From Trieste to Mostar and Niš

Soon in Mostar and Niš
The airports in Mostar and Niš will soon see flights from Trieste in Italy as part of a European Union funded project to connect smaller regional airports across the continent. Flights from Trieste to Mostar will launch as soon as August 31. Services will be operated by Mistral Air, twice per week, with a Boeing 737-400. Furthermore, the airline will also launch flights from Bari to Mostar at a later date. Mostar Airport has been swarmed with Italian pilgrims visiting the Medjugorje site this summer. As a result, it has seen record traffic. “We will offer reasonably priced and high quality flights to Mostar”, Mistral Air CEO, Riccardo Sciolti, says. He adds that Mistral has had extensive experience with operating religious flights.

Meanwhile, Mistral will also be inaugurating flights from Trieste to Niš Constantine the Great Airport. Services will commence in April 2013 and will operate once per week. “The services will be subsidised by the European Union. We are planning on launching a joint website for ticket sales”, Dragan Bugarinović, the general manager of Niš Airport says. He added that separate talks are being held with another airline on commencing flights from Bratislava next year.

Mistral Air has designated Balkan Express for the sale of tickets to Mostar and Niš. A return ticket starts at 158 euros. Thanks to the new service, Mostar Airport will see its first scheduled flights in years. On the other hand, it will be the second time Niš Airport has been connected with Italy. In 2010 WindJet operated subsidized flights between Forli and Niš. Details for the Trieste - Mostar service can be found here.


  1. good news for nis but mostar ok

  2. This is beyong amazing news for Nis! I hope that these flights are sucessful and it's great because it gives people a seaside location to go on a summer holiday. On top of that there are many ex-yu people living there which is perfect if travellers dont know good italian or english!

  3. Can somebody please please explain to me how to buy these tickets for Mostar? Wherever I look it is always some sort of booking for flight + hotel but I just want to book a flight. Thanks in advance for an answer :)

    1. I think you can contact the tourist agency and then they will sell you the ticket separetely.

  4. Great news for Nis and Mostar.

    Off topic: Does anyone have stats on passenger loads for the Gryphon flights from Kuwait to SJJ?

  5. Kraljevo still remains with no flights :( Why don't they finally consider this airport?

  6. OT: What ICAO categories are main ex-Yu airports? Does any have ICAO certification for F-type planes? Thanks.

  7. how does one buy tickets on mistral air??


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