Twenty years in the making

Split - Belgrade flights commence tomorrow
Excitement is building ahead of the first commercial flight between Split and Belgrade in over twenty years which will take to the skies tomorrow, June 1. Croatia Airlines will have the honour of operating the first flights between the two cities, twice per week, every Monday and Friday. Services will be carried out with the 76 seat Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. In just over a month, on July 3, the Serbian national carrier, Jat Airways, will compete against its Croatian counterpart on the route with another two weekly flights. So far, booking numbers have been strong for both.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is preparing ahead of the arrival tomorrow. Television crew and local officials will attend the arrival ceremony. Meanwhile, the fire department is rehearsing the water cannon salute for when the jet taxis towards the gate (as can be seen in the video below). The last flight to operate between Split and Belgrade was on August 6, 1991 as JAT Yugoslav Airlines flew for a final time on what was then still a domestic service.

This Saturday, Jat will resume flights from Belgrade to Pula. On June 15, the Serbian carrier will also resume flights to Dubrovnik, its third destination in Croatia. The two countries will see the most flights between one and other since the dissolution of Yugoslavia. This summer, “aviation diplomacy” will serve as another tool towards reconciliation between the two countries.

EX-YU aviation news will have insight on the exact passenger numbers for each of the abovementioned flights and will publish them in the days to come.

RouteAirlineLaunch date
Split - BelgradeCroatia Airlines01.06.2012
Belgrade - PulaJat Airways02.06.2012
Belgrade - DubrovnikJat Airways15.06.2012
Belgrade - SplitJat Airways03.07.2012


  1. Anonymous09:07

    congrats! where are flights DBV-LJU???

  2. Adria operates as charter flt

    1. Anonymous22:51

      really? where can it booked?

  3. great, hope these flights will be full all the summer.. and also hope this would be all year round line..

  4. Anonymous10:04

    I'll be on the plane, can't wait!

  5. Anonymous11:52

    Congrats and a big welcome for Croatia Airlines to Belgrade!

  6. Anonymous12:06

    My friend was flying few days ago from Zagreb to Doha nad back with QR and she says that flight was full from ZAG(economy class, she didn't see bussiness) and that servise is great, one of the best she had ever seen and she travels a lot.

    1. Anonymous13:53

      So, no pax from BUD at all?

    2. Anonymous14:03

      BUD is no match for ZAG, you didn't knew that...?

    3. Anonymous15:43

      Nice to hear!
      By meaning of full i assume that all passengers who boarded in ZAG continued to Doha?!

      I doubt that many people will ffly only Budapest because of the price,
      but that is also not the intention QR has with that flight.

      I think this flights are a success...
      there are not much better in ZAG.

      Excuse my bad English.

    4. Anonymous15:44

      I'll ask her, but she told me that it was full.

    5. Anonymous19:21

      She send me this:
      ZG-BUD – cca 70 putnika,

      BUD-DOH – pun

      DOH-BUD – krcat i bussines

      BUD-ZAG – 50-70 putnika

    6. Anonymous14:09

      This sounds about right. Might be even sustainable to separate flights and make them both direct to DOH, but 3-4 weekly instead of daily. What would you prefer? Daily connections and having an option to fly to BUD, or direct flight to Doha?

    7. Anonymous19:40

      Of course direct flights.

      Three times a week would be for the beginning very good!

      But of course flying via BUD is better than nothing...

  7. Anonymous13:25

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    1. Anonymous15:19

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Anonymous15:46

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Just booked my ticket for Monday. 167€ return on Expedia. Not the cheapest option but better than 12 hours on a bus. :))

  9. Purger16:12

    Not true that there are no passengers on ZAG-BUD leg. I just booked ZAG-BUD-ZAG Friday 8th June / Monday 11th June for only 123,76 EUR! For that price you can buy ticket for any day in next few weeks.

  10. Anonymous17:42

    You guys need to live together, it was just a question of time. We are happy to see from Hungary that things are improving, hope it is just the first example of other "intra-ex-yu" flights happening soon.

    1. Dear Hungarian friend, thanks very much for your advise about living together.

      Let me be so polite, and return an advise in exchange : maybie you are too young to remember how nice it was to live together within ex-Soviet Union and their ex-colonies (Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria,Slovakia...) Well, maybie you guys from those countries need to live together, too, and to co-operate more and further, in all fields, in order to improve things, which are, as far as I know, far from being brilliant.

      Especially in aviation. Following your story on this field with your MALEV, I guess you must be "right" advising us ("us" meaning primitive underdeveloped balkanian tribes)

    2. Anonymous06:23

      I did not understand your point (I am from ex-yu region) but hopefully our blog friend from Hungary does! Cheers

    3. Anonymous10:12

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous08:44

    @ pozdrav iz Rijeke: there are dozens of flights every day between Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and having one after 22 years does not make it to the news. (Not to mention other obvious differences showing that we could always live together while you were busy with other kind of activities against each other...).
    Furthermore Malev's demise is just a very good sign and a big step of improvement towards a better future of aviation without loss-making, subsidized airlines inherited from the old times.

    1. Anonymous10:04

      Could you please inform yourself on the demise of malev before preaching around forums?
      Malev's demise was not brought up because the airline was badly run, it was a series of controversial steps taken by the current CEO of Wizz Air, Jozsef Varadi.

    2. Anonymous10:59

      Malev was a sh@it company with horrible losses (paid by taxpayers), low load factors, amateur management (appointed by politicians), overpaid crew, 3500! employees for 22 aircraft etc. etc.

    3. There are dozens of flights every day between capitals, and not only capitals, of all ex-yu republics. This is the list :

      LJU - BEG - LJU
      LJU - SJJ - LJU
      LJU - PRN - LJU
      LJU - SKP - LJU
      ZAG - SJJ - ZAG
      ZAG - PRN - ZAG
      ZAG - TGD - ZAG
      ZAG - SKP - ZAG
      BEG - PUY - BEG
      BEG - SPU - BEG
      BEG - DBV - BEG
      BEG - SJJ - BEG
      BEG - TGD - BEG
      BEG - TVT - BEG
      BEG - SKP - BEG
      BEG - OHD - BEG

      Therefore, "having one after 22 years does not make it to the news".

      Even more, does not make it worth commenting, especially not from someone who did not live here, and had no slightest a idea of what was really happening in ex-yu.

      The fact that you didn't react to description of "us" as "primitive underdeveloped balkanian tribes", and even more, went further saying that "we were busy with other kind of activities against which other, and you did react to other parts of my post, says it all.

      But what else to expect from someone who calls closure of an airline "very good sign and a big step of improvement in aviation".

    4. Anonymous16:43

      Man you need to take a chill pill.

      All our Hungarian neighbour said was good luck, in the sense that this flight may help to lead to more and more normal relations in ex-YU. I don't think he had any other (read: renewing Yugoslavia) intentions.

      Anyway, most of your comments posted here are positive, your reaction surprised me.

      Charlie --

  12. Anonymous12:21

    Anyway, non of the countries can survive without neighbours including both Serbia and Croatia.

    1. Of course. If only we could have more flights between all ex-yu airports, in all ex-republics, on flag carriers, LCC's, transit&transfer pax, O&D's , on short-haul, long-haul, seasonal, all-year-round, scheduled, charter, cargo...

      I'm far from being nationalistic idiot and I'm in favour of close co-operation between neighbours, but what I really can't stand is being treated as a lower species by someone who is the same as I am, and maybie even not as good as I am and who prefers collective labeling to individual act...

    2. Anonymous04:16

      You either has aninferiority complex or persecution complex. Maybe both. Or you just need enemies to live your life. I never said you are nationalistic. An idiot? Hmm...

      I had no other intentions with my comments than wishing good luck. Some people here managed to understand that. Anyways, it seems that I have the same level of knowledge about your matters than you have about Malev (= not the slightest clue).

    3. Once again you don't comments FACTS ABOUT AVIATION I've stated in my reply to you. Instead, you comment on my mental health. Maybie you are a medical doctor, and civil aviation is just your hobby?

      And yes, Doc, I'm full of complexes, actually it's not only these 2 you mentioned, I have much much more, you can't even imagine the number. And I'm trying to cure and treat them by hanging on Hungarian forums and giving advises to my neighbours what to do and to wish them luck.

      This will be my last reply to you, I have absolutely no intention to communicate anymore with a person like you.

  13. Anonymous13:09

    Oh Purger i see you hurried up to fly on QR to BUD before they axe the line :) We're disappointed however cause we understood you're a world traveler so we would have expected from you to go Zag-BUD-DOH-EZE/NRT but i guess BUD is all you could afford and still claim to have flown QR... I think Zag-BUD is the shortest route they operate.

  14. frequentflyer13:50

    Good on them for operating this flight and lets hope it is not only successful, but run in the long term!

    But the frequencies are a joke on all the Adriatic routes irrespective of which airline runs them!

  15. Anonymous20:26

    Today SPU-BEG 33 PAX, BEG-SPU 58 PAX.


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