Confusion over Croatia’s Osijek flights

Croatia Airlines unaware of its winter flights to Osijek

Croatia Airlines says it is unaware that it is launching flights from Zagreb and Split to Osijek this winter season, just a week after it was announced the airline will be leasing a turboprop specifically for the service. After authorities at Osijek Airport announced the new routes, hopeful passengers have been inquiring the national carrier for tickets only to be met by surprise from staff. Tickets were meant to go on sale on October 1 and were to be sold exclusively via the airline’s website. To date, tickets are still unavailable for booking.

Originally, it was announced that flights from Zagreb to Osijek would operate on a daily basis, while the service to Split would run twice per week. The flights were to be inaugurated on October 29. It was said that a return ticket from Osijek to Zagreb would set passengers back approximately eighty euros. Up until now, Croatia Airlines has operated a seasonal service from Split to Osijek. On the 24 flights which were performed over the 2012 summer season, the national carrier welcomed 1.389 passengers on the route, with an average cabin load factor of 76%.

The uninformed nature of Croatia Airlines regarding the flights has now put them in doubt. The airline has previously said it would lease an Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia from Budapest Aircraft Service for the Zagreb and Split to Osijek route. Osijek Airport is attempting to recover after a dramatic year which saw managerial changes, government cash injections and a passenger plunge of 90% compared to 2011, making the planned flights vital for the airport’s revival.


  1. Anonymous09:28

    This is such a Jat thing to do :D

  2. Anonymous09:44

    "Croatia Airlines says it is unaware that it is launching flights"

    Welcome to Ex-Yu Aviation.

    1. Me, Myself and I13:43

      In all fairness Vladimir, Croatia Airlines did not announce the new route. So, if a dodgy OSI official (or even the media) dreamed up this development, it is hardly Croatia Airlines' fault. If I were them I would never comment on any news that third parties attribute to me or my legal entity. The real question is who reported this 'news' first? Who (if anyone) was their source? Who re-broadcasted it without verifying it?

    2. Anonymous17:07

      Oh, don't think that I'm blaming this on Croatia Airlines, on the contrary, they're my favourite Ex-Yu carrier. I'm just saying that the situation is a typical "ne zna leva ruka šta radi desna", if you pardon my Serbian.

  3. Anonymous10:00

    So if something doesn't change Osijek airport might be closed next summer after Croatia becomes an EU member state.

  4. Anonymous10:11

    Croatia Airlines malo odjatovala!

  5. I guess this was too much of a smart thing to do!

  6. Anonymous12:28

    ex-yu please quote any official OU source that ever mentioned leasing of EMB 120 aircraft..this was just a hoax from OSI airport director

    1. Anonymous12:48

      There are no any word about it officialy!!!

  7. Anonymous14:24

    BEG numbers grew by 7% in September, from 316.711 to 339.400.

    Total passengers carried rose from 2.419.163 to 2.642.529 representing a 10% rise.

    1. Anonymous14:27

      Wow congratulations Belgrade! Great results. I am really curious to see how this winter goes. I hope Jat Airways' sale will help bring the numbers uo. It is really good to see that BEG might get another months with over 400.000 passengers soon! :D

    2. Anonymous15:24

      Wow great numbers! Go Belgrade, Dubrovnik and Skopje!

    3. Anonymous16:53

      Hahaha at the person who said

      "Haha Belgrade -2% in September!"

    4. Anonymous16:57

      It was -2% for aircraft movements but +7% pax in September! :) for the whole year; +1% in aircraft movements and +10% for pax numbers! Yay!

      Can't wait for the new flights to BEG:)

    5. Anonymous18:05

      I would like to see more from Belgrade airport.Easyjet is totally absent...
      Also that Pegasus is not allowed to fly there
      is a disaster.
      They even fly to PRN and SKP!
      Wizzair cancelling Eindhoven...
      was my favourite route : (
      Qatar with its Jat-style stopover..bahh!
      You can all talk bad about Lufthansa,
      but they still offer the best service to Belgrade.
      I want to wish LH all the best and say thank you !

    6. Anonymous18:41

      Lufthansa is not alone there. Carriers such as Olympic Air, Turkish Airlines, LOT, Aeroflot, Swiss and Austrian Airlines offer a really good service on board their flights out of Belgrade. Some of them are even better than Lufthansa.

    7. Anonymous19:17

      Wizz is not cancelling flights on BEG-EIN route, they simply have not put into system all flights for S13. On this route they do not use the plane based at BEG.

    8. Anonymous20:15

      I hope you are right...
      The Eindhoven service is really a gift
      for us in the Southern Netherlands/Northern Belgium!
      Some years ago we used Germanwings from Cologne airport.
      That roue was cancelled.

    9. Anonymous06:52

      Well if you live in southern Netherlands or northern Belgium you can always fly from Brussels. You have both Jat and Wizz.

  8. Anonymous16:45

    Croatia AirCrap...

  9. Anonymous18:13

    Instead of bashing Osijeks airport manager you should thank him.
    What a wonderful idea he has...
    too bad that those idiots in OU deny it instead of
    let these flights happen.

    1. Anonymous08:41

      I could not agree more with you. This guy is a hundred times smarter than the folk in OU will ever be. He is one of the rare people who can actually think outside the box.

    2. Anonymous22:48

      He or she is really setting a good example by lying. Something to look up: lying! Arghh... people who don't know what they're talking about make me puke.


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