Summer strike at Croatia Airlines

Unhappy employees on strike from June 1
Croatia Airlines pilots, cabin crew, airline technicians and the “Novi sindikat” union plan to go on strike on June 1, the second time this year. Workers are unhappy that they haven’t negotiated the terms of their new collective agreements and have lost many benefits. The unions add that the strike will last until all of their demands are met. The industrial action will come at a sensitive time for the national carrier, at the start of busy summer holiday season when the airline carries the majority of its passengers.

“The situation inside the company is bad. There has been no communication between employees and the management for months. For the first time in history we have entered the summer season without a collective agreement. Many are looking for work elsewhere and pilots have begun applying for jobs in other companies”, the Union of Croatian Pilots says in a statement. In a scathing attack directed at the management and government, the union further notes that the company hasn’t negotiated charter flights for the summer and is unprepared to compete against Qatar Airways.

The four abovementioned unions held a 24 hour strike on March 8, disrupting many flights. Part of the problem lies in the fact that Croatia Airlines has an outgoing management and board while a new one is yet to be officially named. Furthermore, unions claim that they cannot get into contact with the new Mister for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure in the Croatian government, Siniša Hajdaš-Dončić. Croatia Airlines has seen its passenger numbers slump this year although has so far managed keep its losses steady at the same amount as 2011.


  1. Anonymous09:03

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  2. Anonymous16:49

    on strike, again?!! :) maybe OU should just stay grounded over the summer season.or is their plan to come close to reliability of companies like AZ, IB,..? :)

  3. Anonymous16:58

    And this company wants to lead the new EX-YU consortium? Haha....clean in front of your house first!

  4. Anonymous17:52

    JP and YM employees should follow path of the leading airline of the region and also declare strike!

  5. Anonymous18:46

    Great. I’m travelling with them from LHR on JUN 2. Hopefully they will solve this mess before then.

  6. Anonymous20:29

    Oh, it is good that I booked Adria from LJU instead of OU from ZAG. This way I will fly!

  7. Anonymous21:25 where are you???? We need your gr8 prices and services in Slovenia! JP should be sold to OU with all debts and then we need new players on our ground!the promo prices with taxes only 9 EUR! come on!

  8. Purger21:53

    Most of seats on Qatar flights Doha-Budapest-Zagreb and back are passengers to Budapest. It is hard to buy ticket from Doha to Zagreb. Only tickets that you can buy are those on Zagreb-Budapest leg. So flights from and to Doha are around 100% full. Very soon they will open direct flight. That is information from inside.

  9. Anonymous22:01

    Wow !
    Nice to hear that Purger !

    I am very surprised that BUD attracts so many passengers on leg Hungary not stuck in deep economic crisis ?

    Or have they actually found oil there ?
    LOL !


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