Zagreb numbers take a hit

Passenger numbers decrease at Zagreb Airport
Zagreb Airport has recorded its fifth consecutive month of sliding passenger numbers. However, the good news is that the rate of decline has slowed. In April, Croatia’s busiest airport welcomed 187.974 passengers, down 1.6% compared to last year’s 191.032. The figure can be explained by the sharp fall in the number of operated flights. There were a total of 3.292 departures and arrivals, a decrease of 10.3%. Zagreb has lost two airlines this year - Malev and Spanair, while easyJet discontinued its Dortmund flights. On the other hand, the airport has attracted new arrivals such as Qatar Airways and British Airways, with the latter expected to launch services during the winter.

In the first four months of the year, Zagreb Airport welcomed 590.564 passengers, down just over 4% compared to last year. Most airports across the country saw a record breaking 2011. Croatia’s second busiest airport, Split, has also seen its numbers decrease by over 5% this year while Dubrovnik has recorded a moderate increase of just over 2%. On the other hand, Osijek Airport, which is suffering both financial and managerial problems, has felt the full impact of Ryanair’s pull out. Numbers have so far plunged over 90% on last year. After a disastrous few years, Rijeka is back reporting strong figures.

Later on in the month April results for all of Croatia’s airports will be published. Visit tomorrow to read what went down at the meeting between the CEOs of the national carriers of the former Yugoslavia, which was held in Budva. The topic at hand was closer cooperation with discussion of a possible merger.


  1. Anonymous11:17

    I am sorry for the off topic question, but I must ask admin or anybody else - do you know the exact location of the old Belgrade airport? I saw the photo in the right top corner of the blog and it seems that the runway was near the Opstina Novi Beograd square. Where was the terminal building?
    Tnx in advance!

    1. Anonymous11:30

      Ако се не варам аеродром је био на западној граници Новог Београда код Тошиног Бунара. Данас је само стари хангар и можда још која зграда.

    2. Anonymous11:31

      da, za to i ja znam. ali obrati paznju na fotografiju. cini se da je pista na mestu sadasnjeg novog merkatora i crkve preko puta. to je prakticno na 300-400 metara od opstine nbg :)

    3. Anonymous11:51

      Могуће, можда ако неко има више информација може да потврди твоју теорију. Штета што нису сачували то као музеј.

    4. Anonymous12:02

      slika govori vise od reci :) mozda nesto vise moze admin da nam kaze? :)

    5. Anonymous12:19

      Kad smo kod slika, možda ovo može da pomogne:



    6. Anonymous12:48

      wow, hvala za linkove! nisam znao da postoje ovolike slike! ;)
      sudeci po ove dve mape, i po poziciji aerodroma, avion na slici sa bloga zapravo taxira ka juznoj pisti.. bar bih tako zakljucio :)

    7. Anonymous12:51

      zapravo, ne ka juznoj (navika zbog BEG), vec ka severoistocnoj pisti, koja je pocinjala na izlazu iz oml.brigada na autoput :)

  2. Anonymous19:02

    "On the other hand, Osijek Airport, which is suffering both financial and managerial problems, has felt the full impact of Ryanair’s pull out."

    EVERYONE HAS ALWAYS THE WORST TO SAY ABOUT RYANAIR, there you go, I strongly believe that is better with Ryanair and their terms and to see passengers going through rather than empty wasted airport(s). While Ryanair was operating flights from/to OSI, that airport was on the map of the world's airport, now nothing! Look at RJK, ZAD, PUY.....

  3. frequentflyer14:31

    Not that bad in the grand sceme of things: big reduction in flights and capacity, poor European economy, demise of MA all factors.

    New QR and BA flights this year will prove winners, and expect the numbers to end roughly where they finished last year despite this slow start.


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