Wizz Air back in Ljubljana

Soon in Ljubljana
The low cost airline Wizz Air has announced that it will be returning to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. At a press conference tomorrow, the no frills airline will provide more information regarding the new services. The conference will be attended by Wizz Air CEO, József Váradi, and the General Director of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Zmago Skobir. The press conference begins at 13.00 CET. Wizz Air flew to Ljubljana back in 2006 from London and Brussels. However, like other low cost airlines which launched flights to Slovenia following the country’s European Union accession, it failed to attract many passengers as Adria Airways proved dominant on most routes.

Ljubljana Airport is trying to fill in the void left by the suspension of several key routes by the Slovenian national carrier late last year. The airport has been explicit in trying to win over several low cost airlines although earlier in the year admitted that talks with Ryanair have broken down. In the first quarter, passenger numbers at Ljubljana declined 3.7% compared to the same period last year.

Slovenia will become the fourth country in the former Yugoslavia to which Wizz Air will offer flights from. The low cost airline has a base in Serbia, operates flights from Treviso and London to the Macedonian capital and maintains a seasonal summer service to Split in Croatia. The airline intended to launch flights to Sarajevo, however, terms between the two sides could not be agreed upon. The airline is expected to expand in the following years with 121 jets on order.


  1. Anonymous10:24

    Great news! will be interesting to see to which destinations wizz will operate.i just hope that this time Adria doesn't start with their nasty games which already was the case- when also SN Brussels airline joined StarA., they started to fly to LJU too, offering tickets with very affordable prices, so Wizz pulled out, then JP&SN had an agreement which resulted in JP's monopoly again.about London it was quite obvius Wizz pulled out, as JP flew to LGW, U2 flies to STN, and Wizz flew to Luton, so 3 airlines serving basically the same route. and Wizz is known for not liking too much competition :)

  2. Good to see more competition. It will be interesting to see Adria and Wizzair head-to-head from Luton. Just as in case of Zagreb, it seems that three airlines flying from/to London is not a crowd and,in this case, none of them is counting on connecting passengers.

  3. Anonymous11:03

    I can see them flying London and Brussels which just brings competition to existing routes, not opening up new routes. They should fly to Scandinavia, Italy and Spain.

  4. Anonymous11:57

    London LTN will be fine, especially because Adria is flying seasonally, so winter months will be good, and Adria won't even bother to re-start it next summer. I agree they should start routes they do not exist from LJU as they should do with BEG (if they ever get permission for the 2nd aircraft). I have flown with Wizzair several times and the are not that bad at all, their luggage allowance (once you have purchased check in luggage) is very generous and people flying from London very often choose Wizzair over Easyjet or Rynair because of this.


  5. Anonymous11:59

    RIP Adria

    1. Anonymous16:24

      at least 50 mio EUR to late!

  6. Anonymous13:08

    Rome FCO and Madrid would be good options.

  7. Anonymous13:43

    Milano, Madrid, Barcelona and seasonal to Lissabon!!! kip the fingers crossed!

  8. Anonymous13:44

    Are we doing something to connect St.Petersburg with Ljubljana???? Anyone knows? Some project with Rusline?

  9. Anonymous18:08

    So Wizzair comes back despite Easyjet presence?
    Which was the reason for leaving the last time.

    And BA comes back to Zagreb although there is
    OU and ...Easyjet.

    Let us hope that Easyjet has no plans to dump Zagreb and Ljubljana at all...
    Easyjet actually never had a clear strategy for LJU and ZAG.
    Both routes to Paris cancelled...Dortmund next.
    LJU to Milan never realized...

  10. Anonymous19:48

    There is a desperate need for LJU-BRU (South) flights.

  11. Anonymous08:13

    well what happened with fairytale from Ljubljana to Milano, Madrid, Oslo.... and now we are just adding flights to exsisting destinations..??

  12. frequentflyer13:30

    W6 must have got one hell-of-a-deal from LJU to start these flights...

    The big question: will we see JP finally fight back?

  13. Anonymous14:24

    Already on Wizz web page.flights will start with the beginning of the winter season, London Luton 3 weekly and Brussels Charleroi 2 weekly.

  14. Anonymous14:25

    where are new destinations? this is crazy!

  15. Anonymous14:28

    Wizzair could fulfill not realized plan of JP to fly to Buchurest and Sofia! Summertimetable: Ibiza,Barcelona and Valencia or Madrid. And again who will start to fly to St. Peterburg!???


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