Air Méditerranée cancels Sarajevo flights

Skipping Sarajevo
The French airline Air Méditerranée, which was to commence seasonal summer flights from Paris to Sarajevo next month, has cancelled all planned services. Flights were supposed to operate once per week, every Tuesday, and were to be inaugurated on July 3. The service was to run until September 4. A 217 seat Airbus A321 was scheduled for the route with return ticket prices, taxes included, set at 190 euros.

Stefan Buljat, the head of the tour operator which initiated the new service, says there is still hope that the route will be launched this summer in August. However, tour operator Point Africa, which was also involved in the project, explains that there was little interest from passengers for the flights. On the other hand, it is also claimed that Point Africa’s financial problems are the real reason behind the cancellation.

The former national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Air Bosna, used to operate flights from Sarajevo to Paris prior to its bankruptcy. At one point Air France also served the Bosnian capital. In May, Sarajevo Airport welcomed 55.107 passengers, down 3% on the same month last year. So far, in the first five months of the year, Bosnia’s busiest airport handled 201.106 passengers, a decrease of 5% compared to last year.


  1. Anonymous11:14


  2. Anonymous12:01

    damn this Sarajevo is really bad for aviation.

    1. Anonymous18:32

      @Anonymus 12:01...Are you aware how stupid and evidently malicious your comment is?

  3. Anonymous12:44

    You should start paying me for all the stories I provide you :P ExYu

  4. Too bad for Sarajevo.

    Sorry about off topic but we have not seen any positive news from Croatia Airlines for a while so:

    No surprise to see Australian growth rate so high since every second person here in Australia you talk to going to Europe have included Croatia in there itinerary.

  5. Anonymous18:08

    Sad...but no fault of Sarajevo.
    Only bad luck.
    It happens everywhere and all the time
    but in this case it makes much more impact.

  6. Good news on the other hand. According to Sarajevo Airport's website (including picture) the Kuwait charters will be operated by a B767! :). Now just hope that they are full as well

    1. Anonymous00:19

      Turkish Airlines will be pissed off.

  7. Anonymous20:34

    Today was the first flight from Kuwait to Sarajevo! There will be two weekly flights and the aircraft that will be used to this flight is a B767 with 220 seats!
    Sarajevo will be the only airport in former yugoslavia to have two weekly services with a wide body aircraft!

    1. Anonymous20:53

      so what?

      have fun in Kuwait!

    2. Anonymous21:20

      It's definitely better in Kuwait City than in your crappy beograd!

    3. You guys really have the temper of 5-year olds.

      It's just good news to see a widebody in Sarajevo or ExYu for that matter.
      As long as it is full I don't care where it came from ;-)

  8. Anonymous00:25

    This is cool news guys!
    But can you also name the airline which flies Kuwait to Sarajevo?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. It is Gryphon Airlines, a US (military) charter company. However, these will be operated as tourist charters with a 767 of JetAsia, which was contracted by Gryphon.


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