From Banja Luka to Kuwait

Flights from Banja Luka to Kuwait City in the works
The Kuwaiti ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mohammed Fadhil Khalaf, announced yesterday that plans have been put into motion for services between Kuwait City and Banja Luka to be inaugurated as soon as possible. “By launching the nonstop service the number of tourists to the Republic of Srpska, as an integral part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, would significantly rise”, Khalaf said. The announcement was warmly welcomed by the Vice President of the Republic of Srpska, Enes Suljkanović.

The news comes only a few months after Gryphon Airlines launched two weekly seasonal flights from Kuwait City to Sarajevo. The service will operate until mid September, however, a one weekly flight during the winter season is also being considered. It is believed that the same airline, with the support of the Kuwait Fund, would operate the flights to Banja Luka. Another likely possibility is for the flights to the Bosnian capital to operate via Banja Luka.

Flights to Kuwait City are the only direct air link offered between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Middle East. Last year, the low cost Air Arabia launched flights from Dubai to Tuzla, however, the service lasted just under a month due to poor loads. Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently the only country within the former Yugoslavia to offer direct flights to Kuwait.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    I do not want to sound bitter or like "a winging granny", but seriuosly, where do they come up with these kind of ideas? BNX to Kuwait...? So who is going to fly I wonder.......

  2. Peter from Sydney12:52

    LOL totally agree! Why stop at Kuwait, I think BNX should be connected to New York and...(insert outlandish destination) all year round!

  3. Anonymous15:39

    hey if they get some charter company from kuwait bringing tourists to RS who are interested in eastern europe, it is very likely that the airline will succeed with the flights. it is a little weird though, like out of all the cities in the world...

  4. Anonymous20:02

    Could this route be motivated by religious reasons?

  5. Anonymous20:09

    WOW - What a load of absolute bullsh*t. This is like the Yugoslvian space shuttle project! Hahahaha

  6. Anonymous23:09

    joke ot the monty ops year!

  7. Can their 767 land at BNX, is the runway sufficient? Also can BNX handle the baggage for a full 767?

    It doesn't make sense to have a Kuwait - BNX - SJJ - Kuwait flight plan though. Who would want to fly past SJJ, wait on the plane for other passengers to deplane and have luggage removed, and then take off again to fly to SJJ. The 767 is a big plane so it would never be a very short stop.

    Good luck to the company and the airport though. Does anyone have figures on their current flight to SJJ? Is it flying nearly full all the time so they want to expand? Will we hear them announce flights to Tuzla soon too?


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