Morava Airport ready for flights

New airport to open soon
Construction of the passenger terminal at Kraljevo’s Morava Airport has been completed. Final work is being carried out on the aprons and taxiways before the first commercial flight takes off from the airport later next month. Equipment such as security scanners are to be installed within the next weeks when the building will officially be granted an operating license. With this, the first phase of the project will have been completed. The second phase, which should begin immediately afterwards, will see the lengthening of the runway by 300 metre in order to accommodate larger aircraft. Currently, the airport can handle one aircraft at a time. During the second phase the apron will also be extended so it can handle more aircraft at the same time.

The construction of Morava Airport began in 2011 with work on a new control tower and access roads. The airport is being shared with the Ladjevci military air base, which will receive a new jet hanger as the second phase of the airport project progresses. Within a month the airport will also receive new international codes. The ICAO identifier will be changed from LYKV to LYMO. The first flights from Morava Airport will take off in June, with Jat Airways to operate two weekly flights to Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

According to Serbia’s transport development strategy, the next airport to be converted from military into commercial use will be Batajnica Airport in Belgrade. Batajnica would be used as an alternative for low cost airlines operating to the Serbian capital. The airport recently received a new control tower, has two runways and is well connected to the city with a rail link. The first aircraft to land at Batajnica Airport is expected in late 2016 according to the current development plan.


  1. Anonymous09:22

    The airport looks nice. Lets hope that it manages to attract some passengers. I can see it become something like Mostar, attracting a certain number of charter flights.
    Maybe some winter charter flights for those heading to the mountains.

    I wonder if it would be wise for Jat to sign a code-share agreement with Turkish Airlines for this route.

    However, I still do not see why wouldn't Jat introduce two weekly flights from Belgrade to Sabiha in Istanbul. Anyway, this route will be mostly for the O&D market so why not aim for the cheaper airport.
    Keep the frequencies to IST as they are but use the Atr-72 on the Sabiha route. One, it is less congested and two, the charges are less than at IST. Something like they did with their London frequencies. If they really want they can sign an agreement with Pegasus in Sabiha.

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    2. If JAT codeshares with Turkish, (which they should & will) and the flight times allow for decent connections to most popular destinations (primarily North America) few extra euros for airport tax would be acceptable. Also, connection to Dubai would be a popular one.In general, it's better to fly extra 2.5 hours each way via IST then to drive the same 2.5 hours to/from BEG. If you price in the gasoline and someone's time to pick you up and drop you off at BEG, you end up with the same proposition. Pegasus is great, but I would give a slight advantage to Turkish solely for their North America network. As an illustration, total flight time ORD-BEG is 11h51m via FRA and 13h55m via IST. Price is virtually the same (20/06/12-27/06/12).

      Plus, Turkish government may have something against tie-up with Pegasus as it still owns 49% of Turkish and they are investing 10 million euros for Morava airport.

    3. Doot12:01

      I would LOVE it if someone flew from Serbia to Sabiha. I might even take a bus to Kraljevo for that.

      It can take over 2 hours in rush-hour to get from main Istanbul airport to the Asian side during rush hour.

      I'd gladly drive instead to Kraljevo for a cheaper flight, then arrive closer to my destination in on the south side of Istanbul

  2. Anonymous10:28

    great news, but i would be more happy if jat has announced few routes: 2w dus, 2w fco, 2w muc, 2w zrh, 2w gtw, 2w mxp and 2w saw. it needs only 1 atr which would be very busy, i mean 2 flights per day. i really think that jat can have 120 pax weekly to london, istanbul, munchen, rome, dusseldorf, milan and zurich from kraljevo, kragujevac, cacak, uzice, novi pazar and krusevac.

    1. Anonymous10:36

      Yes but Jat would not be able to fly the route with the Atr-72, it is too slow and it doesnt have the reach.
      For it an E-170 or a Dash-8 would be much better.

    2. Anonymous11:19

      Jat doesn't need E170/Dash-8, it needs a managment with a brain.

    3. Anonymous11:25

      On that note really wondering which party will get Jat now after the elections. Will DS keep it or will it go to SPS.

    4. Anonymous13:31

      Well in case that DS forms the government, things are not that rosy for them now ;)

  3. KOKO16:21

    Would it make sense for JP to switch their Torino flights from Belgrade to Kraljevo?

    I have read those flights are for FIAT employees involved in the new production line in Kragujevac City..?

    1. Anonymous16:56

      I read an interview recently with Adria’s sales manager for Serbia and he said that upon the request of the Italians they will continue to fly from Torino to Belgrade and not Kraljevo.

  4. Anonymous17:56

    I would truly and with all my heart like this and all other airports in Serbia to be success but... So far, construction works @LYKV are doing fine but the airport operator still hasn't been chosen. If state wants to establish scheduled commercial flights someone will have to run the airport. No one yet is chosen. Would it be under local authority, like Niš or would it be under state authority, like BEG? Maybe the Turks will involve (TAV is already running SKP & OHD).
    AT7 can make it to IST, it does from BEG why wouldn't it from LYKV?
    If LYBT would be converted for LCC, charter & genavi flights this would be a great success for Belgrade.
    Additionally, if LYNS would be adjusted but in better manner than those child proposal (if you are already constructing new building I think this should be something modern, not those bar-shaped buildings) this would also be great.
    But single question raises: where would all those airports find customers and passengers? I truly wish I'm wrong!

    1. Anonymous18:53

      To run this airport will not be a big problem,gov. of Serbia would never have buildt this airport if it was not in their or others you think the neootomans just cashed up 10 mil eur like that??!!.
      Serbia,Jat should create a regional airline for intra Serbia and region routes..

    2. Rodney Marinkovic15:27

      Dobra ideja o formiranju intra Srbija avio-saob-
      racaja sa malim avionima do 50 putnika pa lete- ti u mrezi buducih domacih/regionalnih aerodroma
      u buducnosti jos i Bora i Novog Sada.Operacije na svim navedenim aerodromima i potpuni menadz-
      ment na svima bih trebao da vode profesionalne kompanije na bazi kontrakta.Niposto uprava nebi
      trebalo da vodi drzava ni lokalna uprava, ni partija ni partije.Pod njihovom upravom to bi bil birokratija i nikada ostvarljivo.Trenutno zbog ekonomskog statusa Srbije ovo nije moguce ali u srednjoj buducnosti je moguce.U svetu sam i sam radio u ovoj oblasti pa sam i cesnik i svedok takvog iskustva.Druga je prica sto ovde u Srbiji se gotovo uvek govori "ovde to nemoze"
      zato sto je Srbija???.Moze samo sto ideoloski nacin dominira ovim narodom kome i ja pripadam.
      Bezvolnost je maka bespomocnosti.
      Rodney Marinkovic,Aircraft Mechanical Engineer

  5. Anonymous09:48

    If this airport ever has success, it might "steal" some of Nikola Tesla's (BEG) traffic bearing the fact that it's the country's only main international airport (excl. INI). If the airport taxes are attractive, they can even try and negotiate with Ryanair - they simply love airports like this. Don't think an international leading airline would head to Kraljevo Airport but logically it'd choose Nikola Tesla. Good luck with the debut flights!


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