Turkish Airlines pulls out of B&H

Turkish Airlines and B&H Airlines part ways
The Federation government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed that Turkish Airlines is leaving the Bosnian national carrier in which it had a 49% ownership stake, thus ending four years of partnership. “We shouldn’t hide the fact that Turkish Airlines is leaving B&H”, Enver Bijedić, the Minister for Transport and Communication said yesterday. The Minister added that talks have already begun with future potential investors. Rumours are circulating that Buraq Air, a Tripoli based airline which operated flights to Sarajevo prior to the uprising in Libya last year, is interested in taking over Turkish’s stake.

Ominous signs that something was wrong between the two owners of B&H Airlines (the government and Turkish Airlines) surfaced late last year. They continued into 2012 with B&H cancelling many of its flights, Turkish grounding the Airbus A319 it had been leasing to the Bosnian carrier and finally the withdrawal of the Turkish management from B&H several days ago.

In January, the Association of European Airlines warned that B&H Airlines would go bust if Turkish Airlines was to withdraw. However, the government assures that it will keep the national carrier in the air. The airline has two ATR72s, one of which has been grounded in Germany since January with many of its parts now missing. The other is in operation on B&H’s flights to Istanbul, Zurich and Copenhagen. The two aircraft are being leased but should be in the airline’s ownership by 2016.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:46

    another defeat suffered by people/society/free economy of the local region against the corrupt and incapable political machinations

    very sad for our Bosnian friends

    1. Anonymous23:23

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  2. Zrak11:06

    "...one of which has been grounded in Germany since January with many of its parts now missing..."

    Interesting. It would be great if you could share more information on this.

    1. Well I thought it was being scrapped or so. But someone mentioned to me that it could've also be duel to conversion to 72-500 model. I'll post a link with pictures in an hour or so..


    2. http://www.planepictures.net/netsearch4.cgi?srch=E7-AAD&stype=reg&srng=2

      here's the link I promised

    3. @ Bo

      Thanks for the link. Looks like they are trying to replace some parts. The airplane probably needed a lot of work to be done. Looks like one of the engines is being replaced too.

  3. Anonymous11:33

    Oh God damn'it just fuck that damn "company" let it die and stop washing our brains with this stupid story, seriously, we've heard it 10 times until now...

    1. Anonymous12:49

      Don’t read, stupid ass.

  4. Anonymous11:36

    I would not say it in such an aggressive manner but i'm also tired of hearing this news all over again. Is the same staff all the time. We kind of know what's gonna happen and we're frankly losing interest.

    1. salic14:09

      I hope you can appreciated that there are some people who are inherently interested in this market. In the case you are not one of them, just skip it. I know it's bit of a saga but

    2. Anonymous14:11


    3. In case you didn't notice much of the news about ex-yu airlines seems to resurface over and over again. They're privatizing, privatization failed, they're privatizing, privatization failed...

      Just because the airlines are stuck in a repeating cycle doesn't mean it isn't news. Do you have some other news about the airline industry in the ex-yu to share that we aren't hearing about? If not, then stop complaining and read the articles that do interest you.

  5. Anonymous11:58

    OK next is JAT...

  6. Anonymous12:40

    hope the next airline is JP as slovenian tax payers are really tired to do so!!

  7. Anonymous20:23

    Finally that tragical comedy has come to an end...

  8. frequentflyer02:39

    Is the airline sustainable without TK's money/influence?

    We all know it was hemorrhaging enormous funds and had no future before being taken over, and with one (maybe two?) AT7s its immediate outlook is not bright!

    If the airline goes bust, would JA, JP or OU have the resources (or know-how) to base a 50/70 seat plane to operate selective destinations direct??

  9. Why should they open new bases ?
    There are already too much bases in Ex Yu .
    In my opinion there should be a maximum
    of three bases .
    BEG,ZAG and SKP...skip the rest !


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