Crunch time for Adria

Privatisation nears
The Slovenian national carrier Adria Airways is expected to be privatised this year under a cloud of heavy financial losses, sliding passenger numbers and rising fuel prices. The tender call for the privatisation of Adria will be prepared by next month, according to a statement released by the airline. Rumours have circulated that both Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines have shown interest in Adria. However, similar speculation was made for other privatisation attempts of former Yugoslav carriers, all of which ultimately turned out to be false.

In the first quarter of the year, Adria Airways generated a loss of eight million euros. The airline’s CEO, Klemen Boštjačič, claims that the losses are at the same level as last year but adds that fuel prices have significantly increased over the past few months. Furthermore, Adria has been unable to either lease or sell two of its grounded aircraft as there is simply no interest on the market. The carrier has also reacted to Wizz Air’s new flights to Ljubljana. Adria says that while the public have blamed the airline for reducing the mobility and connectivity of Slovenians to the rest of the world, Wizz Air will launch flights on routes already operated by Adria (Brussels and London). The airline says that it is yet to make a decision whether to extend its seasonal flights to London throughout the year, but adds that Wizz Air’s arrival will be taken into account.

Meanwhile, Adria Airways Tehnika, the airline’s technical division which it sold to Ljubljana Airport as well as the state run PDP restructuring firm, have published an international call to offload their 100% holding of Tehnika. The maintenance company has been plagued by financial losses and further impacted by the loss of its second busiest customer, Spanair, which declared bankruptcy earlier in the year.


  1. Anonymous09:53

    Let's see how Adria understands mobility and connectivity:
    LJU-BRU 5.-9. 11. 2012
    Adria: 544,60
    Wizz: 68,98

  2. Anonymous10:45

    I'd blame the losses on Adria's price structure. Definitely the highest in the region. A flight from BEG to LJU can't be more expensive than BEG-FRA, while I've never seen a connection via LJU costing less than 300€.

  3. Anonymous11:00

    And Priština BRU (via Ljubljana) is less expensive than Ljubljana BRU. Same ticket class, same ticket conditions, same flight. Cant understand it. Adria you burning Slovenian taxpayers money giving nothing to us (that we are not in the Adria "mafa" structure) in return!

  4. Purger11:13

    A major brawl erupted this morning at ZAG in the check-in area between Serbs from Republika Srpska and a group of Croatian football fans from Dinamo flying to London. Out of 13 people involved 7 are injured, two seriously, one Dinamo fan and a local police officer. Those involved were put under arrest after medical examination, Croatian fan is still in hospital for head fracture.

    1. Anonymous11:53

      Stupid asking this, but what was the reason for fight?

  5. Purger12:52

    That information was not posted by me!

  6. Purger12:58

    According to witnesses, the Serbs were checking-in for the Amsterdam flight when someone from the fans shouted "Cetnici idete u Hag, mars iz Lijepe Nase". The Serbs were actually a junior judo group going for a competition. Unnecessary to tell what happened after...

    1. Anonymous15:23

      Ахахахахахха ето тако им и треба када се праве паметни.
      Ако што су их премлатили.

  7. Anonymous13:01

    I am sure the Serbs replied: "This matchbox terminal is too small for both of us" LOL.

  8. Anonymous13:21

    OMG. This has become insane. Kill the comments option forever.

  9. MonacoBavaria17:02

    I find this news interesting...from my standpoint of
    an airport employee(security)
    this is of importance!
    If this actually really happened...

    In busy summer time at Munich airport there are often brawls between passengers mostly for baggage after
    leaving the plane.
    We have order to call police even if we suspect
    that a brawl could happen.

    Often more than 200 passengers have to wait half a hour before first pieces of baggage come up!

    I have witnessed a lot of this.

  10. Purger00:40

    No one here heard about this incident and about any police officer of passengers in hospital.

    And please do not use my nick.

  11. Anonymous06:23

    Two Croats beat hell out of twenty two Serbs on Banja Luka airport this morning (celebrating bad weather - Storm), prior to boarding intercontinental flight to Morava airport.

    1. Anonymous10:10

      Будало необразована, интерконтинентални лет је између два континента. Последњи пут када сам проверио и Краљево и Бања Лука су били у Европи.

  12. Anonymous15:23

    It looks like there are children using the Internet without their parents supervision.

    It is time to grow up.


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