Jat Tehnika in Airbus deal

New Airbus training centre in Belgrade
Jat Tehnika and Airbus will set up a new training centre in Belgrade ahead of the maintenance company receiving necessary certificates to service jets from the European plane manufacturer. A training centre for some 200 local mechanics and 50 engineers for the Airbus A310 and A320 aircraft will be opened in the Serbian capital following the agreement signed last week in Toulouse.

Between October and December this year Jat Tehnika will receive the necessary certificates to service Airbus jets after which the training centre will become Airbus’ regional centre for training both local and foreign mechanics and engineers. “This will open up a big market for us because some 60% of air traffic in the region in south eastern Europe is carried out with Airbus jets”, Srdjan Mišković, Jat Tehnika CEO said. The new Airbus license is expected to see Jat Tehnika’s revenue rise by 30%. The maintenance company already services Boeing and ATR aircraft.

Simultaneously, the largest of three Tehnika hangars at Belgrade Airport will finally be completed after more than two decades. While the hangar is in use, it’s construction has never officially come to an end. Two hangars are used for medium sized aircraft and can fit three jets each at one single time while the third hangar is for larger aircraft and can fit two Boeing 747-400s. Besides Jat, the company currently provides maintenance to airlines such as Jet2.com, NordStar Airlines, Astraeus Airlines and Transaero. Earlier this year the Serbian government approved a five million euro loan to finance the completion of the facility.


  1. BEG2IAH09:55

    It's hangAr, not hangEr. Should fix this.

  2. Anonymous11:03

    Ex-YU, great article on GMG airline, those side news are often the best! Thank you!

  3. Anonymous11:31

    Great news for Tehnika, hope it works out for them. Has anyone by any chance got the June stats for BEG? Can't wait to see those, seems to me that there were quite a few flights last month...

  4. Anonymous14:23

    Astraeus is no longer operating I think. Great news for Jat Tehnika. Hope this leads to some closure on the Jat-Airbus row.

  5. Anonymous14:25

    Why the license is for A320/310 family only? Why didn't it include the A330/340 family?

    1. Alex_TSR15:06

      Because East Europe is a small market for A330/340. And all certificates and documentation are different.

  6. Anonymous23:57

    Jat passenger numbers in June are up by 16%, total passengers carried was 134.969. In 2012 they carried 575.363 or 11% up from last year!

  7. Anonymous10:24

    Does the A320 mention includes the entire A320 familly (318, ..., 321) and does the A310 includes the A300 as well?

  8. Anonymous10:25

    Any details on these?


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