UAE and Priština ink open skies agreement

Door open for UAE airlines to fly to Priština

The General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates and the Kosovo Civil Aviation Authority signed an Air Services Agreement in Priština last week, opening the possibility for future flights. The two delegations agreed that any number of designated airlines of both parties will have the right to perform scheduled air services. The UAE delegation designated Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Air Arabia, RAK Airways and Flydubai as UAE national airlines under the agreement. Without its own airline, the Kosovo delegation has not designated any carriers on its behalf, although the side can add its own airlines to the agreement in the future.

The agreement allows full flexibility on routes, capacity, number of frequencies and types of aircraft, in any type of service (both passenger and cargo). The signed memorandum also includes the exercise of fifth freedom traffic rights. In addition, both parties agreed to allow unrestricted non scheduled and charter operations amongst each other.

Within the former Yugoslavia, the United Arab Emirates has free sky arrangements with Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Belgrade is currently the only city with links to the United Arab Emirates as Flydubai operates flights between Dubai and the Serbian capital. Within the next few weeks the airline will launch services to Skopje as well. In addition, Flydubai Cargo will become the first cargo operator to offer direct links between the UAE and Skopje.


  1. Anonymous10:21

    Does Fly Dubai have cargo planes?

    P.S. I love the vintage photo this week :D

  2. Anonymous14:53

    Pristina International Airport is doing it werry well at the passenger statistics but i think they have chosen wrong operator for the 20 next years. Limak-Aeroport de Lyon is not the right operator to manage an airport like this who will reach 1.6 million travellers by the end of this year. Pristina has a big growth of passangers year by year but also the interest to operate for the airlines are also positive.

    1. Anonymous15:47

      Since you think Limak-Aeroport de Lyon is not the right operator for PRN, why don't you enlighten us with your wisdom and tell us why exactly? Is the 45,000 square meter terminal building currently under construction by them, not enough? Is the brand new Apron of over 70,000 meters square, not enough? Is the new car park of over 50,000 suqare meters, not enough? Is the brand new ATC building also under construction by them, not enough? Is a steady yet constant annual growth in passenger and airlines numbers for PRN, not enough?

    2. Anonymous16:26

      The passengers and airlines who operates at PRN is not Limak-Aeroport de Lyon who have managed to get. These passenger numbers and airlines can you thank the old managment for, I worked as gatemanager at the airport before i moved to Denmark. The bordermangment are corrupted and will not succeed with this kind of operating, Ofcourse they will build an new terminal an new ATC building and new car park, Look just what they got out of SKP. If Belleair and Adria Airways pulls out of PRN the passangernumbers will fall dramaticaly down. When the tender for PRN was made out from the goverment of Kosovo stronger companyes, And companyes that cud have done more for the airport was interessted, But because Limak-Aeroprt de Lyon had money they gave albanian transportminister Fatmir Limaj in his pocket they got it.

    3. Anonymous20:52

      OK, I read what you wrote. Now, let us look at some facts. Limak took PRN Management on May 2010. PRN had 1,191,978 passengers in 2009 and in 2010 that number increased to 1,305,532. In 2011 that number increased even further to 1,422,203. This year with constant growth figures measured on monthly basis PRN will surpass 1.6 milion passengers. In 2009 PRN had a total of 5,709 flights, in 2012 it will surpass 7,000. In 2009 PRN had a tiny terminal building built in 1965 and this year it will get one of the biggest in the Balkans. Do you see where I am going with this? This, my friend, is Results & facts vs. prejudice & rumors. Also, if Belleair and Adria pull out there will be other companies that will take their place because this is a free market and as long as there is the demand (and it is very obvious that there is) there will always be companies that will fill in the gap. P.S. SKP is not Managed by Limak de Lyon but by Tepe Akfen Ventures (TAV).


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