Adria to revive Air India talks

New chance for Air India’s Slovenian venture
Adria Airways is to revive talks with Air India in order for the Indian national carrier to launch its once planned flights from Mumbai to New York via Ljubljana. Last year Air India and Adria Airways signed a memorandum of understanding which was to see Air India code share on Adria’s regional flights, while in return the Indian national carrier would operate some of its services to the United States via the Slovenian capital. Plans were set for flights to be launched either during the 2012 summer season or the 2012/2013 winter season. However, Air India requested lower fuel prices at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and an exemption from paying fees in order to launch services to the Slovenian capital, all of which were denied.

The Slovenian government, together with the petrol provider, Ljubljana Airport, Adria and Air India are now prepared to get back to the negotiating table to discuss possible cooperation. Talks are already said to have taken place at the Indian Embassy in Ljubljana. Several months ago, the head of Ljubljana Airport, Zmago Skobir, commented on the issue, “I stress that this project could be beneficial for both the airport and Adria but it must be approached on an intergovernmental level”.

Air India itself is experiencing major operational problems. Many of its pilots have gone on strike over anger relating to who gets to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Furthermore, the carrier’s finances are also in negative territory. In April the Indian government provided a major bailout package to the carrier and has approved subsidies of up to 7.3 billion euros.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    If Ljubljana would get long haul connections, would be really great! not just for passenger, but because of so much new passenger for slovenian economy too!

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Wonderful, two crippled airlines will dance with eachother.

  3. Anonymous09:34

    I can notice the "focus" in the business strategy of JP.
    First reunification
    2nd Air India

    YU-Indian Airlines

  4. Anonymous13:53


    New Livingston Airlines, the successor of former italian Livingston, commences 2 weekly flights from SKP to Rome, Ancona and Dusseldorf!
    SKP from now on will be directly connected with 5 weekly flights to DUS, 4 to FCO and 4 to AOI.

    Ex-yu do you have more information on this?

    1. supposedly to start on 19.7.

    2. ha youre right. uhm no idea really, i thought that was a XL Airways charter to Rome. bit confusing (wikipedia says JN is the code for XL).

      New Livingston were supposed to start on 19.7, flying twice weekly Ancona-Skopje-Rome-Skopje-Düsseldorf-Skopje-Ancona (tuesdays and fridays)

  5. Anonymous19:25

    pa to je ena NAVADNA RACA! another fairytale!

  6. Anonymous20:22

    New Livingston Airlines?

    Sounds like an airline invented only to get
    those subsidies by the Macedonian authorities.

    Instead of a single airline flying daily nonstop..
    they should let every day fly a different airline!
    Then they could earn seven times the subsidies...


    1. Anonymous01:09

      Jealousy:-))) Pfff:-)))))
      Entertain yourself!
      Better giving subsidies for brand new and respectable airlines than feeding bure bez dna airlines like JokeAboutTime or bettet Sky Museum Airlines:-))

    2. JATBEGMEL03:25

      JokeAboutTime is still something you people dream to have. Brand new doesnt mean respect, respect is something that is earned. QF is respected for its safety record, not having a haul loss of a jet engined a/c, CX and QR are respected for excellence in service, EK for its wide range of destinations and connectivity with a world class product, so what is Livingston Air to be respected for?

  7. JATBEGMEL03:20

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous05:34

      Your comment is below every level of human dignity full of prejudices and above all very primitive. Because of exemplars like you the whole ex-yu region looks like your description of India, in the eyes of western people! It's a tragedy for all of us that people like you represent us abroud!!!

    2. Anonymous09:12

      Wow JATBEGMEL, this is the most rasist comment ever on this blog (were you the one with that idiotic youtube name)

    3. Anonymous10:10

      I don't care how do i look in the eyes of ignorant Westerners but if some things on this blog should be censored then that's that kind of comment. I request the admin to remove that racist ethnocentric comment.

  8. Anonymous08:09

    An average balkaner got no cash to go to toilet, let alone India.

  9. Anonymous20:25

    I have an alternative idea for Air India. It should open a base at Skopje Airport for its flight to India and North America. There are several reasons: 1. Lubjana is lacking capacity for handling of B777 aircrafts (terminal side). 2. Adria could be convinced to be the hubfeeder for Air India' passengers for European destinations 3. Skopje airport has huge capacity due to new facilities (terminal, runway, apron, parking are) and abovel all a huge advantage in comparison to Lubjana airport: Macedonia is not part of emission trade system of the European Union, as member of EU Slovenia is part of ets, huge burden for non-European airlines.....thus, Air India should really consider SKP as base in the vicinity of the EU...

    1. Anonymous02:22

      the same could also then be said for belgrade? sarajevo and podgorica are too small and croatia will soon be in eu so no point.


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