Adria Airways on sale

Adria privatisation process begins
The wait is over as the Slovenian national carrier, Adria Airways, goes on sale. The Slovenian government is offering 74.8% of the airline’s shares and interested parties should submit non binding bids by September 10. The stake is being sold by the state and four banks, which together own 99.9% percent of Adria. The invitation for bids was published in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and the Flight Global magazine yesterday. Adria posted a first quarter net loss of eight million euros.

The amount of shares put on offer indicates that Adria’s potential new owners will be from the European Union. EU regulation 2407/92 requires that, in order to obtain and retain an operating license, an EU air carrier must be majority owned and effectively controlled by EU nationals. Companies and nationals from non EU countries can hold up to a maximum of 49.9% of shares in a European Union airline.

This will be the first attempt to privatise Adria, which ran into major financial trouble last year. Within the EX-YU region only B&H Airlines’ privatisation process has been successful, although, ultimately the new owners left the airline five years later. Jat Airways has been put on sale twice - in 2008 and 2011. On both occasions there was little interest from foreign carriers. Montenegro Airlines was put on sale in 2010. Despite interest from Etihad Airways, Arkia Israeli Airlines and El Al Israel Airlines, no concrete offers were made. Whether Adria will have better luck then its regional counterparts will be known in just over a month.


  1. Adria has a new website!

    1. Anonymous12:09

      Almost identical to Croatia Airlines site.

    2. Anonymous21:16

      hehe. I have the same impession :)

  2. Anonymous09:49

    Good luck!
    Who will buy this no-one.

    This move is needed but sorry it's years too late.

  3. Anonymous14:23

    Winter schedule for Turkish Airlines towards ex-Yugoslavia.

    Istanbul - Sarajevo: 16 weekly
    Istanbul - Belgrade: 10 weekly
    Istanbul - Pristina: 10 weekly
    Istanbul - Zagreb: 7 weekly
    Istanbul - Ljubljana: 6 weekly
    Istanbul - Podgorica: 4 weekly

  4. Anonymous14:44

    Vienna to main Yugoslav airports.

    Vienna - Belgrade: 68 weekly flights
    1. Austrian Airlines, 23 freq.
    2. Jat Airways, 14 freq.
    3. Niki, 12 freq.

    Vienna - Zagreb: 33 weekly flights
    1. Austrian Airlines, 19 freq.
    2. Croatia Airlines, 14 freq.

    Vienna - Ljubljana: 21 weekly flights
    1. Adria, 21 freq.

    Vienna - Sarajevo: 13 weekly flights
    1. Austrian Airlines

    Vienna - Pristina: 11 weekly flight
    1. Austrian Airlines

    Vienna - Skopje: 11 weekly flights
    1. Austrian Airlines

    Vienna - Podgorica: 8 weekly flights
    1. Austrian Airlines: 5 freq.
    2 Montenegro Airlines: 3 freq

    I will do some other later on.

    1. Anonymous17:02

      68 weekly to BEG?! And I though the current 49 was a bit stretched!

    2. Anonymous18:06

      I miscalculated the frequencies as I was rushing. Total number of frequencies remains the same, that is at 49. There are only minor differences in schedule but nothing major.

  5. Anonymous14:55

    Frankfurt - Yugoslavia

    Frankfurt - Zagreb: 28 weekly flights
    1. Croatia Airlines: 21 freq.
    2. Lufthansa: 7 freq.

    Frankfurt - Ljubljana: 25 weekly flights
    Adria Airways

    Frankfurt - Belgrade: 21 weekly flights
    1. Lufthansa: 14 freq.
    2. Jat Airways: 7 freq.

    Frankfurt - Pristina: 6 weekly flights
    Adria Airways

    Frankfurt - Podgorica: 5 weekly flights
    Montenegro Airlines

    Skopje and Sarajevo are not linked to Frankfurt through direct flights.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX15:29

      thanks man for all the news. Cool thing.

      so MUC-PRN on JP no more in Winter?

    2. Anonymous16:32

      Adria will operate PRN>MUC in winter, 6 weekly flights. These were only for Frankfurt.

  6. Anonymous15:05

    Paris to Yugoslavia:

    Paris CDG to Zagreb: 21 weekly flights
    1. Air France: 14 freq.
    2. Croatia Airlines: 7 freq

    Paris CDG to Belgrade: 14 weekly flights
    1. Air France: 7 freq
    2. Jat Airways: 7 freq

    Paris CDG to Ljubljana: 13 weekly flights
    Air France

    Paris CDG to Podgorica: 2 weekly flights
    Montenegro Airlines

    No direct flights to Skopje, Pristina or Sarajevo.

  7. Anonymous15:27

    No idea, who will really be interested in buying Adria!? LH? EY? Don't think so! Adria's slots are not that valuable either....

  8. JU520 BEGLAX15:50

    As long the local habits/practice in doing business do not change, no one will burn his fingers and invest into such a market. Investors want to make money and not f... around with idiots

    the new website looks nice, eventhough english and german do not work yet.... as a professional company you shld not go live before all works properly.

    Will see how well the website is after some weeks and months, as an attractive website changes pictures and features on a constant base

    btw: OU website is good. Simple plus all features u need in a nice and attractive appearance

  9. Anonymous15:59

    LJU is secured more or less with star alliance through a bad management of adria! did new goverment has planned to reserve additional 50 mio EUR, or 60?70 MIO EUR?

  10. Anonymous16:00

    LJU or MBX aiport have to get new players! Volotea!!!!

  11. Anonymous16:36

    Why hasn't ZAG updated their statistics since February?

    1. Anonymous03:00

      Maybe cause there is nothing to update except the constant decline in passenger numbers...

  12. Anonymous18:18

    The new website is fantastic and it's not similar that OU's. Just look at reservation system or the fleet site and all other sites. I saw nothing similar sorry. br from montenegro

  13. Anonymous19:28

    This is a opportunity for Montenegro Airlines. They like to bay aircrafts


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