EX-YU carrier in eight years

EX-YU airlines agree on closer ties
Over the weekend the CEOs of Montenegro Airlines, Adria Airways, Jat Airways and Croatia Airlines met in Budva to discuss closer cooperation which could eventually lead to the merger of the national carriers. Montenegro Airlines CEO, Zoran Djurišić, says he expects the formation of single national carrier for the nations of the former Yugoslavia within the following five to eight years. “Before the breakup of Yugoslavia, the market counted some ten million travellers, of which seven million were carried by JAT and Adria while the rest by foreign airlines. Today we have a market of eleven million but only four million use these four national airlines”, Djurišić notes.

During the meeting the four sides agreed on closer cooperation. Also discussed was the implementation of a free skies agreement between the EX-YU countries, a fleet exchange plan and a unified approach on the international market through unified representation of all four airlines. Today, all four airlines will form task groups which will work on the abovementioned issues with the next meeting of the CEOs to take place in a month’s time.

Following the weekend meeting, Adria Airways CEO Klemen Boštjančič said, “We have agreed on how we can help each other. We will put in motion all of our decisions”. Jat Airways’ CEO, Vladimir Ognjenović, was also happy with the end result, “Through this cooperation all four airlines will benefit as well as passengers who will be able to get to their destination quicker and cheaper”. First on the agenda will be the creation of code share agreements. Ognjenović says the first results of the weekend meeting will be visible in less than a month. Members of the Serbian, Croatian and Montenegrin governments have shown support for some type of merger between the national carriers of the former Yugoslavia.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    All this sounds pretty vague. Fleet exchange plan? What exactly are they going to exchange? JAT's ancient 737s? Adria's thirsty CRJ200s? Croatia's few planes that aren't enough for their own needs, let alone anyone else's? Besides, with OU and JP being *A members, how can they share common representation with JU and YM?

    1. Anonymous13:09

      Don´t worry Vladimir,they will get together and exchanging fleet/fleet renewal will not be any problem further on. All involved people are not incompetent and nationalistic-more pragmatic i would say...

  2. frequentflyer13:27

    Haha, this is a joke, right??

    Not one of these politicians will be in a job in 8 years, let alone plan for something that far into the future!

    Most of those 'missing millions' (i'll leave the corruption and mentality arguments for another post) relate simply to:
    * numerous 'domestic' routes now classified 'international' (and overpriced in many situations)
    * lack of common market to re-open routes like daily DBV-SKP, LJU-DBV or BEG-MBX, and should I mention the elephant in the room (ZAG-BEG)?
    * a horrific war and millions of population leaving for Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Australia etc
    * pathetic economic situation at present

    There would have to be one 'big' player to call the shots, but there isn't anyone capable of it at present! And as for fleet harmonisation, I hope OU have called to take those 4 Q400s on option ASAP!

  3. Anonymous14:56

    Ridiculous. I'm sick and tired of this topic all and over again.

  4. Dispair16:11

    None of us is as dumb as all of us.

  5. Anonymous18:30

    What is the problem?
    All those airlines will be gone in eight years!

    Let us only hope that nobody saves them...

  6. Anonymous21:57

    wizzair and volotea will do the major business :)

  7. Nick Name05:19

    The big question is who will finance this Frankenstein monster that they create?

    I am sure the tax payers of each of the countries would be glad to subsidize it, after all they are all living rather well on their Government pensions.

    As far as I know the EU will not allow Slovenia and Craotia to finance a private airline that will compete with private airlines based in other EU countries.

    The only profit to be made from this venture is going to be by the various consultants who will get paid to say that it is a good idea which will be profitable only to them.

  8. Anonymous06:13

    Људи а зашто се палите? Сви знамо да од овог ничега неће бити.
    Шљам која руководи нашим ваздушним фирмама је отишла у Будву о трошку државе да руча и да се пролуфтира. Попричали су се, попили мало вина и то је било то.

    Нашли су се да покажу како су спремни да сарађују и шта год. То је све била једна лепа фасада иза које нема ничег.

    Мени је јако драго да од овог ничега неће бити. Уосталом сви знамо коју је цену платила Србија да створи Југославију и коју је цену платила 1990их. Нека хвала.

  9. Anonymous07:43

    LH is giving directions almost to all airliners in the region with help of Turkish Airlines more and more...

  10. Anonymous09:57

    Great idea! All these airlines merges under the name that we all recognize and know of, the oldest company in former YU. JAT ;-) Bratstvo i jedinstvo once again :-)

  11. Anonymous11:01

    No thanks for a balkan SAS, cooperation yes. Jat can easily survive as a national carrier for years,changing fleet a cutting down employes will not be a big obstacle further. within a couple of years Serbia will gain access to larger funds from Eu and slowly stand on its own legs.

  12. JU520 BEGLAX13:34

    in 8 years means in no years..... in Switzerland we say don t delay something u could/should do today....
    Balkans of course delays to the next 8 years.....
    their proverbs are why today if we can still do tomorrow or still do in 8 years?


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