Wizz Air to launch Belgrade - Paris

Wizz Air responds to Air France cancellation

Just 24 hours after it was revealed that Air France will be suspending its flights from Paris to Belgrade next summer, the low cost Wizz Air has announced its launch of the route. Flights from Belgrade to Beauvais Airport will be inaugurated on June 1, 2013 and will operate three times per week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with further details available here. Tickets are already on sale. The flights to Beauvais Airport, 85 kilometres from the French capital, will be Wizz Air’s 14th destination from Belgrade. Wizz Air will face off against Jat Airways which is planning to operate 14 weekly flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport next summer season and is pushing for Air France to code share on its service.

Wizz Air is planning a major expansion throughout the EX-YU region this winter with a new base to open in Skopje and new flights to be launched to both Ljubljana and Belgrade. So far, over the next year, a total of thirteen new destinations will be introduced in the region by the no frills airline. Furthermore, Wizz Air has recently resumed talks with Bosnian authorities over possible flights from the country, although this time it is eying Mostar and Tuzla rather than Sarajevo, with services to Sweden on the cards.

Below you can review Wizz Air’s announced new services to the former Yugoslavia:


  1. BA88809:11

    You mean Belgrade-"Paris"?

  2. Anonymous09:13

    Interesting about them considering Bosnia. Would be interesting to see Tuzla – Malmo for example since SJJ is too incompetent to do anything with LCCs

    1. Anonymous10:33

      Totally agree, would be great to see Bosnia (any airport), but I am afraid you're so right regarding SJJ and LCC carriers.

    2. Anonymous18:10

      Interesting that they didnt mention Banya Luka...

    3. Anonymous09:00

      Sadly, I find it quite political. Pushing Tuzla in front of Banja Luka is clearly on the Bosna government's agenda. You won't hear anyone mentioning Banja Luka unless the airport plummets the charges. Even then, it might not be wise as it would definitely close the path to entering Sarajevo.

      Sad to see Bosna still split. :(

      (In most cases people scream 'politics' it usually is a case of people camouflaging or not seeing the real problems, but in this case I'm afraid it really is politics.)

  3. Anonymous09:16

    Why wouldn't JU start serving ORY with one of the two daily flights? Serious arguments please.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      Because more than half of pax using Jat to Paris are transit passengers and Orly doesn’t offer good connections. This year when JU went seasonal to Gatwick they only did it because they couldn’t get suitable slots at Heathrow. Their regular Heathrow flights were packed with transit passengers leaving point to point passengers (who book much closer to their travel date) without seats so they went with Gatwick.

  4. Anonymous09:25


  5. Aэrologic09:48

    A more flagrant example is the "Oslo-Torp" airport, being 118km from Oslo. I think they really exaggerate and abuse the notions, it should be forbidden by law to them to advertise Beauvais as Paris and Torp as Oslo...it's just mocking of one's intelligence.

    1. Anonymous09:56

      I'm certain mocking your intelligence with CDG's 45 min ride to Paris is quite sufficient.

    2. Anonymous10:26

      Or anyone living in East London or North London (for example) Heathrow is MINIMUM 1 h 20 min or Gatwick 1.5 h so there you go, where Stansted from east London is 40 min or less(if you live in zone 4,5,6) and the same for Luton for those living in North London(less than 40 min) where Gatwick is heavily avoided by people living in North London.

    3. Anonymous10:31

      And I forgot to add, yes I would avoid Beauvais, and fly to ORY & CDG, but if I find a ticket for 70-80 £ return comparing to £250, it's simple (for those who are on a budget - like picking a hotel in the centre of the city and suburbs), it's called low cost airline so expect just safety, transport from point A to point B, the rest if it comes (kindness, good cabin crew, clean planes, etc.) just be surprised and appreciate it :-)

      Alex London

  6. Anonymous12:01

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what is the deal with Eindhoven? Unlike all the other routes, that one cannot be booked for next spring and i really need to know because of some the plans I am making for studies and work. Any info would be much appreciated.

    1. Anonymous12:47

      There will be no flights next spring. The last scheduled one will be on 27th March 2013. Try Charleroi instead or AMS with JU.

    2. Anonymous13:13

      Don't worry, flights for EIN-BEG route for next summer season will be on sale in couple of days, three weekly till JUN1st, then four weekly (MON,WED,FRI,SUN).

    3. Anonymous19:28


    4. Anonymous08:54

      Wizz Air. ;)

  7. Anonymous12:22

    Please do not compare Heathrow and Luton. You can get to Heathrow by tube, while you have to catch a bus from central London (Victoria Coach Station) to get to Luton which is an awful small airport with 4-5 shops before the security/customs and crowded coffee shops after that. Once you get there, no turning back if your flight is delayed for, say, 9 hours as you cannot just jump onto the bus and shuttle back home will evening (Wizzair delay example). Low cost is what it says it is - low cost and awful.

    1. Anonymous19:33

      I did not compare LHR and LTN as it is not comparable, simply two different things, I was talking about distance from certain parts of London, or its suburbs, and lets not forget not all people live in LONDON, so many people live outside of London so these low cost airports are closer to them and therefore more convenient. Yes LTN ( I use it regularly as I use LGW, LHR, STN, LCY & lately SEN) is small, yes it gets crowded, yes it doesn't have the best access to the Central London,yes the offer (shops, restaurants, etc.) is ridiculous but still manages (somehow) to have around 10 million passengers annually!

  8. JU520 BEGLAX13:37

    On the BEG based aircrafts, do they employ local staff?

  9. Anonymous13:55

    North American Airlines today landed in Zagreb, I don't know if it was 767 or 777, anyone knows the reason?

  10. Anonymous18:09

    Either for Nato,or American government employees.

  11. Anonymous18:17

    WizzAir is expanding like mad across ex-Yu, considering visa restrictions/tought immigration procedures for non-EU nationals and limited or poor income generally (average pay being in a region of 300-400 euro, all but Croatia and Slovenia where average pays is 720/940 euro respectively, not sure how wise is it to expand so fast.

  12. If they open Tuzla they will damage their base in Belgrade. Indeed Banja Luka would be perfect situated...
    as low cost alternative for Zagreb and whole Northern Croatia !
    And it is
    too much away from BEG to be a problem.
    And people in Eastern Bosnia/Tuzla would also have more of it :
    They will be perfectly situated in between and
    have double and more flexible choice as well of BEG and BL !
    For example BEG to MMX 4times a week on Mon,
    and BL to MMX 3 times a week on wed,fri,sun !

    Also a lot of people who fled Western Bosnia found refuge in Western Europe but regularly come back for visits to BL !

    1. Anonymous17:09

      Tuzla will not damage Belgrade...
      what a stupid idea.
      But it will definitely destroy Sarajevo airport.


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