Final touches for Morava Airport

Construction work complted
Construction at Serbia’s newest international airport in Kraljevo is coming to an end. Security equipment is currently being installed inside the terminal building and final touches are being made as Morava Airport prepares to open its doors. However, it could be several months before the new airport handles its first flights as bureaucratic procedures will now have to take place. Ljiljana Mijatović, from the Serbian Ministry of Defence, says that the building will receive an operational license within twenty days. “Following the license grant we have to obtain all necessary documentation from the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate, the police and customs”, she adds. The airport is set to receive a new IATA code as well.

Once the airport is completed Jat Airways will launch two weekly flights to Istanbul with an ATR72. Work will also immediately begin on the second phase of the airport project which will see the extension of the runway by 300 metres, allowing larger aircraft to take off and land. The Morava Airport terminal building features a duty free shop, exchange office, commercial office space, a detention centre, clinic and a cargo depot. A new control tower has also been built.

Officials hope that the new airport will stimulate business and investment in the area. Since the airport lies between several industrial cities, there is hope that the likes of the Italian run Fiat-Zastava car manufacturer will make use of the airport. The company currently ferries its workers on specially chartered Adria Airways flights from Belgrade to Torino. Construction work on Morava Airport began last year.


  1. Anonymous12:35

    MORAVA AIRPORT, not Airport Morava. How to contact them?

    1. Anonymous19:22

      Looks to me as they don't realy care about it probably thinking no one will notice.I did pointed out that mistake to one of the top military person months ago and I was told that at next meeting question about it will be raised but since then nothing happend. So be it!

  2. Anonymous12:39

    Yes, you're right! The basics of f**king English! If you have to say it in English, then say it right!

    1. Anonymous14:42

      Surely they can just swap the signs around. How hard can it be?

  3. Anonymous13:06

    Serbian business, when a Serbian man on a hill makes a sign "HOLYWOOD" or something trying to attract tourists, missing the other L haha... gotta love our people :)

    Hope these flights will do some good! Would love to fly from the US via Istanbul to Kraljevo then drive 45 minutes away to my town than fly to BEG and drive 3 hours to my town...

    I doubt they will code-share with Turkish Airlines though.. would be nice..?

    1. Anonymous05:59

      He did that because the actual spelling is copyrighted. That sign does not reflect the name of the neighbourhood, but rather the industry.

  4. What a BS.. wich villige will be the next one with a airport?

    1. Anonymous14:45

      last time I checked which was yesterday, Kraljevo was not a village, unless it did some major downgrading over night ;)

      and its with AN* airport, which* village*

    2. Anonymous20:02

      English please! VILLAGE MAN/WOMEN

    3. Anonymous02:17

      *What BS

      ...speaking of really should learn how to CORRECTLY write in English, or stay in your village and off of the english speaking internet sites.

  5. Anonymous16:24

    It looks decent. I like :)

  6. Anonymous01:03

    So it will all be ready... right after the end of the summer season, when they could have had dozens of charters to sunny destinations. Bummer/morons.

    1. Anonymous02:28

      They dont have plains to operate flights in the season

  7. SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 2012 EXYUAVIATION.BLOGSPOT.COM the government announces that the airport, situated in Central Serbia, will be served by charter flights this summer season......
    ....“The first charter flights out of Kraljevo will be taking off in April at the latest”, ......”


    “Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways will launch a two weekly service from the country’s newest airport in Kraljevo to Istanbul. Services will be inaugurated this June twice per week,.......”


    Morava Airport prepares to open its doors. However, it could be several months before the new airport handles its first flights.........”

    Joke-ing with moravian people is still continuing!

  8. Azra15:54

    Does anyone know when it is planned to have the first flight from Istanbul?


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