Dubrovnik surpasses million

Dubrovnik Airport chasing 1987 record
Dubrovnik Airport welcomed its millionth passenger for the year this Thursday, ten days ahead of 2011. The lucky millionth passenger arrived on an easyJet flight from Madrid. Belen Lozoya Canas received a return ticket from Dubrovnik to any European destination served from the city, three nights of all expenses paid accommodation and various vouchers. Dubrovnik Airport's general manager, Roko Tolić, believes the airport could break its annual record, set back in 1987, if the upward growth trends continue.

Dubrovnik Airport's busiest year was 1987 when it welcomed 1.460.354 passengers while its busiest post independence year was 2011 when 1.349.501 travellers used its services. The airport had a slow start to the year with numbers declining in January and February, however, business picked up during spring. In July alone, Dubrovnik handled 279.368 passengers, an increase of 9% compared to the same month last year. If the airport is to exceed its 1987 record, it is likely it will handle more passengers than Ljubljana Airport by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Dubrovnik will become the first airport in Croatia to feature air bridges. In December, the first two out of four air bridges will be installed, meaning passengers will no longer have to board busses to get to their aircraft. Dubrovnik has the most modern terminal building in the country. Opened in 2010, it stretches over 13.700 square metres and has the capacity to handle two million passengers annually. However, the airport’s modernisation and expansion project is still ongoing.


  1. Anonymous10:04


    The flights from PUY to BHX, MAN and LGW op by Thomson Airways are not new flights - the airline operates this connections many years ago. The only news are Thomson increases the flights to twice weekly flights.

  2. Anonymous10:25

    Bravo Dubrovnik :-)
    Looking forward to boarding plane through air bridge finally in Croatia.

  3. frequentflyer12:43

    Great numbers and they may pass the previous record.

    Air bridges maketh not the airport - what a strange measurement of 'success'! I'd rather see more destinations and variety of airlines year-round at DBV.

  4. Anonymous13:14

    SPU also welcomed milionth passenger:

  5. Anonymous13:37

    Congratulations to Dubrovnik Airport! You cannot find any important city in Europe that is not connected with Dubrovnik from May to October. They do really good job and hopefully this winter will be also pretty successful with new destinations: Munchen and Zurich following by old ones: London, Rome, Frankfurt and Zagreb.

  6. Anonymous18:22

    Congratulations to both SPU and DBV. Here's to hoping that we'll see more flights from BEG to Croatia.

  7. Anonymous11:13

    Congratulations to Dubrovnik and Split,today Aeroflot is coming to Zagreb with B767-300ER

  8. I think many passengers view air bridges as a measure of a modern airport, at least in the US.


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