Wizz Air in Belgrade expansion

Four new destinations from Belgrade by Wizz Air
The low cost airline, Wizz Air, will be introducing flights to four new destinations from its Belgrade base over the next year. Services to Basel Mulhouse, Oslo Torp, Rhodes and Corfu will be launched, with the airline basing a new aircraft in the Serbian capital and investing 127.6 million euros. Wizz Air plans to carry 500.000 passengers through Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport next year, up from 360.000 forecast for 2012, CEO Jozsef Varadi said at a press conference yesterday.

Flights to Basel Mulhouse will be inaugurated on December 15 and will operate three times per week. On May 31, 2013 services to Oslo Torp will be launched and will run twice per week. Services to the Greek islands of Rhodes and Corfu will operate on a seasonal basis and will be inaugurated on June 15 and June 20 respectively. Tickets are already up for sale. Details for the abovementioned routes can be found by clicking on the links. The new services will join existing flights to Charleroi, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, London Luton, Memmingen and Stockholm. Flights to Rome will be suspended this September and will operate only during the summer.

Wizz Air has announced that it plans to further expand from Belgrade with flights to France and Spain being considered. Furthermore, the no frills carrier is contemplating launching flights from Niš Constantine the Great Airport. Wizz Air is currently Belgrade’s second largest airline, with a market share of 11%, ahead of Lufthansa and Montenegro Airlines but behind Jat Airways which has retained a 40% share so far this year.


  1. BA88809:11

    In the meantime I will be still avoiding W6 on LTN-BEG-LTN route due to INSANE departure time...And appaling condition of LTN.

    (There goes my hope for change in their time table...)

    1. Anonymous11:40

      BA888, spot on.

      I have seen a lot of terrible airports in my life, but LTN tops them all. The less I say the better.

    2. Anonymous14:31

      I agree about departure time from BEG and what LTN airport offers, or better said, doesn't offer, but I also know that I don't find my money on the streets of London, therefore if I have to choose between £100 and £350 (very often with Jat), I will always choose £100 ticket. Simples :-)

    3. BA88814:48

      One of the "Star Alliance" members (often LH) gets me LHR-BEG-LHR for about £200, opiton worth checking with extra hout en-route...

    4. Bogush01:07

      I love belgrade and Suricn airport but let's face it..Luton is miles better than Belgrade airport. Sometimes a bit croweded but not a hell hole! I agree about the early departure time, however it means you arrive early in London! I hope they increase flights to daily..it's about time.
      Basel--excellent choice!!
      Oslo- will be ok twice weekly.
      Spain..hmmm, summer maybe.
      They should consider Istanbul (if they can get the rights) also flights to Berlin and Paris Beauvais would do very well.
      I could imagine a twice weekly Basel-Nis flight working during the summer months. Or even a Belgrade-Basel-Banja Luka-Basel-Belgrade rotation during the summer. I'm sure Banja Luka airport would do it for free to get a lcc in Bosnia..

  2. Anonymous09:23

    But when Zagreb, when Zagreb

    1. Anonymous07:23

      When the management gives them a good price maybe?

      Does anyone know why Wizz Air left Zagreb the last time? Was it due to light loads or because of a dispute with the airport management?

    2. frequentflyer06:29

      ^ ZAG proved to be a mini cash-cow for W6 until some genuine low-cost competition arrived in form of U2 (easyjet).

      The weakest player is always pushed out of a market - and it was W6, who ultimately were offering a greatly inferior service to OU for nearly the same cost. Most people woke up to this quite quickly!

  3. Anonymous10:48

    BEG will remain the only active airport serving the whole of Serbia. Don't think Niš will ever receive any flights. There are way too many much bigger (traffic wise) airports in the region especially SKP, SOF, SKG.

  4. Anonymous11:35

    I hope they gonna start with flight Belgrade-Barcelona .

    1. Barcelona (El Prat) is way expensive for them, perhaps they might try out Girona, but Jat is already flying there.

      Madrid would be a really nice addition for Belgrade market, but I'm not sure if demand would be sufficient...

    2. Anonymous11:51

      Well it seems that it is not that expensive since Ryanair has a base there. Also they shouldn't really care as I doubt they will see any competition on that market any time soon.

    3. Anonymous12:44

      Yup, and they already fly to Bucharest, Budapest, Cluj, Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan, Prague, Sofia, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Vilnius and Warsaw from BCN...

  5. Anonymous11:50

    It will be interesting to see how they perform on their Belgrade-Oslo Torp route.
    They will face directly Norwegian which flies to the central airport and offers a way superior product. A good example is the free wifi offered on board Norwegian aircraft.
    I see the fares being considerably reduced between teh two countries but I see Wizz Air losing on this one.

    I wonder if they are going to sell some seats to tourist agencies for their flights to Rhodes and Corfu. Then again they operate it only once a week.

    I wonder if we will see more routes added as if they plan on basing another aircraft in Belgrade then they will need to increase flights unless they want their planes sitting on the ground.

    It is good that with these routes they will not compete with Jat directly.

  6. Anonymous12:20

    great job beg

  7. Anonymous14:37

    Well done Wizzair and well done BEG, Basel is a great choice! Spain should be heavily targeted, MAD all year around, Barcelona, Malaga, Valecia, Palma seasonally would be a great thing!


  8. Anonymous21:07

    Try www.volotea.com! really good service!

  9. Anonymous14:24

    They are using the same press-trick like Ryanair. Can anyone explain the "investment" of 127.6 million € ? How is this calculated? What is included? The value of the aircraft, the salaries of the serbian staff, the taxes paid or what? Are the a/c immatriculated in the Serbian registry? For me a real investment would be to base couple of planes with serbian registry, build a maintenance facility, call center, office building and so on. To hire a few stewardesses in Belgrade and to keep all of the hard-ware infrastrucure in BUD is not an investment into Serbia. Sorry. Fake!

  10. Doot10:50

    Oh man.....

    This is awful.

    I was very much looking forward to the Basel flight, but their arrival time is terrible!

    The last decent connection to Geneva is 21:37, a mere 30 minutes after the flight lands. After that, you're stuck waiting until 5am.

    There seemed to be so much potential for this flight. A good option to the now-expensive skywork and an option to flying to Zurich, which might also put a downward pressure on the Zurich flights.

    With this landing time, this flight is useless.

    Only 40 minutes earlier, and it would make all the difference.

    1. Doot10:57

      I mean train connection

    2. Doot11:38

      hang on... There's an extra train on Saturday.

    3. Anonymous19:13

      Does that train goes via Bern and Lausanne? And when is the departure time of that last train to Geneva? Thnx

    4. Anonymous19:22

      Theres a train at 9.45pm right?

  11. Doot20:03

    No. 9:37pm is when the bus from Basel airport leaves for Basel train station.

    This Basel flight lands at 9:05. Maybe, maybe enough time if you have no luggage, but I'd hate to make that bet.

    Saturdays, there's a bus at 10:40 (arrive 1:05am) and 11:40 (arrive 2:24am), so it's doable on Saturday but a pretty late arrival.

    These night connections go airport-basel-berne-geneva (changing trains each connection), saturday night training changing trains also in Lausanne (3 changes). (sbb.ch for the train schedules)

    All in all, not a very good alternative if you're travelling to Geneva.

    1. Doot20:34

      oops, I mean at 9:40 and 10:40. 10:40 train arrives at 2:24am in Geneva.

    2. Anonymous22:41

      So do I have to change trains and where if I want to travel to Bern or Lausanne? The train line is Basel Bahnhof-Geneva via Bern and Laussane, am I wrong?

      btw-thnx for the given info :)

    3. Doot22:52

      check the website for accurate info:


    4. Anonymous00:05

      I've checked already, but I dont know if I should change trains or the line goes direct to Geneva without any change :)

    5. Anonymous00:05

      *directly, sorry.

  12. Doot10:24

    look at the column for train platform. if it has a different number, you change.

    Generally, if it lists the stop, you change.

    1. Anonymous11:22

      Ok, thnx for the help ;)


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