Croatia - Serbia travel boom

Success for seasonal flights between Croatia and Serbia
This summer season marked the resumption of flights between Belgrade, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula. It is the first time since the break of Yugoslavia that the Serbian capital has been connected with up to three cities in Croatia. With services now operating for over a month they can be deemed as very successful, with high load factors and low operating costs recorded. Croatia Airlines has been carrying out two weekly flights between Belgrade and Split while Jat Airways has also been operating two weekly services between the two cities in addition to three weekly flights to Dubrovnik and two weekly flights to Pula.

Both Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways are using their turboprop aircraft for the flights, a 76 seat Bombardier Dash Q400 and a 66 seat ATR 72-200. On the back of good results, Croatia Airlines has said it will be increasing frequencies from Split to Belgrade next summer and will consider extending them throughout the 2013/14 winter season. On the other hand, Pula Airport’s management has said they hope that Jat will consider extending flights between the two cities throughout the winter season with a one weekly service.

Below you can review the average load factors for each of the abovementioned airlines and routes. The data has been accumulated over the month of August.

AirlineRouteAverage load factor (%)
Croatia AirlinesSplit - Belgrade96.1
Jat AirwaysSplit - Belgrade92.4
Croatia AirlinesBelgrade - Split94.7
Jat AirwaysBelgrade - Split94.0
Jat AirwaysBelgrade - Pula93.9
Jat AirwaysPula - Belgrade95.6
Jat AirwaysBelgrade - Dubrovnik92.4
Jat AirwaysDubrovnik - Belgrade95.6


  1. way to go to both Jat and Croatia Airlines...

  2. Anonymous10:09

    Really nice news. I'm confident that SPU-BEG could run at least once weekly during the winter season too.

  3. Purger10:53

    Not that just Aeroflot was with 767 on ZAG-SVO, but TAP was on 25th August on ZAG-LIS with Boeing 777 from EuroAtlantic.

    1. Do you by chance know how is that "direct" ZAG-LIS service doing?

      I was flying FRA-LIS and LIS-FRA by TAP operated flights couple of weeks ago, there was also an OU code (probably complementing "direct" connection) but could not see any Croats there, only 6 pax ex BEG in one and 3 other in other direction...

    2. Purger11:58

      ZAG-LIS direct flight is on for some 10 years now. During summer flights are non stop 3 to 5 times per week (this year they have 4 times per week -2-4-67 till 14th September, and 3 times per week non stop -2-4--7 till end of summer timetable). During winter flights are via BLQ 3 times per week (usually -2-4--7 or 1-3-5--).

      LF is really good. During winter they fly with A319, during summer usually with A320 or even A321. But as this week most of high school graduation excursions were last weekend of August and lot of them goes to Portugal they send even 777 (from my team 2 girls were on that plane). My information was that plane route was LIS-PRG-ZAG-LIS but most of passengers were from Zagreb (high school graduation excursion).

      Of course when you have direct flight all year on, code-share that TAP have on some connection flights from ZAG via FRA, MUC, CDG, AMS, ZRH does not have so many passengers from Croatia.

    3. Thanks for answer. Didn't know that there is a link without BLQ stopover during summer, really impressive for a destination like LIS which is still somewhat exotic (at least in Serbia). TAP also offers good connections to Americas so presume that's also helping.

      I see that they are now launching Bucharest and that they put their code on Austrian's BEG-VIE flights, but presume that BEG has lower potential than ZAG for them...

    4. Anonymous07:14

      TAP does not have 777 in their fleet....

    5. Purger08:49

      TAP was on 25th August on ZAG-LIS with Boeing 777 from EuroAtlantic.

      ...from EuroAtlantic!!!!

      which part of this sentance you did not understand?

    6. I think the TAP flight are mostly O&D or connecting to S. America. They don't have good connections from ZAG to N. America. Flying from the US is OK as the flight arrives to LIS early in the morning and you can catch the flight to ZAG but on the return to the US you would have to spend a night in LIS. I plan on doing this connection next summer and maybe spend few days in Portugal before returning to the US. The fact that contribute to ZAG-LIS route success is also the price. One-way LIS-ZAG in the middle of summer $130 (about 100 EUR). This is an awesome deal for almost 3 hr flight.

  4. Anonymous11:05

    Why aren't both capitals connected? What a pity :(

    1. Doot13:41

      I've said this before, but I'll say it again.

      I think Croatian Airlines could make a good business with transfer passengers from BEG and increase LF on flights to Europe.

      Belgrade to Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Paris via Zagreb. Offer a flight that's 20euros cheaper and people will take it, on top of O&D passengers

    2. BEG-ZAG would be mostly O&D route, focusing on business passengers, but it would have to be flown with at least 10 rotations weakly, effectively implying Jat and Croatia would have to cooperate and codeshare.

      Don't think there is a real potential for transits via both BEG and ZAG for Germany, Austria or Switzerland as competition is already quite developed on these routes (and there is virtually no space for lower airfares)...

    3. Doot15:03

      Why can easyjet fly from BUD to GVA for 80 euros return but BEG to ZHR is 180 euros minimum.

      I don't believe there's no space for lower airfares.

    4. Anonymous16:55

      Once W6 opens BEG-BSL route all fares to ZRH will be going down.

  5. Great news but on a sad not this just goes to show how many potential routes are out there for both OU and Jat and are not even given a chance!

  6. Wauw.. filling up '76 seats' and they are proud, come on. Thats just a regular bus-size :/

    1. That is a big 'bus' your talking about there. But again like I mentioned above it proves there is potential on many routes not given a chance.

  7. Anonymous18:34


    the flights from ZAD TO BRN starts from June, not from July!!!!

  8. Anonymous08:43

    It is à sad picture if We look before 1990.

  9. Anonymous08:44

    Apology for OT.This is for information only.
    ZAG had yesterday, Monday 27.08.2012, two flights to Doha.
    Regular one at 15.10 via BUD and another direct one, which took off at 18.06 hrs.

    Direct flight ZAG to Doha took exactly four (4) hours and fifty (50) minutes.

    Actually,Sunday's flight was delayed for 27 hours due to necessity for replacement of certain part, which was not readily available at ZAG, Munich and Vienna airports.
    Both flights were made by A321.

  10. Anonymous13:29

    these are probably serbs visiting croatia. we have gotten over the shit in the 90's. it's about time croats did the same...


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