One mistake too many
Despite multi million euro losses, debt, conflict of interest and corruption allegations, Zoran Djurišić has managed to maintain his position as the CEO of Montenegro Airlines for the past 18 years.

Questions whether Djurišić is competent enough to head the national carrier have been raised after the full amount of debt owed by Montenegro Airlines was revealed. The airline owes 1.6 million euros to its fuel provider Jugopetrol, 9.7 million to Airports of Montenegro, four million to the Serbia and Montenegro Air Services Agency and 634.000 to Belgrade Airport. However, the list goes on. Eurocontrol is waiting for 386.000 euros from the carrier while Fokker is also expecting 364.000 for servicing the Montenegro fleet. The flag carrier is also in debt to GE Capital Aviation Servicing to the tune of 553.000 euros while a further three million are owed to various other providers. There has also been descent amongst the carrier’s pilots with some supporting Djurišić while others have written to the government to voice their dissatisfaction with the CEO.

On top of its financial woes, Montenegro Airlines’ management is also being investigated for the way it set up its planned Serbian subsidiary, Master Airways, in Niš in 2006. In addition, the company is being scrutinised for the lease of a Fokker F100 to the now defunct Albatros Airways from Albania several years ago. Late last year police seized documents from the national carrier’s head office in Podgorica in an ongoing corruption investigation. The seized documents relate to the way Montenegro Airlines has debited airport taxes since 1994 until 2009.

However, Djurišić is unlikely to face any consequences as he has a good standing within the governing Democratic Party of Socialists. Djurišić’s wife, Milica Pejanović Djurišić, the former Montenegrin Ambassador to France is now serving as the Minister of Defence. She is a high ranking member of the Democratic Socialists which has dominated Montenegrin politics for the past 22 years. The Montenegrin government recently announced measures to write off debt and pump millions into the national carrier. It has ordered the country’s airports to lower fees only to its main customer. Up until now no one has been held accountable for the state in which the carrier has found itself in.


  1. Anonymous09:12

    This man has to be fired as soon as possible and the company should seriously consider the option to merge with Jat Airways, maybe under the name Juzno-evropski Aero Transport like suggested before on this forum

    1. Anonymous12:25

      Why? They wanted their independence let them be now.

    2. Anonymous14:20

      To merge with Jat?
      Is this some kind of joke?

    3. Anonymous16:48

      To the 1st anonymous: this has nothing to do with independence. YM was founded a decade before, therefore I don't understand your point here. It is just a prove of a stupid way of thinking you have and unfortunately some others with you.

      To the second anonymous: why not? Please explain!

    4. Anonymous18:27

      So what if it was founded before? Before the split up they abused the Serbian market (Master Airways) and now that they separated they can't make things work.
      I am sorry but we financed them for too long, no need to finance their independence now.

    5. Anonymous15:21

      One can only abuse a market with restrictional policy (market = people and not companies), same like Montenegro does at this moment (and that is a shame). Therefore I don't see your point here. There was a demand for YM to operate from Serbia and they did so; if there wasn't any they would't do that. Your post only sounds like some kind of frustration towards Montenegro and its people, and only because of their independence. It has also nothing to do with my first post ogf cooperation between JU and YM.

      But when you already have told a part of your opinion, what about for example Wizz Air that has taken a part of the Serbian market? Are they also abusing it according to your knowledge?

      So therefore dear friend stop posting this kind of comments which do remember us on the 90's and start thinking normally and if possible in economical terms, not political ones.

      Last but not least: pozdrav za sve normale ljude u bratskoj Srbiji!

  2. Anonymous11:24

    no no thanks, not with jat airways, monteniggers have albanian airlines there, so they can merge with him

    1. Anonymous16:54

      I think you are a competent to leave a reaction here, sounds like a little bit retarded. Nothing personal but just a reaction on your post. Maybe it should be a good idea for you to stop posting on forum. Once again don't take it personal just as an advice

  3. Anonymous12:28

    Haters gonna hate but...

    'Preduzeće Jat Tehnika dogovorilo je sa evropskim proizvođačem aviona, kompanijom Erbas, osnivanje zajedničkog trening centra, čije će sedište biti u Beogradu.'


    1. Anonymous13:54

      If only this meant that Jat was getting closer to ordering some new Airbuses (as much as I adore Boing planes, any new metal will do at this point...)

    2. Anonymous14:18

      Big Deal.
      Already exists in ZAG

    3. Anonymous14:46

      It actually is a big deal, if this venture prove successful then we might see all of their operations from the region move to Belgrade. OU will most likely end up closing down after the entry to the EU as it won't be able to receive the very much needed subsidies. And yes, some are allowed but it won't be enough to keep the airline going.

      BEG and JU are far more reliable than their current alternative.

    4. Anonymous16:58

      Its BOEING!!! not Boing!!!

    5. Anonymous06:42

      Ano 2.46 PM

      Concerning reliability of BEH and JU.
      This is another good joke.
      BEG burst sewage pipe and JU having majority of planes on maintenance.
      You actually do not know how many planes JU has available. Every day is different.
      Alan Ford has been involved in these two "enterprises"

  4. Erbas = Airbus?

    If so.. damn, how stupid can we be if we must rape a simple name called 'airbus' to Erbas :/

    1. Anonymous14:47

      It has to do with Serbian grammar.

    2. Anonymous19:27

      Actually, it doesn't. It has to do with state of mind and very narrow interpretation of the language rules. Grammar allows you to use non-transcribed names if they are written in the same (in this case Latin) script.

    3. Anonymous22:04

      Dont be snot, it doesnt have with state of mind but the fact that serbian is written in cyrillic not latin and writing original names is not possible.
      In my opinion the other case is stupid, you take not the orginial but the english transliteration of the name. If you are gonna write in ur language write it consistently, and not a little bit your language, little bit french, and then when you cant read the original, translate it into english. Stupid.

    4. Anonymous01:55

      Serbian language uses two scripts on equal footing. If you can't grasp that, then any further discussion in futile.

      And this is entirely OT, so my apologies to the community, over and out.

  5. Anonymous14:47

    Apology for OT
    My friend was at BEG on 23.06.2012.
    He had to call for Ambulance after experiencing terrible smell of human droppings and waste at the BEG Airport. In addition, in toilets was no water available.
    All present pax were visibly upset calling for any possible assistance.
    Anyone knows more about the event?

    1. Anonymous15:43

      A sewrege pipe underneath the terminal burst

  6. Anonymous20:12

    That Montenegro Airlines is the private airline of
    this criminal!

    I dont understand these Serbs who want to be united with this idiots...at least the Monties are only stealing
    their own people!

    No single Serbian taxpayers cent for this criminal
    scheme...very good!
    Serbia has already enough of its own loosers(politicians) and criminals(businessmen).

    What a pity that Montenegro can never get independence from its own home made problems!

    1. Anonymous14:50

      Read the article from today with Jat Airways' charters, fleet shortage and cancelled sheduled flights. What about that friend, is that legal or I can better say not criminal?

  7. Anonymous22:56

    Why you are so excited with Montenegro? It is better to think about how it has happened that Pristina become airport of neighbouring country Kosovo.
    By the way Djurisic couldn't start with Master Airways if Serbian CAA didn't allow him/them. Do you think that someone from CAA allowed him/them to register the company for free. How about Montenegro tax payers? (he, he, this is a good joke, isn't it)

  8. Anonymous23:38

    Dear last Anonymous could you please again
    explain what you mean?

    1. Anonymous04:23

      I can only make a cartoon that you and guys similar to you understand what I meant. I can simplify. You lost Kosovo and now you puting your nose to Montenegro.
      I am not protecting Djurisic, on contrary, he is a shame of comercial aviation but he is protected and no one can touch him.He and people around him knows too much and he is doing what he want. Are you aware that he is selected for the president or general director of the company again. He gave a job to a bunch of JAT captains who couldn't find job anywhere and for some of them he is God.
      Can you or some of Serbian experts explain how he organized company in Serbia? Who gave him AOC to operate in Serbia. If you don't understand again he did the same way like Kosovars did. BOUGHT YOU WITH A LOT OF MONEY. Why you are allowing him to do this? Because a lot of his stolen money finished in the pockets of your fellowcitizens.
      Do you need more explanations my dear anonymous, who is ready to discuss with me but if Mr. Durisic is in front of you you wouldn't dare to tell him anything. You would be swalloved and kick out on the street like some honest people in Montenegro Airlines who tried to stand up against him.

    2. Anonymous17:06

      You are a stupid person and not funny at all!

      So you acknowledge Djurisic and all the others are a bunch of idiots but as long as they get criticized by some Serbs you will cheer them and applaud the waste of money?!

    3. Anonymous17:26

      Thank you but one is clear. You lost Kosovo!!

  9. # $ #00:04

    The only ones who had the balls and showed this
    criminal Djurisic the red card are the owners of Skopje and Prishtina airport, TAV and Limak Holding!

    Because Montenegro Airlines does not pay its bills,
    it was denied to fly to both destinations and nearly got its aircraft confiscated.

    TAV and Limak knew they would never receive their money.

    The best solution will be to stop refueling and to confiscate their aircraft!

    Deny them international landing rights and finally revoke their license!

  10. Anonymous17:15

    ...You and guys similar to you...

    Yes you can simplify because you are a simple mind!

    Ever grasped the idea that people criticizing
    that Mr Djurisic and his practices here on this blog are not Serbs?

  11. Maki16:42

    Who ever is author of this article I would like to explain me how he can be so shore about corruption ? Do you have a prof ? If I am Djurisic I would sue you !

    1. Maki,

      All of the arguments have been well documented. Police raided MGX offices last year, the airline was/is under investigation for Master Airways and taxes as was confirmed by the state prosecutor at the time, his wife is the Minister of Defence, making him in a direct conflict of interest since Djurišić’s employer is the state government which has recently written off the airline’s debt and favours the airline at the airport. Djurišić has himself confirmed the airline is in debt and is operating with losses.

      The aim of the article is not to launch a witch hunt against Zoran Djurišić. Rather, a fair question has been asked. Whether the man is competent enough to lead the carrier with such a bad run of results in recent times and very murky dealings which have also taken place. This blog has published similar articles relating to CEOs of other airlines in the former Yugoslavia. Such issues shouldn’t be a taboo topic. They should be up for discussion.

      Best regards

  12. Maki12:18

    Did you know that stat prosecutor said that there are no elements of crime after few months ? Did you know that most of debts are from lines that are not feasible, but government asked for it, because of the tourist season ? Did you even asked Mr. Djurisic for comment ?

  13. BURDUS19:13


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