Belgrade’s growth continues in April

No slowing down for Belgrade
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has recorded its 25th month of consecutive growth, as the airport looks to end the year with a record numbers of passengers. Serbia’s busiest hub welcomed 267.354 passengers, 27.072 more than the same month last year or an increase of 11.3%. The airport recorded a total of 3.627 flights departing and arriving, up 4.3%. During the first four months of the year Nikola Tesla Airport saw 871.564 passengers pass through its doors, which is 100.911 passengers more than the same period last year.

Growth in April was fuelled by Jat Airways which had an exceptional month passenger wise. In a statement the airport says, “In the following months we expect to see significant growth in traffic. We predict that this year almost 3.5 million passengers will be registered at Belgrade Airport. With the airport celebrating its 50th anniversary it will mark a historic record”. Belgrade Airport’s busiest year was 1987, considered the golden year of Yugoslav aviation. During that year, the airport welcomed 3.311.951 passengers.

At some stage during this month Belgrade will surpass the one million passenger mark. Commenting on recent news that the world’s largest aviation handling company, Swissport, will soon begin operations at Nikola Tesla, the airport says that it looks forward to more competition and that the arrival of the handling giant will fuel even more interest from foreign airlines. It adds that it has already revised its handling prices in order to compete. Airlines will have the choice between three handling companies at the airport. Besides Swissport, at hand will be Belgrade Airport handling as well as SU-PORT, which is a Jat subsidiary.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:18

    Korean Air with a flight today in Zagreb from around 1623 to 1805h. Returning to ICN as KE 9906

    1. Anonymous14:17

      A big plane on a tiny airport. So what? This is not a topic.

  2. Anonymous09:22

    Good news for Belgrade, I hope this positive trend continues.

    Jat's flight from Athens to Belgrade, operated by an Atr-72, had 16 people on the waiting list! Nice to see them defeat Olympic on the route, which had recently reduced their flights to 6/week.

  3. Anonymous11:23

    Dont forget LH's, TK's, SU's and AZ's A321s few days ago :)
    I think May 12 will be much better. And of course July and August will see the biggest pax growth like every year.
    Any news about new Jat planes? Whats happening with QRs approval for ESB-BEG sector on DOH flights?

  4. Anonymous15:14

    Lufthansa Destination of the week:
    Belgrade :)

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    "Explore the magnificent city of Belgrade, founded at the crossroads between eastern and western Europe. Experience the city’s long history by visiting the St. Sava Church, the biggest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world or the impressive Belgrade fortress.

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  5. According to the latest results, Belgrade will jump Sofia this year! Very nice, congratulation, go on! In a few years maybe even Budapest

    1. Anonymous19:55

      With the collapse of Malev we can expect passenger number at BUD to fall. Not only will they lose flights on Hainan Airlines and American Airlines (I believe Royal Jordanian too) but they will lose about 1.5 million in connecting passengers which were carried by Malev.

  6. Anonymous20:14

    When is Zagreb going to publish their numbers for March and April?

  7. Anonymous23:05

    Go, go BEG!!! ;o)
    According to my info, the record year @BEG indeed was 1987 but the record number of PAX was 3.404.665.
    All the best to BEG and am looking forward to see record breaking!

  8. Anonymous01:25


    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is actual news, I wasn't reading really carefully these past weeks, but anyways, you can finally book BEG via EK's website, including FZ leg. Unfortunately, you only get the pricing after you choose the flights and proceed to next step...

  9. Anonymous10:46

    BUD passenger traffic decreased with only around 13% in the last months (after Malev) therefore BEG has no chance to overtake it.

    1. Anonymous11:11

      No one said that they will do so in the next month, more like in the long run.

  10. Anonymous11:30

    In the long run.....yes 2025..woooow..Zagreb will reach faster Budapest pax numbers!
    Eu ili osmansko carsstvo birajte...

    1. Anonymous12:44

      No way. Budapest, as well as Belgrade, are much larger than Zagreb in terms of population, plus Hungary and Serbia are served by only one decent international airport, while Croatia has a few.

      The thing is, tourists are not flocking to Croatia to see Zagreb. This is why the increase in traffic can only come from ZAG bound pax, or OUs transit traffic. Having in mind that * boss Lufthansa flies all over Croatian coast, that is not very likely to happen... So, unfortunately, I cannot see how will ZAG profit from increased number of tourists in the Adriatic, not in a big way for sure. Croatia, sure, but Zagreb - I doubt it.


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