Belgrade continues to grow

Strong start to summer at Belgrade Airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has recorded its 27th consecutive month of passenger growth with 325.896 passengers passing through its doors in June. The result represents growth of 8% compared to the same month last year. The number of operated flights also increased to 4.241 arrivals and departures. So far this year, Serbia’s busiest airport has handled 1.481.982 passengers. It is well ahead of the competition within the former Yugoslavia, with second placed Zagreb just breaking the million mark in late June. However, Belgrade is still some way off from its closest regional rival, Sofia Airport.

In June several airlines recorded impressive results on their flights to and from Nikola Tesla Airport. Besides Jat Airways, airlines such as Montenegro Airlines, Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines were operating at full capacity. Wizz Air continues to record outstanding results on all of its services from the Serbian capital.

Meanwhile, several hundred kilometres away, Niš Constantine the Great Airport saw 12.418 passengers pass through its doors in the first half of the year, an increase of 25% compared to the same period last year. The airport is currently being served only by a daily flight from Podgorica, operated by Montenegro Airlines. Its busiest month so far has been April when it handled 2.869 passengers.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    What is the annual growth of other ex-Yugoslav airports?

  2. Anonymous14:42

    Zračna luka Dubrovnik prvi je put u svojoj 50 godina dugoj povijesti ostvarila rekordan promet u lipnju, i to s 206 tisuća putnika.
    Tako je kroz zračnu luku u Čilipima prošlo čak 30 tisuća putnika više nego lani u istom mjesecu, što je povećanje od 14 posto.
    Inače, za ovu je godinu planiran ukupni porast prometa od 6 posto, a s dosadašnjih više od pola milijuna putnika u prvih šest mjeseci ostvareno je povećanje od 8 posto u usporedbi s prvim polugodištem prošle godine.

    1. Anonymous15:50

      what? on english please,i dont understand your language

    2. Anonymous11:01

      really?if you were a native english speaker you would know that you say "in english" not "on english" !

    3. Anonymous14:29

      Use google translator dumb ass :)

  3. Anonymous12:09

    Apology, it is not "on english"
    Zadar Airport (ZAD)

    June 2011 - 39.776 putnika
    June 2012 - 50.637 putnika


    Mislim da bi ove godine mogao pasti mjesečni rekord koji je iz kolovoza 2010. - 59.537 putnika


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