Montenegro Airlines to maintain Niš flights

Montenegro Airlines to stay in Niš this winter

Montenegro Airlines will continue operating flights from Podgorica to Niš Constantine the Great Airport this winter season after reaching an agreement with city authorities for the payout of just under half a million euros worth of subsidies. Last week the Montenegrin carrier suspended ticket sales between the two cities and announced the suspension of the route. “The moment I found out that such a decision has been made I knew I had to act immediately. Debt exists and has to be paid, but I had to find a legal way to settle our obligations. We found a way after consulting the Ministry of Finance”, the Mayor of Niš, Zoran Perišić, said. The outstanding debt will be paid in two instalments, one by September 30 and the other by October 15.

Montenegro Airlines has since resumed ticket sales on the route. The airline plans to operate five weekly flights this winter, compared to the daily flights which ran throughout the summer season. Furthermore, there are plans for the airline to operate one to two weekly flights from Niš to Zurich but it is unlikely to be granted rights by Swiss authorities. The managing director of Niš Airport, Dragan Bugarinović, has blamed Jat Airways for the airport’s woes and has accused the national carrier of avoiding Niš. The Serbian airline shook off any criticism saying the flights are unprofitable. Bugarinović suggested that Jat should follow Croatia Airlines’ recent example and lease a commuter aircraft for flights originating from Niš.

Meanwhile, the city’s mayor has announced that tender procedures will soon begin to find a new airline willing to fly to Niš. “Those that wish to operate flights to Niš from somewhere in Europe and offer the best terms will be given rights to fly to the city”, the mayor said.


  1. Anonymous10:27

    lol INI blames JU for absolutely everything. If they had offered subsidies to JU like they did to their cousins at YM I’m sure Jat would be flying from INI.

  2. Anonymous10:41

    I am not sure! You are general manager of Jat? So how can you be sure?

    Jat can find some routes which can be profitable from INI like


    but instead Jat demonstratively refused to fly to INI.

    1. Anonymous17:00

      Well, if those flight were profitable (maintaining high LF an yield throughout the season), I am sure OS and LX, or at least HG, would be flying to INI already. So, this is most definetely not about Jat.

    2. JATBEGMEL23:06

      JAT flew from Nis 1 season to 4 destinations and cancelled them quickly as alot of the flights barely had more than 10 passengers on them (for an ATR!!!). YM is doing the flights as they get subsidies, otherwise the 20-30 pax wouldnt justify the flights.

    3. Anonymous01:20

      I don't even know why those jat flights are even being mentioned.

      1. They weren't even advertised so how is anyone going to know about them. When you think about it these Montenegro airline flights are have low advertisement too. I have been to Serbia twice in the past year and no one knew about these flights until I told them.

      2. They were extremely expensive.

      & 3. They need to work out seasonal destinations and get people using a plane to get to their holiday destination instead of car/bus which many people are so used to.

  3. Anonymous10:42

    And what about ?

  4. Anonymous11:29

    OT: Serbia waiting FAA audit team to come soon. Everything is ready for FAA Category I

  5. Anonymous11:44

    2 years after Croatia

    1. Anonymous12:18

      Yet Croatia stil hasn't got flights to or from America.

      Being a smartass gets you no where bro.

    2. Anonymous14:01

      I actually see more room for a BEG-PEK/PVG direct flight instead of New York or Chicago... Both SU, TK and others planes are full of Chinese people and others traveling there, and that market is far from seasonal, IMO.

    3. Anonymous16:03

      and you think you will get flights just because you will get Category I? hahahaha.... think again!

    4. Anonymous22:03

      Not whats hes saying dumbass... ^ He is saying that it seems more likely that there would be flights to PEK / PVG...

      but also there are MANY airlines flying to Beograd full of Americans, Serbians living in the U.S./ Canada, and Serbians who are visiting the U.S... so it is to be seen..

  6. Anonymous12:54

    With all those new flights to SKP there's no chance for INI to prosper! W6 prices are so reasonable that beating them will be a great task for INI and considering the fact that there is a highway from Nis to Skopje!
    I expect even PRN to be affected especially services of Belle Air to Germany and Sweden!


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