Adria in Land Rover deal

More flights for Adria this winter

Adria Airways has secured a deal with British car maker Land Rover worth five million euros. The portal reports that the Slovenian national carrier will operate ad hoc charter flights for Land Rover from October through to December with one of its Airbus A319s. The airline is expected to clock up to 1.000 hours worth of flying time. Adria will operate the charters mostly from major European cities to Marrakech and Essaouira in Morocco. An Adria Airbus A319 (registration S5-AAP) is sporting the Land Rover logo and advertising its new Range Rover SUV.

In 2010, ad hoc charters accounted for 8% of all of Adria’s traffic. By 2011 that number increased to 10%. This summer, 12% of all flights were lucrative ad hoc charters. The airline says it was selected for the job due to its extensive experience in this sector. It notes that it is uncommon for scheduled national airlines to be chosen for ad hoc charters. Furthermore, Adria will make good use of its A319 which would alternatively be sitting in Ljubljana during the quiet winter months.

In the first six months of 2012, Adria welcomed 453.117 passengers onboard its aircraft and recorded an average cabin load factor of 63.2%. Thanks to measures the airline has undertaken, its net income loss for 2012 is the lowest since 2008. The deal with Land Rover is set to generate much needed cash. Meanwhile, Maribor Airport has been put up for sale. Non binding offers for Edvard Rusjan Airport can now be sent in. The news comes after the previous attempt to sell the airport failed. Currently, no airlines serve Maribor, located in Slovenia’s North East. Ryanair ran services from London to Maribor for ten months in 2007.


  1. Anonymous11:35

    well if it brings them money I guess it's good

    1. Does it bring money?

      5 million Euros for 1,000 hours of flying equates to a load factor of only about 40 passengers per flight. Can Adria make a profit if they operated the aircraft with only 40 pax per flight paying around 100 Euros each?

    2. Anonymous10:30

      Of course not.
      It's just to convince who? that they are doing the right move that they are doing something very positive ... that tey are worth new money to invest in aka new money to throw thru the window ... so please give us additional loans.
      your taxpayers money never coming back.

      Post the money numbers of that deal Adria pleaseee
      it's making me cry!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous10:32

      Hope that deal will not bring additional loses
      hope that is not done just to show we are flying more and we have higher load factor.

      usually hope in vain

  2. Anonymous22:25

    Whats happening with YMs, JUs and SUs flights to/from TIV and TGD at Belgrade airport!?
    Some flights are cancelled, some diverted to!?

    1. Anonymous22:41

      Very bad weather conditions, especially in Podgorica,+TSRA, YM103 and YM161(FRA-TGD diverted)) still pending, JU664 cancelled, JU668 postponed till tomorrow morning, same as JU114 and SU2050(DME-TIV diverted)

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