Mostar’s time to shine

Records broken in Mostar
It has been a week of celebrations at Mostar Airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On April 27, Mostar broke its all time record by handling 2.500 passengers in a single day. The Directorate of Civil Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina tells EX-YU aviation news that this is the largest amount of passengers the airport has welcomed within 24 hours since it opened its doors in 1965. The month of April itself saw 9.169 passengers, a post war record. Compared to the same month last year, Mostar saw a 318.1% passenger increase.

The results are even more remarkable when it is taken into account that Mostar does not have any scheduled flights. All passengers arriving and departing Mostar do so on charter flights, the vast majority being pilgrims visiting the Medjugorje sight. Most passengers this summer are arriving on numerous flights from Italy. The positive trend is continuing in May as well.

Mostar Airport was opened for domestic flights in 1965 with links to Belgrade and Zagreb. International flights from the airport were launched In 1984, in time for the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. Last year, Mostar was Bosnia’s second busiest airport behind Sarajevo, handling a total of 36.807 passengers.


  1. Anonymous12:04

    Good news and nice to see some good news coming from Bosnia. All the best to all the airports in BiH.

    1. Anonymous12:23

      Yes, thanks God for some good news1 Really nice to see and hear that! Lets hope for more charters and maybe one or two scheduled flights.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX12:08

    OT: another 2 A321 today in BEG (TK AZ)

    LX operates also 2 A320 today and tmrw to BEG

    1. Anonymous15:36

      And tomorrow there is an odd flight to TLV via LCA departing BEG at 08:20.
      It must be a charter flight as there is nothing of that sort on JU's website.

  3. Doot14:53

    Medjugorije - most successful scam on earth

    1. Anonymous15:32

      Yes, we know, you keep on repeating that.

  4. Anonymous14:46

    Does anyone know where to buy tickets for Mostar? Where do the flights come from?


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