Two airlines interested in B&H

B&H Airlines awaits new partner
The Bosnian Minister for Transport and Communication, Enver Bijedić, has announced that two airlines are vying for a 49% stake in the national carrier B&H Airlines. Talks with the two interested parties are set to begin following Ramadan, which ends on August 19. “At this point I can only reveal that one of the airlines is European while the other isn’t. Furthermore, one of them is well known around the world while the other is prepared to financially back the entire project”, Bijedić recently announced. He adds, “Together with the B&H management team I will work towards improving the agreement we will reach with our new partners compared to the one we had with Turkish Airlines”.

Earlier this year Turkish Airlines relinquished its 49% stake in the Bosnian carrier bought in late 2008. It blamed the government’s lack of support as the prime reason for its pull out. It has been previously announced that an airline from Libya, most likely the privately owned Buraq Air, has expressed interest in taking over the minority stake in the flag carrier. The decision to sell 49% of B&H will avoid any ownership problems with European Union regulators in the future.

B&H Airlines is currently operating a single ATR72 with the other grounded in Germany since February. Bijedić assures the aircraft will return to the airline soon and that B&H will have full ownership of the two aircraft by 2016. Experts believe B&H’s biggest selling point is the underserved Bosnian market which has great potential for growth in the coming years as well as a sizable diaspora.


  1. Anonymous09:46

    Following the Ramadan? Erm... since when has Bosnia turned into Saudi Arabia that they can't discuss business until the holiday passes?

    1. Anonymous11:17

      Maybe the airline from Libya won't start till after Ramadan. In order to keep talks simultaneously they wait. Many options, give many solutions/answers

    2. Anonymous11:24

      According to the article it seems that they are not the key player anymore:

      “At this point I can only reveal that one of the airlines is European while the other isn’t. Furthermore, one of them is well known around the world while the other is prepared to financially back the entire project”

    3. Anonymous15:51

      Hrvat, Rimokatolik sam...ali vidim da mnogima smeta sveti, blagoslovljen mijesec Ramazan...sram Vas bilo! Molim administratora da sabrise taj prvi komentar...

  2. Anonymous12:00

    OT: Blic run a story last night (sorry I couldn't find english translation):
    about a couple who bought tickets a month before the flight with jat to CPH and then from CPH to Oslo with norvegian. So far so good, except their flight was overbooked and they were offered connecting flight via CDG which arrived 1h later than their connection to Oslo. It didn't work out so Jat refunded their tickets, they rebooked the same day to Oslo with norvegian and at the end lost 290EUR.
    The thing that shocked me is ~250 angry comments against Jat! Everybody overbooks and I'm dissapointed that people don't know that. And "victims" are total amateurs - they should have known better than to book 2 different companies and expect connection to be 100% safe...

    1. Anonymous12:36

      Agreed. If you book 2 seperate tickets, you take 100% of the risk on your own shoulders.

    2. Anonymous12:37

      Same things here, just read the comments:

      Serbs...always ready to spit on their own and to praise, idealize, adore everything foreign. I remember once ih DOH Qatar had overbooked like 35 people on the flight...

    3. Anonymous12:45

      Jat is only company on the world, which is doing overbooking, as their normal business practice.

      With other companies, such cases are exceptions.

    4. Anonymous13:07

      Are you a moron or what? Overbooking at ~115% capacity is standard practice especially among big world airlines with huge amout of conneting traffic and 90% of time ~15% of people don't make it to the plane on-time. Jat is actually among the rare ones when overbooking rarely occurs, so it's actually the other way around.

    5. Anonymous14:25

      Emirates regularly overbooks, numerous times I was upgraded to business class because economy was full.
      What Jat did was normal and nothing strange.

    6. If you follow carefully, Blic's coverage of Jat is 99% negative, it is not a coincidence...

    7. @Anonymous 12:45 PM
      You have no clue, do you? This is standard practice for every airlline in the world. Numerous times I have been on overbooked LH flights where they offered passangers to take the next flight and gave out compensations for those who accepted.

    8. Anonymous06:33

      BEG airport is only one on the world where sewage flows on the floor and power cuts are normal events.

    9. Anonymous08:33

      And how many times has it occurred to you? Electricity cuts are not normal event because they have generators which are immediately turned on and the sewage issues was a one off problem. So please, if you do not know do not speak.

  3. Anonymous13:43

    Good stuff for B&H Airlines! Well be on a good road to success we just need one more aircraft on the larger side and open up some new routes...hopefully that new airline will help us with the aircraft like Turkish airlines did.


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