Ljubljana’s numbers plummet

Disappointing figures for Ljubljana Airport
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has seen a major plunge in passenger numbers in the first half of the year. While figures have been steadily declining throughout 2012, the most alarming result came in June when the airport handled only 116.170 passengers, down 18.6% compared to the same month last year. Earlier, airport authorities predicted that Ljubljana will end the year with a 4% passenger decline when compared to 2011. However, this estimate is now looking very optimistic. For its poor results, the airport blames Adria Airways’ reduced network as well as the euro zone crisis which has gripped Slovenia itself.

In the first half of the year, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 527.151 passengers, compared to last year’s 607.088, representing a decrease of 13.2%. Figures show that the majority of passengers using Ljubljana Airport are either arriving or departing on services to and from Germany. It is followed by Turkey, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. From the former Yugoslavia, the majority of passengers are arriving and departing to and from Priština, followed by Skopje, then Belgrade, Podgorica and finally Sarajevo.

This winter season Ljubljana Airport will be served by five scheduled airlines. Wizz Air will be the only new arrival, with services from London and Charleroi to be launched this winter season. Ljubljana’s busiest year on record was 2008 when it welcomed 1.673.050 passengers through its doors. The airport broke the million passenger mark for the first time in 2004 and has managed to handle over one million passengers annually ever since. The airport’s busiest year prior to the breakup of Yugoslavia was in 1987 when 886.281 passengers used its services.


  1. Anonymous11:02

    Yikes. Not looking too good.

  2. PRAGuc14:13

    OT: Pegasus je ubacen u sezonski red letenja http://www.beg.aero/putnici/letovi/sezonski_red_letenja.53.html?kompanija=669&odDan=25&odMesec=10&odGodina=2012&destinacija=&doDan=27&doMesec=10&doGodina=2012&type=IA&flightSearch=true

    1. Anonymous14:35

      Yes, BEG confirmed the slots, but Pegasus will not be issued the licence from Serbian authorities, really incredible.

    2. Anonymous15:04

      I wonder how much Turkish Airline paid the directorate to turn down the request.
      The head of the directorate is extremly corrupt, not to mention incompetent. We all remember what he did during his time as the head of Jat.

    3. Anonymous22:59

      Ok guys, can we have some source quoted about that?

    4. Anonymous01:00

      Why doesn't Turkey join the Open Skies agreement? It has been invited numerous times, but chose not to.

      Why didn't Turkey give Qatar Airways 5th freedom rights on the BEG-ESB route?

      It's not all in Serbian hands.

  3. Anonymous18:05

    It's seems SKP will overrun LJU in 1-2 years!

  4. Anonymous20:21

    Skopje? Not for awhile.
    It will be Dubrovnik, and perhaps Split which will overpass LJU this year. Of course, in addition to Prishtine.

  5. Anonymous22:02

    that is a price of destroying its own national carrier


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