Dubrovnik terminal construction begins

New terminal for Dubrovnik Airport
The construction of Dubrovnik Airport’s new terminal has begun. Its completion will mark the end to the multi million euro upgrade the airport has gone through over the past few years. The new terminal is being built in place of the old airport building, constructed in 1962, which has now been demolished to make way for a new modern structure. The price tag of the project amounts to 70 million euros and is to be financed out of a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

In May 2010 a new terminal opened at Dubrovnik Airport stretching over 13.700 square metres. It has the capacity to handle two million passengers per year. As reported earlier, the terminal will see the addition of air bridges in a few months, the first in Croatia to feature them. Future plans call for the construction of a commercial zone around the airport and even the construction of a new runway.

This year, Dubrovnik Airport is marking the 50th anniversary since opening its doors on May 15, 1962. Previously, the field airport in Gruda served Dubrovnik, although it was used only on a seasonal basis. The construction of a modern terminal building began in 1960. The airport set its passenger record in 1987, a figure it could surpass this year. Dubrovnik Airport is currently the most modern in the country.


  1. Anonymous09:13

    I do not understand this, why are projects such as these possible in Dubrovnik but not in Zagreb?
    To make things even worse this is not the first construction in decades (as it would be the case with Zagreb) but only recently they finished that major reconstruction.

    So basically only Zagreb and Sarajevo are in the pits when it comes to airport infrastructure. Unfortunately I fear that they will remain like that for quite some time.

    1. Anonymous12:17

      Regret to say, looks like you do not understand a lot more than just this text.
      In Croatia, at the moment, all airports are undergoing revamping and modernization except Rijeka.
      To impute some kind of jealousy in between DU and ZG is just pathetic.
      So, basically, do not fear for ZG, rather see in what shape is your only airport.

    2. Anonymous13:53

      Mmmm there is nothing being done in Zagreb at the moment. Even the construction of the new terminal has been put on hold by the French.

    3. Anonymous00:22

      new airport terminal @ Zagreb airport will be up and running by October 2015, its a large 72 000sqm terminal ,few re-designs needed to be done to current planned terminal, reason for delay and financial project had to be closed before project gets go ahead. So construction should start by May 2013, at the latest August 2013 otherwise French company will have to pay hefty fine. Old terminal in meanwhile received some needed revamp and slight expansion allowing for increased capacity as well as passenger comfort. Current Zagreb Airport is ugly from the outside, but interior the terminal is extremely functional and very modern.

    4. Anonymous12:35

      yeah man, that is that, what I also do not understand. DBV and ZAD expands from year to year, but not Zagreb!

    5. Anonymous17:16

      Zagreb Airport just got an upgrade, face front of the entire terminal got new face, considering building is 250m long its not an easy or cheap thing to do, also terminal was expanded by another 45m to add extra room for international departure lunge and viewing terrace with a restaurant and coffee bar was added too. No other airport in ex-Yugoslavia has that. The old terminal is now 22000sqm and with increased capacity expanded terminal can handle 3 million passengers, sufficient until new terminal is built in 2015. Don't forget current terminal is still the largest in Croatia and 3rd largest in ex-Yugoslavia, behind Skopje 40 000sqm and Belgrade 34000sqm, ahead of Ljubljana 20 000sqm, Dubrovnik 14000sqm, Split 8000sqm, Sarajevo 7000sqm & Podgorica 6000sqm.

    6. No problem00:34

      Déjà vu!

      "viewing terrace and coffee bar was added too".

      Actually, they have merely been resurrected. Both had existed and were open to public back in 1960s. Security concerns, after a wave of terrorist attacks on several European airports, had effectively eutanized them in 1972.

  2. Anonymous10:06

    Dubrovnik Airport is doing right thing. They have around 1,4 mil. passengers and they already built airport for 2 mil. Now they continue with building new terminal for 5 mil. passengers because until it will be finished, Airport will have around 2 mil. passengers. Every airport should plan much in advance like Dubrovnik. Great job!

    1. Anonymous00:34

      Yes, new expansion is planned expansion Dubrovnik Airport Authorities planned for several years. Once completed new terminal will stretch across 35600sqm, have 4 passenger boarding bridges and increased capacity of 5.5 million per year.
      New runway is planned sometimes after 2015, with old runway being converted in to a taxiway. Split Airport is also getting a new 25000 sqm terminal in 2014/5, increasing the capacity from current 1.5 million to 5 million, new terminal will also have 4 passenger boarding bridges and runway will get new taxiway, increasing airport's capacity even further. So by 2017 Croatia will have 3 ultra modern airports with world class airport terminals, which is more than sufficient for a small country such as Croatia.

      Also to explain why so few passenger bridges for Dubrovnik and Split airports (Zagreb is getting 12 in first stage) is due to the fact that both airports are tourist airports and like all major tourist airports in Spain, Italy and France holiday airlines prefer quick turnaround and passenger boarding bridges can only slow down that process.

  3. Anonymous10:58

    I think Belgrade, Dubrovnik and Skopje are the best run airports in Yugoslavia.

    1. Anonymous11:42

      Yugoslavia DOESN'T exist!

    2. Anonymous12:01

      Really? I haven't noticed that. Thank you for informing me.

      I was merely referring to the geographical area that once was Yugoslavia.

    3. Anonymous12:20

      Airport having sewage flowing on the floor, power outages and endless check-in process, cannot be considered, as well run airport.

    4. Anonymous12:22

      There was never sewage on the floor. It was a pipe that broke underground.
      I have never heard any problems with check ins at Belgrade airport. I fly at least twice per month and NEVER have I had to experience queues.

      I just think that you have some personal reasons to hate Belgrade, or maybe even Serbia.

    5. Anonymous12:50

      Well I certainly DO HOPE you only 'merely' referred to that 'failed state' ONLY as a geographical area and nothing more!

    6. Anonymous00:37

      Yugoslavia doesn't exist and I can tell you now best airport currently in ex-Yugoslavia is Ljubljana Airport, has world class infrastructure and best equipment installed. Other airports in region that come even close in terms of runway equipment and general airport equipment is Zagreb Airport, other airports fall way behind. Zagreb airport has shitty terminal that is all, but even that is going to change soon.

    7. Anonymous03:49

      Yep and in terms of numbers even Prishtina is better than Ljubljana. Fail.

    8. Anonymous08:01

      Exactly, the fact that Ljubljana and Zagreb have both falling passenger numbers shows that there is something wrong with the management which has failed to attract new airlines.
      I get sick when I see how desperate LJU is now for new services. Where was this enthusiasm when Adria could receive state subsidies?

    9. Anonymous17:26

      Well Zagreb airport has major ongoing construction going atm, so traffic dip was expected, after all they are tearing down old parts of the terminal and expanding current terminal, I think it is expected for airport to have slight dip, and the fact 3 airlines serving Zagreb went bust. Also Wizz air is being forced out of Zagreb airport with easy Jet and German Wings taking over.

      2013 will see massive growth in passenger numbers, not that 2012 is going to be that bad, Zagreb airport will still handle around 2.3 million passengers.

    10. Anonymous15:11

      In a way, it's sad to see the old building go. I was on the first JAT Caravelle flight to land at the new airport in 1962...but yes, it was time for a 21st century change.

  4. A sto ti toliko smeta ta Jugoslavija? Da nije bilo nje, ti bi sada sigurno bio sa ovcama u nekoj nedogiji.

  5. A sto ti toliko smeta ta Jugoslavija? Da nije bilo nje, ti bi sada sigurno bio sa ovcama u nekoj nedogiji.

  6. Anonymous15:14

    Meni smeta... You mean Serboslavia? Slovenia and Croatia are much better off today than as SFRJ. True, some of the ex-Yugoslav republics lost out...

    1. Anonymous02:47

      + 1

      Zivjela nezavisna Slovenija, Hrvatska, Bosna i Hercegovina, Crna Gora, Makedonija i Kosovo!


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