Croatia Airlines shows interest in B&H

Croatia Airlines in the running for shares in B&H
According to sources close to the company, Croatia Airlines has expressed interest in taking over Turkish Airlines’ 49% stake in B&H Airlines. In 2008, the Croatian national carrier was also keen on becoming a minority stake holder in B&H but in the end decided not to participate in the tender procedure. Croatia Airlines is looking to spread its influence in the region with possible talk of a future tie up with Adria Airways. Furthermore, the Croatian carrier also requested documentation from the Macedonian government to take part in the subsidised flights scheme tender, which was recently on offer, but in the end did not lodge a request to open a Skopje base.

During the working week, the Bosnian government officially took back the 49% stake in B&H it sold to Turkish Airlines. The Turkish carrier gave its shares back for free, despite paying 19 million euros for them back in 2008. Goran Jovanović, the President of B&H Airlines’ Supervisory Board, said yesterday, “Turkish tried to create a company within the Balkans and invested a lot in the project. But the situation in the industry in the region is very difficult. All the regional companies are reporting losses. B&H Airlines is already negotiating with two companies interested in future partnership, one of which is an airline from the region”.

The other airline rumoured to have expressed interest for a stake in B&H Airlines is Buraq Air from Libya. On Wednesday, Turkish Airlines bid farewell to the Bosnian carrier with Hamdi Topcu, Turkish Airlines’ Executive Board Director, stating, “Since we wanted B&H Airlines to be a strong company we provided all the support and expertise we possibly could. If this company had been able to succeed it would have been a success for all of us, but especially for Bosnia. However, the Bosnian government was unable to fulfil its obligations”.


  1. That would be qul, maybe they could rid off 2 AT7 and got one DH4 from Croatia, and when needed the second DH4 is always available from croatia (maintenance etc). Flights would operate to ZRH, CPH, AMS, FRA?

    1. Anonymous11:21

      This would make absolute sense. Adding one plane to B&H, they can cover couple of very profitable destinations. Even easier in winter season...Interesting. Or have OU flight to Rome stop in SJJ / OMO etc.

  2. Anonymous11:37

    One carrier with major problems to partner with one with even bigger problems!

  3. Anonymous12:35

    OT: flew on Monday, June 11th, from Frankfurt to Belgrade with Lufthansa.. they used their A319 which was PACKED to the last seat, we are still wondering how they fit us all in, but it was an all economy class layout. When we got to Belgrade, some of the workers said "Lufthansa flew in that small plane with about 200 people, we dont know if all luggage will arrive." And it just happens that my friend who flew in with me from the US did not get his. It was just a minute late on landing, but about on time for takeoff. This was the 11:50-1:25pm flight. They let us for about every 4 people take on 1 or no carry ons, which BARELY fit on the plane.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      Thats LH!
      They always leave baggage behind...
      but im sure they will have to compensate you.
      ask them !
      I think its even German law to compensate...200Euro or so.

      Strange they didnt upgrade to a bigger ac..

    2. Anonymous18:14

      What nationality are you?
      And from where in the US you come from?
      If i may ask my friends...

    3. Anonymous21:40

      @ 1st anonymous, it wasent my luggage but my friends luggage, no big deal though, i believe he got it the same day.... EXACTLY! it seems that they have the PAX to send daily at least 1 A321, but would rather use those on even more viable destinations? not sure..

      @ 2nd anonymous, I am a Serbian from the USA, city of Cleveland in the state of Ohio, and so are my friends who traveled with me.

    4. Anonymous00:09

      Thanks for response,
      Im the same person..both anonymous!

      LH always looks after punctuality
      and dislike the flights to delay only because the baggage service is in trouble..

      Actually its not LHs fault because the baggage service is done by the airport or their sub-contractors..
      they only get paid by the airlines...

      Nice to read that youre Serbs..hope you have a great time here in Europe!

    5. Anonymous12:05

      oh i see, well they probably did'nt have room in the last flight or maybe when we flew from Cleveland - Toronto, because it was a packed but small plane... hvala puno, thank you, and I will'/ am like usual! ;)

  4. frequentflyer13:41

    This is a clever, strategic move from OU if true - and we don't see many like this.

    They will need to expand as all businesses must, creating new markets etc in the future (assuming they don't go bust or become a division of LH), it is a market with big potential - and while we wait for the potential, there are high fares to make some good profits on. But we have seen failures in the market - do OU know something others like TK don't??

    My only gripe would be the oddball fleet: OU can easily spare a 319 or Q400 in the winter, but the fleet is already stretched in summer. Could we see another order for 2 more Q400s?

  5. Anonymous17:56

    Wonderful, Air India dancing with Adria, Croatia Airlines with Air B&H... what is this, tango mortale.

  6. Lufthansa will definitely NOT buy Croatia or Adria Airlines.
    That is for sure...
    They even regret buying Austrian and SN Brussels
    which are only making losses not to mention BMI which was a financial nightmare.

  7. Anonymous00:35

    Ahahahahaha... Funny

  8. Anonymous08:28

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    1. Anonymous11:29

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  9. I think this would be a smart move. Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia together are geographically very compact and could easily have one carrier covering the needs of all three. Adria and Croatia already have an agreement pertaining to fleet exchange, so Croatia could easily reposition some of the aircraft to SJJ and start profitable routes to FRA, ZRH, VIE, CPH and AMS as they already do with SPU and DBV during summer months. Hope this works and brings more stability and prosperity to ex YU aviation.


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