Jat back to Malta

Soon in Malta
Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways has made a final decision to resume services to Malta, over a year after they were suspended when tensions in Libya broke out. While the return to Malta was previously announced for this summer, Jat decided against the move later on. However, tickets are now on sale with services to the island nation to operate on a seasonal basis. Malta has traditionally been a popular holiday destinations for Serbs, with the airline aiming to cash in from various tour packages which will be offered over the summer. Furthermore, Malta has a sizeable Serbian diaspora.

Flights to the island will be inaugurated on June 23 and will operate every Saturday with a Boeing 737-300 which will be in an all economy class layout. Services will be operated until September 15. Half of the seats on the aircraft are pre-reserved for tour operators. This summer Jat is introducing a range of seasonal flights. In addition to last year’s seasonal services to Girona, Ohrid and Dubrovnik, which will operate this summer as well, the airline will also launch flights to Pula, Split and London Gatwick. In June Jat will also inaugurate flights from Kraljevo Airport.

Services to Malta were previously operated as a triangle service, which included Tripoli with the routing Belgrade - Malta - Tripoli - Belgrade. Details regarding the new service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    Do we know which aircraft will have an all business class, that is the registration?

    Is it one of those that were parked or..?


  2. Anonymous18:06

    Whats happening with the lease of the B737-800s?

  3. Anonymous18:16

    It’s good news but I don’t understand how they will operate all of these flights with the current fleet.

    1. Anonymous18:33

      Well the flight to Malta is operated once a week so it is not that hard to find the extra capacity.
      Also, it seems to me that Jat will have one aircraft just for the charter flights. Which means they will use that aircraft for the service to Malta.

  4. Anonymous19:44

    Since when Jat have an aircarft with all economy configuration except ATR.Really strange i know thaf cabin is divided in two class configuration.Btw cograts for resuming flight to malta :-)

    1. Anonymous20:05

      They just take out the business section when they fly to these holiday destinations. I know Girona will also be all economy.

    2. Anonymous21:04

      That is not true, until this year Jat operated flights to holiday destinations with business class seats.
      This is the first year that they will have their own aircraft confidured in an all business class configuration.

  5. Anonymous21:21

    I flew with JU in summer 2010 to Monastir and it was all economy.

  6. KOKO22:00

    Unbelieveable how much Jat is making out of what they have...

    If they only could replace their ten 733 with A320 and E195!

  7. Anonymous11:49


    There is no doubts. Secret is in Serbian budget. They are sponsor of this "success". Same as in other exYu.

    1. KOKO17:11

      but they are not sponsoring new aircraft as governments of Croatia,Slovenia or
      Montenegro are doing.

      And these cost a lot of taxpayers money!

      Also i am very impressed by the deal Jat made with KLM...in fact they have the monopoly
      on the Amsterdam-Belgrade route!

      By switching their codeshare from LH to KLM,
      Jat showed the Germans the middle finger...

      a lot of transfer pax are now lost what you can see by the fact that LH regularly has to downgrade their ac to Belgrade.


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