Jat sees big April surge

All smiles as Jat records significant growth
Jat Airways has posted impressive growth for the fourth month of the year. In April, Jat welcomed 107.555 passengers, a notable increase of 21% compared to the same month last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 78%, an eight point boost. The Serbian national carrier saw a large amount of transit passengers from the United States, Canada and Australia, filling up its flights from London Heathrow, Amsterdam, Rome and Frankfurt. As a result, passenger numbers on Euro Mediterranean services surged 23%. Despite operating the same amount of charter flights as in April 2011, passenger numbers increased 41%. The positive trend was also felt on flights to and from Montenegro as the airline welcomed 6% more passengers than last year.

In the first four months of the year a total of 328.121 passengers boarded Jat’s aircraft. Compared to the same period last year, figures have improved by 7%. The cabin occupancy rate for the first four months averaged at 68%, which is eight points up on last year. The positive figures were recorded despite a 3% slump in the number of operated flights.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866
FEB62.289 963
MAR83.369 468


  1. if jat flies to thessaloniki, tel aviv, stuttgart (sharing it with germanwings), why not to barcelona, manchester, lyon and prague? there is serbian diaspora too.. 2 flights per week would be quite enough for these 4 big cities very popular also for serbian tourists. thanx

  2. Anonymous11:25

    I am surprised that Wizz hasn't started Prague route yet, I know they have no another aircraft, but theu can always do with some destinations what they did with Eindhoven, use the aircraft based there, the same thing with Budapest, etc....

    As for Jat, well done and congratulations.

  3. Anonymous11:36

    Great for Jat! A bit improved service could also bring some more passengers!

    1. Anonymous18:03

      and some new aircraft and more younger cabin crew

  4. Anonymous11:36

    Because of lack of airplanes JAT cancelled many regular flights in June, for instance to LGW,BER,MXP,ZRH,CDG,ARN,STR,CPH,BRU....Disappointing...Charter flights are more important....

  5. Anonymous13:10

    During all mentioned months JAT Airways has continual campaign with promotive prices. I don't think it would be good for their financials, sorry, for Serbian gov budget :) But it looks impressive!

  6. Anonymous13:11

    Where does it say they are cancelling these services...?

  7. frequentflyer13:26

    Predicting success based on load factors and pax numbers is dangerous, irrespective of which airline is shown in the day's figures!

    What is interesting in JUs case is that they've had these increases in numbers using the same fleet constantly speculated to be replaced, and with all the government interference!

    PS off-topic: SU to operate daily SU9s to ZAG this winter period (replacing 5-weekly 319s). An interesting move from seats perspective (less J, possible reaction to OUs MOW announcement?), but just how safe is this aircraft given the crash a few days ago in Indonesia???

    1. Anonymous23:59

      You're absolutely right, I could buy BMWs from Germany and sell them at a personal (corporate) loss of 10k Euros each. In no time I will become the "biggest" BMW dealer in the region as I am cheaper than any other professional car dealership that is trying to turn a profit out of selling BMWs. Does that mean that because I sell most cars (in Jat Airways' case, seats) I am also the most successful business? Would anyone out there like to buy shares from my company since I am the "biggest" BMW car dealership in the region?

    2. Anonymous01:40

      Very good comparison!

  8. Anonymous20:42

    Today Belgrade saw two flights from TK to Istanbul.
    The evening flight was 737-800 and the morning flight 737-(?).
    Does anybody know which version of 737?

    1. Anonymous23:13


    2. Anonymous01:38

      Thank you for the info my friend!
      : D

    3. Anonymous03:19

      u r welcome ;) :*

    4. Anonymous07:11

      TK uses on line LDZA to IST 737-900 ER


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