Adria sale postponed

Search for Adria’s new owner at a later date
Despite plans to put Adria Airways on sale this month, the Executive Board has decided to postpone the search for a new strategic partner until at least the fall of 2012. The decision comes days after it was revealed the carrier will be trimming down its fleet by phasing out its Airbus jets. While no official reason has been given for the sale push back, Slovenian media report that there is currently no interest in the carrier.

A final decision on Adria’s ownership structure will be made by its majority share holder - the government. Other shareholders, comprised of various Slovenian banks want the carrier sold as soon as possible. Originally, the Slovenian government was expected to announce the amount of shares it is willing to offer to a potential strategic partner on June 29.

Adria could be attractive to potential investors due to its strong regional network and absolute home market domination. On the other hand, its weaknesses are its accumulated debt and a potentially complicated relationship with the government and workers unions. Over the past few years Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and even Lufthansa have been rumoured as potential investors, however all seem to have interests elsewhere. Qatar Airways ruled out any interest in Adria late last year and has had bad experience in Europe when it tried to negotiate an unsuccessful takeover of the now defunct Spanair. Lufthansa on the other hand is trying either sell off or restructure its recent acquisitions in Europe.

Adria Airways’ Corporate Communications Department has since denied that any action has been taken by the Executive Board to postpone the sale of the carrier.


  1. Anonymous10:20

    Adria locust is still here.
    Now they are waiting for another 11 million credit (moneythat will never be paid back ... by the way) with the excuse that this is the only way to make the company "stronger" an interesting for potential buyers.
    But they know from the beginning: keep it going as long as possible with Slovenia taxpayers money. It's in Slovenia (:().
    These Parasites will stay there forever?
    SLovenia governmnet have no money even to pay the basics food for the poor, workers but still!

  2. Anonymous10:31

    Slovenia taxpayers are paying and repaying the debt full locust Adria again and again. Paying for something (not worth nothing even "on sale") that you already own. It's crazy!
    Given the Adria flying policy (Tirana priority versus Ljubljana), prices (higher from Slovenia than from Kosovo etc.), aircrafts leasing adventures: before and now too, hight salaries compared to amount of work (if salary is little lower you just add the voice bonus to make it same as before) paid regulary even if the company is in red, management at the worse (even them they don't believe what they are talking to the public .. .but it's working, loosing 33.000 eu net x day in first trim 2012.


    1. Anonymous13:09

      Wowww what an ignorant and anti Albanian post. Where do you see Tirana getting priority over Ljubljana? There is one flight a day from Tirana and that goes to Ljubljana. And as for Prishtina, the only reason why they fly out of there is because they cant make enough money out Slovenia and the flights out of Prishtina are more successful. And there are plenty of instances in the aviation industry when longer or connecting flights are cheaper.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX14:17

      Those who don t know might be ignorant....
      Adria can be more than happy the have the possibility to make biz in Kosovo.

      Flights to Verona have load factors of 90% or more since 01st flight end of January
      Flights to LJU have always have good loads.
      Since 18 months JP is allowed to fly to MUC and FRA all year and during Summer Charters to MLH on weekends. Flights have good loads too... MLH is packed.
      Currently tickets for direct flights Switzerland-Kosovo during holiday season is almost impossible to buy and if avbl at costs of around 1000 CHF for return travel

      Besides that, they are able to recruit cheaper F/A.

      Also Kosovo passengers deserve also Adria website in their own language....

      and last but not least: ticket fares might be sometimes cheaper out of Kosovo, why? free market. In Kosovo much more competition for same destinations as in LJU:
      Today 9 flights from ZRH/BSL/GVA to PRN with Easyjet/Adria/AirBerlin/Niki/Helvetic/Edelweiss-Swiss/Belle Air/Air Bucharest
      in Ljubljana there is two flights today to Switzerland

    3. Anonymous15:27

      Adria is owned by Slovenian government.
      It must provide the interests of Slovenia travellers (and visitors to Slovenia).
      Trying to make more business for Kosovo is ok.
      But for a private company or for a company that cares for Slovenias customers first (as is it's mandate because is public state company).

    4. JU520 BEGLAX16:20

      as public state company like now with the current business environment and mentality, JP is going to the graveyards pretty soon.
      once it s private, the company has only to follow the interests of it s shareholder and customers.
      Forget nationality issues in business. If you feel connected to a country, support it in football or sports or provide volunteer services for the welfare of the nations society

    5. SuisseOuest18:58

      On the topic of Switzerland, it's interesting that they can fill 9 planes to PRN today and still have high fares. Also, Switzerland to BEG fares are pretty high as well - end of July roundtrips go above 600chf, which makes MXP-BEG roundtrips on Jat very appealing (for <200EUR). Which brings me to the actual question: what's preventing airlines from introducing additional flights from Switzerland to Belgrade? Especially from Geneva. Are there bilateral quotas between Serbia and Switzerland? Or simply LX/LH like their GVA-VIE/FRA/MUC/ZRH-BEG connections too much (based on my own experience whenever I took this route: there were at least 3 more people using exact same connection)

  3. JU520 BEGLAX12:35

    Do you agree that 9 CRJ900 would be enough to cover the following schedule:

    Weekly flights:

    21 FRA and MUC
    14 ZRH, VIE, BRU, SKP
    10 PRN, BEG
    06 SJJ
    04 TGD
    02 BCN, MAN

    03 PRN-VRN
    06 PRN-MUC
    06 PRN-FRA

    1 aircraft extra to cover delay, maintenance and short summer charters in Summer.

    Codeshares: LH/SK/OS/SN/TK/JU/LX/UA

    PLUMA in Uruguay is just filing bankrupcy, so from there you could get some cheap CRJ9…

    All the remaining aircrafts are leaving JP..

    Same as Adria Pristina I would file Adria Skopje and hire pilots and F/A. Privatize company, merge with OU and get into member of board one guy each from LH, LX, Star Alliance Rep.

    Merge with OU in order to save on costs. (joint purchasing of computer systems other purchases, fleet exchanges and joint marketing activities).
    JA and YM shld disappear. YM E190s remain for Charter but under JU control.

    OU and JU cld cover SJJ. TGD will be covered by JU.

    Montenegro Airlines could replace Aviogenex and connect the MN coast with Europe and BEG plus Charters out of BEG to Greece, Turkey. But all with JU flight nbrs

    At the end of the day we have 2 Carriers left: JU and JP/OU which however keep flying under current brands

    Airport LJU stops subsidizing LCC and confirms immediate construction for a new and convenient terminal which attracts even more passangers from Istria, Friuli and Kärnten. Free airport parking for Austrian and Italian car tables up to 3 days and flat 50 EUR parking for 15 days for Italian and Austrian cars.

    Bus shuttles from 01MAR to 30NOV Brnik-LJU-Portoroz every hour. Peak hours Brnik-LJU extra buses. Trains and Buses in LJU to important points in SLO need to have 15 minute connection window to the airport shuttle…

    One thing is clear, without cooperation between the single countries, you will have no chance. Look at the globe’s map……you almost dont find small countries like in your region… and if they are small, they are either poor, an exotic island or specialized for example in finance trade places such as Luxembourg, Switzerland or Singapore. Even Baltic countries should try to find common ways.

    Common ways could mean share embassies, consulates abroad as well as marketing activities abroad (airline/tourist/economical trade)

    Future joint aircraft orders and focus on less aircraft tipe diversities in both groups.

    I think if the region could agree to this, we would find strategic partners/investors for JU and JP/OU.
    Those markets having no own airline (Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, MN should get compensation in terms of payment/staff hirement/airport investments

    You can now come up again, that this has no chance etc. but as already mentioned, it s 5 past 12 and the region has only a chance to recover if drastic changes are tackled and innovations implemented.

  4. Flying Jack13:26

    Since the break up of Yugoslavia Adria has lost its concept and focus passengers wandering around on the market all the time. Without solving that issue it is pointless to speak about fleet size, privatization, strategic partnership etc

    My personal opinion is that they should convert into a carrier who would operate on the semi low cost principles, turning LJU into their own regional l/c hub. Small jets should be deployed on short regional routes, such as INI OMO OHD KVO, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, some apts in Romania or other apts that are yet free from or with low presence of other LC carriers, taking passengers to LJU and than further across Europe.

    LJU has poor chances to become business destination in order to attract passengers who spend more money, while at the same time it is unsuccessful to attract other LC carriers. That is all resulting in losing its own passengers who are ready to drive to VCE or Treviso or KLU etc to get better connections at affordable rates.

    Instead, both JP and LJU apt should quit the current concept of a legacy carrier / airport with high costs and switch into new semi l/c concept.

  5. JU520 BEGLAX13:58

    I don t know why some people always come up that JP is expensive. Now until 27OCT travelling is possible for 99 EUR (incl taxes) to most JP destinations, except MAN 149 EUR and SVO 249 EUR
    One way is 49 EUR.... and same counts for example for my country, Switzerland: LX has all the times specials out for below 200 CHF return travel to Italy, Germany, France, LHR, BCN and for below 300 CHF to MAD,LIS,BCN etc....
    I mean what do u expect to pay for travel? In ZRH a decent dinner with wine costs per person soon 150 CHF..... for the same amount we can fly to Italy and back...common-on...ever heard what an aircraft costs etc
    LCC are mostly cheaper that s right, however if I wanna book tonight Basel-Berlin on Easyjet and return on Tuesday u pay 372 CHF as well...


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