Adria on sale this summer

Adria tender expected in July
Adria Airways is likely to be put up for privatisation early next month. On June 29, the government will discuss about the current state of the Slovenian national carrier and will review the work of the airline’s privatisation advisor. A tender call is expected to be announced soon after. Over the past few years Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and even Lufthansa have been rumoured as potential investors, however all seem to have interests elsewhere. Turkish Airlines is already experiencing problems in the region with its 49% stake in B&H Airlines and is eyeing LOT Polish Airlines, which will be put up for sale later on in the year. Qatar Airways ruled out any interest in Adria late last year and has had bad experience in Europe when it tried to negotiate an unsuccessful takeover of the now defunct Spanair. Lufthansa on the other hand is trying either sell off or restructure its recent acquisitions in Europe.

The amount of shares the Slovenian government is prepared to sell is still unknown. Such questions are expected to be answered on June 29. Adria could be attractive to potential investors due to its strong regional network and absolute home market domination. On the other hand, its weaknesses are its accumulated debt and a potentially complicated relationship with the government and workers unions.

The CEO of Adria Airways, Klemen Boštjačič, has said that if the privatisation process fails, the airline will look at merging with the carrier’s of the former Yugoslavia. Yesterday, the Croatian and Slovenian ministers in charge of transport met to discuss possible future cooperation between Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways. The meeting comes days after the Croatian Minister for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Siniša Hajdaš Dončić, announced a possible merger between the two carriers.

Do you think Adria Airways will be privatised this year and who do you think are the possible potential investors? Send a comment.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    They can have a massive regional network but it is useless as it is being far from a profitable one.
    Adria is jsut a pretty building with a nice facade but rotten foundation. What is the point of having a pretty building if it is about to collapse any day now.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    OU 336 Split Gate A5 Dash 8.

    They could have put them on the C gates at least. They are much nicer than the ghetto ones in the A section.

    1. Anonymous10:34

      They leave via the stairs from the Q400 so it doesn’t matter if it’s at C or A. They go directly to passport control.

    2. Anonymous10:42

      Yeah but what about those who have to board the flight?
      The A zone is disgusting to say the least.

    3. Anonymous10:45

      A zone is currently being renovated. C is nothing better. They just have glass air bridges. At least in the A zone you have that entire duty free area which is renovated.

    4. Anonymous11:33

      I don't think Croats deserve better than A area. Personally i would have put them at area B or A9-A10 (where usually little aircraft go).

    5. Anonymous18:38

      They were actually put on the recently refurbished and just opened gate A5. You can see the photos here:

    6. Anonymous23:00

      "Croats does not deserve"? What we are something bed, something that "does not deseve"? Do we have right to live?

    7. Anonymous00:07

      Ignore that idiot!

      He probably does not even know that also Serbs and other foreigners are invited to fly
      with OU!

  3. Anonymous10:35

    Of course will not be privatised this year.
    No interest from external player.
    Debts and especially government-workers union-management are the reasons.
    No one will never buy this.
    It will work with tax payers money and as now as long as possible ... anyway the end will come sooner or later.
    Qatar Airways received "sun in the eyes" with "sweet words" from visits and superficial "high" level contacs. You can't trust Eastern Europeans (no racisms in this) words ... they know. When they understood "how Adria is really functioning" they were astonished (negatively) and they pull out.
    Adria is not working in the world of economy it's a dinosaurus living from subventions.

    If Adria can not make any serious profit (and make a reable future path) in the GOLDEN era: after joining EU ... no way can do it now.

    Just write end and restart in a more rational way.
    Change people too. Ok.

  4. Anonymous12:24

    @Vladimir Gojkovic
    I'm curious to know, why was your comment yesterday "deleted by a blog administrator"? What was it about?

    1. Anonymous00:15

      Gojko asked to delete the comment of the user before him.

      The admin did so and also deleted Gojkos post because it was no more relevant.

  5. Anonymous12:36

    Oh Purger i see you hurried up to fly on QR to BUD before they axe the line :) We're disappointed however cause we understood you're a world traveler so we would have expected from you to go Zag-BUD-DOH-EZE/NRT but i guess BUD is all you could afford and still claim to have flown QR... I think Zag-BUD is the shortest route they operate.

    1. Purger23:11

      How can you know what I can or can not afford.

      I have business in BUD and I don't have time to fly just because of pleasure. If you really need to know in last year I had some 50 flights and 6 of those were out of Europe. The longest one was to Taiwan via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific.

      ZAG-BUD-DOH will become nonstop flight from autum.

      How comes that my argument that it is not true that price for BUD-ZAG flights are expansive (it is just 120 EUR) and that it is not true that there are no passenger on that leg, become discussion about my financial condition?

    2. Anonymous04:05

      Well that's cause your mentality speaks for you... Being in a plane doesn't actually means traveling. Cause you don't seem to know anything about any other country in the world than Hrvatska. And given your overwhelming presence on this blog i guess you was having Wi-Fi in all the 50 aircraft you flew with... Oh, and i didn't knew Cathay Pacific was flying to Zagreb, since when? So they were flying ZAG-HKG-TPE? Did they canceled it just recently?
      You just caught yourself in your own lie.

    3. Anonymous04:07

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Purger11:35

      Of course I was not flying from ZAG to TPE but from Frankfurt.

      You have photos from that trip here

      Is it realy possible that you did not sea possibility that someone fly from some other airport? This argmunt of yours is like 12 years old try to argue.

    5. Anonymous18:00

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Anonymous18:18

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. Anonymous18:21

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. frequentflyer13:47

    JP has to tart itself up and get out of *A if it wants to stay alive. Otherwise it will 1) collapse or 2) be eaten up by LH. No exYU carrier could merge with another despite the claims mentioned above - it just wouldn't work.

    From an European airline point of view, IAG or AF/KLM could strategic use JP to access southern/eastern European services and break the stranglehold LH has on the entire region - including using their intra-EU routes.

    Worse case scenario: JP could end up going the way of MA, collapsing under its own weight, and by not owning any of its fleet have the entire amount repossessed.

    Nobody seems to be asking about what would happen in PRN if JP wasn't around??

    1. @frequentflyer
      If JP were to leave PRN then it would be a shame more than anything else. JP currently only serves 4 destinations. If Belle Air or Germanwings were to leave then there would be more damage, still Kosovar travel agents would find replacement airlines in no time. Besides PRN would still have Austrian, Croatian and Turkish for connections while O&D traffic would have many more options.

  7. Anonymous13:53

    I think that JP in this form has no future. Neither it has a real strong regional network ( who said so? ) nor LJU is a "stronghold" of European airline why should anyone care? Even if they collapse, Air Dolomiti could set up a regional base and feed LH. Maybe OS would step in and add frequencies to VIE. Thats the only thing Star Alliance needs. Feed MUC/FRA/ZRH/VIE. Thats all!A much larger Spanair went bancrupt and who speaks today about it????

  8. Anonymous17:19

    Being a feeder actually can be an advantage and is no problem at all especially if that feeder airline is a small one and does not have intercontinental flights.

    That is the case with Adria and OU.

    The problem is they are both in Star Alliance which hubs are too near to LJU and ZAG!

    Airports who compete with each others and draw away passengers...being in the same alliance makes that even worse.

    This is a characteristic of Star Alliance:

    Munich and Vienna against each other...Austrian Airlines the big looser in this competition.

    Zagreb and Ljublana against each other and against Vienna and Munich...would OU or JP be in Skyteam or Oneworld it would profit more from!

    London and Paris would be far away and Zagreb could
    have space enough for competition.

    ZAG,LJU,VIE and Munich are too near to each other
    there is no space for breathing.

    1. Anonymous23:15

      Apsolutly. Bravo!!!!

  9. Anonymous18:44

    JP could become a national airline of Macedonia and play a key role in the plan to develop the airport by TAV. They will have a new base, a new funder, as the Macedonian government could be the new funder of the airline. The next one could be Montenegro and then Bosnia. Adria Airways, the national airline of four ex-yu countries. And yes, I forgot Prishtina airport. The point is that these airlines need to consolidate and merge and form a single ex-yu airline, obtain 3-4 long range aircraft and don't answer any calls from LH for a few years.

  10. Anonymous19:16

    First part of the BEG reconstruction now open. Zone in the area A4 and A5 are open. You can see more pictures here. They could be better but...

  11. Anonymous19:33

    Merge Adria and Croatia Airlines to Prishtina Airlines
    with hub in PRN!

    LJU and ZAG get served by Germanwings and Tyrolean exclusively to
    feed Frankfurt and Vienna

    1. Anonymous20:14

      or even Air Dolomiti!

    2. KITSUNE22:22

      I bet you love those Air Dolomiti!
      ; D

    3. Anonymous22:50

      HAhahahha Air D<3L<3MITI

      Imagine how nice it would be to have their Atrs flying proudly at ZAG and LJU!

  12. Anonymous20:15

    Let's see these days passenger results for May!

    1. Anonymous22:29

      Here is the result of our international
      jury for may :

      Belgrade airport...

      twelve points!

    2. Anonymous22:57

      Douze points, Belgrade.

    3. Anonymous22:57

      Heeeey... what about Skopje, international jury? Do we get a 10 at least :D

  13. Vranjanka00:03

    From us in Serbia you dont get
    10 points...

    Because your Serbian neighbours
    to Macedonia and Skopje airport award...

    12 points!

    (People from Vranje love Skopje airport!)

    1. Anonymous00:25

      Of course you Serbs give Skopje airport twelve points...

      you can not vote for yourself!

      Vranje <3 Skopje


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