Croatia Airlines to break million mark

Croatia Airlines awaits its millionth passenger
Croatia Airlines is preparing to handle its millionth passenger of the year on Wednesday. The million mark will be reached in Zagreb as the carrier’s passengers disembark flight OU417 arriving from Frankfurt. The result comes two days ahead of last year. While the year started slowly for the national carrier, Croatia Airlines has now levelled to last year’s passenger numbers. In the first seven months of 2011, the airline handled 1.065.913 passengers, which is set to be reached again this year.

In 2011, the airline welcomed the highest number of passengers since it began operations in 1991. Croatia Airlines handled 1.880.000 passengers, an increase of 15% compared to 2010 while the average cabin load factor stood at 67%. Passenger wise, the airline is the busiest in the former Yugoslavia, ahead of both Jat Airways and Adria Airways respectively.

However, the good run could be spoiled if some of the carrier’s planned cost cutting measures come into force later this year. While they still haven’t been approved, financial consultants have suggested the suspension of several high profile destinations. They include Podgorica, Priština and London Gatwick. Furthermore consultants have shortlisted flights to London Heathrow, Paris, Istanbul and Copenhagen for suspension unless the routes do not start making money in the foreseeable future. Similar measures, introduced by Adria Airways late last year, had a severe impact on the airline’s passenger numbers.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    How are Pristina and Podgorica high profile routes?

    On the other hand if they cut them that means that OU will be moving into the O&D style carrier. I am sure Lufthansa and the rest of the Star Alliance partners will be happy to hear that.

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Exactly, right on. The point is to invest your know how (operations, sales, marketing) into these strategic routes and see the profit at some point in the future. Luckily, some management (that I personally know) are very well of the trick behind this step. To them it was enough to see what had happened to Adria once they started following similar instructions of their consultants. It's a bad idea to be cutting down on already puny market...

  2. Anonymous13:32

    Congradulation to CROATIA AIRLINES, greetings from Serbia..P.S its little bit odd when i see this tiny seats..xD I hope that they are comforatble for short flights..:)

  3. Anonymous16:16

    Congratulations to best East European Airline. See you soon again on board :)

  4. Best airlines...
    Let them first fix there website, it's offline for a while now :)

  5. JU520 BEGLAX08:33

    nice cabin interior...

  6. frequentflyer09:08

    Imagine how much earlier OU could have reached that mark if ZAGs long-overdue expansion had taken place, and the airline could bolster its fleet with more Q400s...


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