Belgrade Airport surpasses million mark

Belgrade maintains growth momentum
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport handled 284.522 passengers in May, just over 21.500 more than the same month last year. As a result, the airport recorded an 8.2% passenger increase, despite a fall in the number of operated flights. There were a total of 3.744 departures and arrivals, down 2.6% on May last year. Two airlines operating flights from Belgrade stood out in May. They were Jat Airways and Wizz Air, both of which had a sensational month. Montenegro Airlines is also regaining momentum on its flights to and from Serbia’s capital.

During May, Belgrade managed to break the one million passenger mark. In the first five months of the year the airport welcomed 1.156.086 passengers, up 11.8% compared to the same period last year. May 2012 marks the airport’s 26th month of consecutive growth with the last decline recorded back in 2010 during the Icelandic ash cloud drama.

The airport expects that its passenger numbers will be propped up over the summer by numerous charter flights. According to the General Director, Velimir Radosavljević, the airport will see a 20% increase in charter flights in the coming months. Aviogenex, has begun operating services out of Belgrade with two Boeing 737-900ER jets leased from Turkey’s Sky Airlines for the summer season. Other airlines operating charters to the Serbian capital include Air Cairo, Tunisair, Pegasus Airlines, Nesma Airlines and Jat Airways. The majority of the charters will be heading to Turkey, followed by Egypt, Greece and Tunisia, although, there will also be charters to Spain and Italy as well.


  1. Anonymous11:18

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    1. Anonymous11:25

      Dont mix frog and grandmothers. Uzalud sviraci ne postoji na engleskom.

  2. Anonymous11:47

    Excellent! Go Belgrade! Go Belgrade!

  3. Anonymous12:21

    No doubt this charter season will the best ever. The growth of charter passengers will be even 25% because of higher capacity of airplanes. Also Nouvelair will fly to Enfidha airport and Jat will include LCA to charter schedule. It is really a pity that two days ago Jat had to cancel more than 30 regular flights in June schedule because of lack of planes, including nearly all destinations (DUS,ZRH,TLV,SVO,ATH,SKP,TGD,TIV,MXP,TXL,VIE,FCO,IST,SKG,STR,ARN,CPH...).Think there will even more cancellations, they have only 6 B733 and 3 ATR flying at the moment.

    1. Anonymous17:41

      Why do they have only 6? How come that in the peak season they have lack of planes?! Somebody wants to shut this airline even before it shuts by itself.. Growth is modest compared to last months but congratulations to Aviogenex! They did a great job leasing fresh new aircraft thus decreasing tickets for summer holidays through capacity! Why Why Why can't JAT do the same thing? If they had even leased 2 B737NG the situation could have been quite different! I think somebody is killig JAT purpously-it is not possible that Serbia can't guarantee for just 2 leased aircraft

  4. Anonymous19:02

    That i get asked also all the times...
    how can AGX lease those two big planes while Jat which is probably ten times bigger can not.

    Well its because Jat managers are stealing all the profits...since years.
    As our old gov. is the new one it will even go downhill faster!

    I must know it as i am involved in the gov.

    Steal everything of worth before our government changes and a lot of parties/politicians will
    loose their posts.

    I talked with Jat employees ..they said to me that they steal everything...even the toilet paper but that is only what is left over by the managers who steal the most.

    I can assure to everyone here that the DS party has no confidence in the stability of the government.
    The only reason of this coalition is
    to save time to steal as much as possible before the certain end comes...

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Well, are you saying you got your government job without any connections? ;)

    2. Anonymous11:03

      They are sooo...stupid, i mean more planes,more to steal-easy.

  5. Anonymous21:27

    As more easy it is
    to steal as less brain you need for it...


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