06

    Once per week, but good start.

  2. Anonymous10:13

    Finally flights to Paris! Great news. Does anyone know did Air France use to fly to SJJ?

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Yes, they used to fly with an aircraft.

    2. Anonymous10:42

      Really? I thought they flew with a bus :))))

    3. Anonymous11:20

      Well, Airbus? :P

    4. Anonymous11:31

      well, yeah, A318 maybe :))) they flew with E135/145 probably, like on CDG-LJU route..

  3. Anonymous14:36

    Just got an inside information that London Heathrow Zagreb was announced by British Airways! I wonder what impact this might have on Croatia Airlines. I fear that they might lose some of the business class passengers on the route.

    1. KOKO16:29

      It will not have much impact on Croatia
      Airlines i think...
      it will be more of a competition to Easyjet!

    2. Anonymous17:40

      I think it will be the biggest competition to Lufthansa which will get its first serious competitor for North American passengers.

    3. KOKO19:59

      You are right !
      I totally forgot Lufthansa...

    4. Good news for Zagreb! So three is not a crowd?

    5. Anonymous04:33

      BA will use Heathrow slots of BMI for possible flights to ZAG.

      Now listen:
      Rumour is that the flight to Zag is only provisoric and to get dumped as soon as
      possible for a more profitable route.

      BA only looks for a temporary solution to
      use their slots...

    6. Anonymous07:37

      Yes, slot warmers, because the managment of London Heathrow does not allow airlines to keep slots they are not using. As British Airways received those slots they need to use them somehow, otherwise they would get confiscated by the airport and given elsewhere.

      For example, with those slots British Airways had announced its return to Seul. Most likely when new long-haul aicraft arrive they will axe the lest profitable route among the slot-warmers and use those slots for a long-haul rotation.

  4. Anonymous15:31

    This news is on

  5. Anonymous15:41

    Sarajevo Sarajevo Star loves you.

  6. Very good news!

    Once a week is no problem because it is organized by a tour operator so a good load(even if it is A321)
    is guaranteed.

    O&D all the way!

    What are the frequencies of all those Turkish airlines actually in Sarajevo?
    TK and Pegasus...

    1. Pegasus only flies on a charter-basis to Sarajevo.

      Turkish will have 9 flights a week as of June 1st, whereas B&H Airlines has a daily flight to Istanbul.

      Beside that, Turkish also has a lot of Charter flights planned to Istanbul, under the numbers TK5401/5402.

    2. Thanks Bo!

  7. Anonymous19:26

    Wizzair will start fly to LJU again - London and Brussels :)

    1. Anonymous13:01

      Where did you get that info?for now it's official only that Wizzair will return to LJU, after the official meeting between companies of Ljubljana airport and Wizzair they will announce destinations.

    2. Anonymous13:02

      i missed out, after the press conference this monday :)

  8. PRAGuc23:44

    OT source also from the Iranian embassy in Belgrade. Iranian minister for transport came to Belgrade few weeks ago, they are planning to make a direct route to Belgrade, of course not cuz of the passengers but cuz they need to bypass the refueling ban (since the US embassy intervened not to let Iran air to tank the planes at BEG). We shall see..

    1. jasko00:27

      I would love to see that happen...
      but the old/new government already kicked the Iranians out once.
      After results of last vote i have no hope
      ( I adore Boris Tadic but have to admit that his government has no clue about aviation,economy or running a country).

    2. PRAGuc02:25

      Well, i dunno any further info, but the guy from the embassy told me that they are planning to do 2,3 flights per week, but frankly i doubt they will come to fruition. But he says that somehow they will allow refueling in BEG if they make a direct connection.

  9. Anonymous04:22

    The Serbian government has every right to refuse
    Iran Air to make a stop only for refueling.

    The whole procedure was in fact not only an embarassment to the airport but also to the passengers of those flights.
    During the refueling the passengers were not allowed to leave the plane...

    Imagine what would have happened in case of an emergency!

    The only way for Iran Air would be to make Belgrade an official destination.

    Let the passengers at first leave the plane...then refuel it...and only after that let the passengers embark!

    1. PRAGuc00:45

      Well i actually think they made Budapest work like that also, till BUD banned refueling.

    2. Anonymous10:14

      they still do refueling in LJU, with A310&A300.

  10. frequentflyer12:53

    A big aircraft to fill serving an airport only weekly! Let's hope its a success, i'm surprised more airlines haven't tried their hand at low-frequency routes to SJJ


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