Italy in Mostar takeover

Italian dream for Mostar Airport
Several Italian airports, in cooperation with the Italian government, intend to take over Mostar Airport and invest in what has become Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second busiest airport. “Mostar International Airport is on the brink of a new era”, a spokesman from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated earlier in the week. The Italian government intends to form a strategic partnership with the airport. Italian tourists, visiting the spiritual Medjugorje sight, have greatly contributed to the airport’s recent impressive passenger growth.

The Italian government states that it plans to expand Mostar Airport, improve airport safety, introduce scheduled traffic and assist with staff training. A development plan, which is in the works, is expected to be presented to the public in the foreseeable future. Sladjan Topuzović, an advisor at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in charge of coordinating the project, says that a provisional agreement with local authorities has been reached. “The interest for Mostar Airport in Italy is primarily due to Medjugorje. That is why we have begun talks on a strategic partnership which would mark a new era for Mostar”, Topuzović notes.

Mostar Airport has had a bumper year. In the first half of 2012 it welcomed 32.402 passengers, an increase of 158% compared to the same period last year. This is despite the fact that Mostar does not have any scheduled flights. Mostar has also been touted as a potential hub for low cost airlines wishing to operate to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The government recently abolished the compulsory passenger tax at Mostar Airport, making it more appealing to potential future customers.


  1. Anonymous10:51

    Great news for Mostar. They deserve better management!

    OT: Croatia airlines is doing great business on Split - Belgrade route. In August they sold almost all tickets. The most important thing they sold tickets at very high prices, for return flight they charged between 200 and 450 €.

  2. Anonymous10:59

    450 euros for 50 min flight? Only in the Balkans.......

  3. Unfortunately, any date shown in August does not offer a return ticket cheaper than 220€ both on OU and JU. They're so stupid, instead of increasing the capacities (no fleet I guess) and keeping the affordable prices, it's still cheaper for me to fly to Paris and London than to BEG. :(

  4. JU520 BEGLAX17:56

    Yesterday 98 departures plus 98 arrivals in SPU. With General Aviation probably 200 aircraft movements in one single day.... excellent figures for the size of the airport....

    out of the 98 departures, 18 were from OU. The rest from foreign Carriers.

    1. Anonymous08:58

      How do they cope with the tarmac space? Do they have enough place to park all that traffic?
      What about the terminal building?

      What kind of airlines and aircraft were there?

  5. Anonymous19:31

    How can I buy tickets for Mostar? I am asking since there are only charters now.

  6. Anonymous22:16

    Therefore, one national Yugoslav carrier would make sense, credit/capital wise. These foreign takeovers are meant to improve, but, also, exploit for the majority benefit of outside interests.

  7. Anonymous22:50

    I wonder will Ryanair go to Mostar


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